The Biggest Orion-Reptilian Banks Have Just Cornered the Commodity and Precious Metal Markets

What Does This Mean? – An Engineered Global Crash of the Financial System!

Georgi Stankov, July 5, 2015

This is a question that I pose to my readers as I, myself, am uncertain as to how to interpret this fact exactly. The primary source ZeroHedge is also incapable of giving us a proper answer, but it is obvious that something very fishy is in the making. Without going into technical financial details that will overwhelm most of you, there is no doubt that we are now witnessing an exponential leap in the exposure of the two biggest US banks JPM and Citigroup to very dangerous and toxic derivatives.

ZeroHedge reported six days ago that  “JPMorgan Just Cornered The Commodity Derivative Market, And This Time There Is Proof” and only today it reports again that “Citigroup Just Cornered The “Precious Metals” Derivatives Market“. In the case of JPM the exposure to toxic derivatives soared from “just” $226 billion in total commodity markets by 1,690% in one quarter to $4 trillion, or about 96% of total. In the case of Citigroup its derivative exposure to precious metals market (mostly silver), which was constant over the past 4 years, jumped suddenly by 1260%  in the past quarter, from just $3.9 billion, to $53 billion!

This was defined by ZeroHedge as “cornering the commodity and precious metals markets” and they must know what they are talking about. The definition of “cornering the market” is as follows:

In finance, to corner the market is to get sufficient control of a particular stock, commodity, or other asset to allow the price to be manipulated. Another definition: “To have the greatest market share in a particular industry without having a monopoly. Companies that have cornered their markets usually have greater leeway in their decisions; for example, they may charge higher prices for their products without fear of losing too much business. Large companies, such as Wal-Mart or Microsoft, are considered to have cornered their markets.”[1] In either case, the cornerer hopes to gain control of enough of the supply of the commodity to be able to set the price for it.” 

The best example was when the Hunt Brothers attempted to corner the world silver markets in the late 1970s and early 1980s, at one stage holding the rights to more than half of the world’s deliverable silver. During the Hunts’ accumulation of the precious metal, silver prices rose from $11 an ounce in September 1979 to nearly $50 an ounce in January 1980. Silver prices ultimately collapsed to below $11 an ounce two months later, much of the fall occurring on a single day now known as Silver Thursday, due to changes made to exchange rules regarding the purchase of commodities on margin.

Hence this cornering of the commodity and silver markets by JPM and Citigroup may indicate the sudden implementation of a new law that will change the rules of the game on the speculative markets worldwide.

In this respect I remind my readers of the insidious  Omnibus bill, which was pushed through the congress recently under the influence of Citigroup that delivered the wording of this bill. Essentially, this bill provides that the more than one quadrillion dollar toxic virtual derivatives that the biggest and “too big to fail” US banks currently hold will be paid by the US tax payers through haircuts and bail-ins in case of a financial crash. When this toxic bill was adopted, there was a sporadic outcry in the alternative media, but the American zombies did not realize what a ticking bomb their criminal, bribed representatives at the Capitol voted for at that time.

Another recent example of cornering the market, which I closely followed when I was eagerly expecting the Orion economy to crash, was when during the financial crisis of 2007-2010 Porsche cornered the market in shares of Volkswagen, which briefly saw Volkswagen become the world’s most valuable company. Porsche claimed that its actions were intended to gain control of Volkswagen rather than to manipulate the market: in this case, while cornering the market in Volkswagen shares, Porsche contracted with naked shorts—resulting in a short squeeze on them. It was ultimately unsuccessful, when the shares tumbled leading to the resignation of Porsche’s chief executive and financial director and to the merger of Porsche into Volkswagen. One of the wealthiest men in Germany’s industry, Adolf Merckle, owner of the pharmaceutical company Merckle, committed suicide by throwing himself under a train after shorting Volkswagen shares.

I have consistently singled out the existence of more than a quadrillion of worthless derivatives, known worldwide as the most dangerous financial WMD, to be the primary cause for the global financial collapse of the Orion monetary system in the End Time. This will happen when the derivative market with a total size of more than 50 times the world GDP will be wound up in the course of the bursting of the gargantuan debt bubble, beginning with a credit crunch in the West.

With the stipulation of the Greek crisis that defies any other reasonable resolution than default and debt jubilee, as even the IMF had to admit this week, it has become cogent even to the sparrows on the roofs that the whole Orion economy is heading towards a rapid and irreversible collapse this summer.

While the eyes of the people are now focused on the ongoing Greek tragedy, new catastrophic scenarios are simultaneously erupting in the financial sector that will dwarf the Greek crisis to a street farce (Gassen-Posse). The biggest and most dangerous aspect of the current fraudulent Ponzi-Orion monetary system based entirely on debt and printing money out of thin air is the massive unregulated derivative markets that are entirely in the hands of the ten biggest banks worldwide, such as JPM, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, etc. They are also the most exposed to these financial WMD and when the crash comes they will be the first to tumble.

The recent cornering of the commodity and precious metal markets by JPM and Citigroup is the most ominous sign that a new crash is in the making. This time it will surpass thousand times the crash in 2008 when in only one week in October the whole investment banking on Wall Street was wiped out.

Considering the synchronicity in the cornering of the two still functioning commodity markets by the two infamous banks of the Orion-Reptilian banksters of the AAA-faction, the only plausible conclusion that comes to mind is that the dark cabal is now preparing the final controlled demolition of their financial Ponzi-scheme in the hope to “corner humanity” and introduce the NWO.

However, all they will achieve will be the implosion of their rotten banking system and the immediate switch-over of all countries and peoples to the more stable world currencies, such as renminbi and ruble. It may begin with Greece.

That is why the western criminal cabal tried to crash the Chinese equity markets this last week when several trillions $ wealth was destroyed. In response to this attack, China is now in a state of war with the USA and Russia follows suit. For more details read here.

At this moment it is very important for us to be able to connect the dots and understand the whole picture. There will be many actions that will be merely smoke and mirrors, while the major plots are prepared in silence. It is important to bear in mind that none of the futile attempts of the ruling cabal to break away from their current siege by the light will be successful, but will instead only lead to their demise. A clear understanding of this scenario, without being lost in too much facts and details, is at present indispensable for your creative modulation of the events on behalf of our optimal ascension scenario. Which is – our ascension must take place before the financial collapse occurs. Make the appropriate invocation for this outcome using the seven sacred flames

Hence stay alert as to discern the point in time when this will happen. God does not come as a “thief in the night”, at an unknown hour, as the dumbed down Christians preach, because all events are announced in advance but one must be able to read the warnings on the wall. And there are plenty warnings now. The next days will be full of dramatics.

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