Short Energy Update – July 27, 2015

Georgi Stankov

First the good news. The ascension plan has been set in motion and the schedule is still the same as already announced by myself. There is a huge probability potential for us to ascend this summer or at the latest in early fall. From my point of view and personal experience, the events preparing the ground for our ascension have in fact accelerated. As there is a lot of confusion these days among the light workers and those who have just discovered the ascension scenario as a topic, it is very important to preserve a clear view and stay the course without being unsettled by conflicting ideas or fear-based announcements of half-awakened pseudo-prophets who now creep out of all holes on the Internet.

We were vehemently urged on July 2nd by our HS to resolve all our family and home issues that are still keeping us in this reality very quickly as to have a chance for a breakthrough of the Universal Law in late August. In fact we got that there is a deadline for us this month and that the matter is very urgent. As some of the issues we had to deal with were very complex and time-consuming, it seemed unrealistic to us how we could possibly resolve them within such a short period of time.

But in the last three weeks we have been carried on angels’ wings and heaven opened for us to smoothen all obstacles on our way. We were able to accomplish all our tasks in due time. In particular, this last week was very busy for us, shedding off 3D human ballast and obligations that have amassed for decades. Although there are still some outstanding issues, we have been able to sever all umbilical cords to this reality and pertaining persons and are now ready for the ascension.

The speed of resolution was immense and breath-taking, even for me who is used to such rapid U-turns. We are in the cosmic flow all the time and everywhere we encounter amazing openings as if the people around us and the whole reality are being manipulated in our favour by an invisible hand. This is not a metaphor, but an evidence as to how powerful creator gods we have become in the last few days. Incredible synchronicities and serendipities abound everywhere and all this based on heightened intuition and numerous deja vus that serve us as milestones for a sure navigation and how to circumvent the still existing pockets of 3D densities that may eventually hamper our undertakings.

All this was accompanied by dramatic ID shifts to higher frequency levels, especially in the dream state where we, the PAT, are very busy preparing our final ascensions. Some PAT members have reported strikingly similar dreams dealing with this final preparation. None of this has any correlate in the outer world except for the accelerated mental and emotional breakdown of many people under these extremely powerful and transforming source energies and that this fact can no longer be hidden.

That being said, we are now more confident than ever that we are rapidly approaching our A-Day and the breakthrough of the Universal Law in Geneva. We have now fully decoupled from all the other events on the ground that now fade away like fata morgana (mirages) in the desert. This reality does seem to resemble more and more a dreary desert, where human shadows seem to wander aimlessly and unconsciously in this meaningless social landscape. In search of what? – Nobody really knows.

Yesterday and last night constituted another massive ID shift as presented very lucidly by Daniël in his post to me today. His daily and dream experiences fully coalesce with ours:

“Dear George,

Last night’s dreams were full of action indicating huge ID shifts. The most powerful dreams of this kind I’ve had in a while. I was on a mountain, quite high up as there was snow – but also types of vegetation and conditions that normally would not occur on this altitude. Then there were all kinds of powerful explosions in many colors and the various source flames flooded the area. Some other people there showed a slightly shocked, but very calm reaction and considered going down, but I radiated the powerful idea that there is nothing to worry about.

Still in the dream, someone I’ve met some months ago, a 4d/5d candidate showed me a book. He was kind of using it for guidance and wisdoms. When I saw it this book was a book of collective PAT writings. The first page he opened I saw my energy in it, as if I (co)authored this part. (In the afternoon after waking up a similar thing happened: I was looking through some pdf files and opened one which contains the collected PAT achieves, and the first thing I saw in the contents was one of my essays)

Then I was in a room (?) and there were many crystals all around in many colors carrying the energy of the sacred flames. We discuss some way to “mine” more of them.

On the topic of Geneva, I was possibly going to travel to there about a month ago (before you started mentioning it as the place to introduce the universal law). However circumstances and plans changed. Now there is again a chance I’m going there in the near future. This is obviously not a coincidence, but I will see how it turns out.

I hope you and Carla are surviving the latest energies. I am at the beach these days and we experience some very powerful waves..

Love & Light


Before I finish with this report, let me observe that we have fully entered the new era of miracles. PAT members already report about amazing breakthroughs for the better in their personal lives – openings for which they have been waiting for years in vain and under much hardship and personal deprivations. We have every reason to be very optimistic, in the full knowledge that we are creating our reality and shaping our destiny in each and every moment to our highest expectations and that we are fully supported in their manifestation by mighty angelic energies all the time. Hence make the best use of it.

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