Ron Paul Confirms PAT’s Unanimous Conclusion That a Global Financial Crash Is Imminent and Inevitable

Georgi Stankov, July 2, 2015

The experienced politician and old Capitol swashbuckler Ron Paul confirms our unanimous prediction that a global financial crash in the West is unavoidable and imminent. One only needs to use primary school mathematics and count two and two to know that no western country is able to pay back its national debt when the average debt to GDP in all western countries has reached the astronomic amount of 300% and these countries are in the deepest depression and austerity since 2008 that is only comparable to the Great Depression.

In the following interview of today Ron Paul makes his final verdict on the Orion economic order that is entirely based on gargantuan debt and exorbitant inflation by printing money out of thin air and is sucking in all savings of the people into the huge financial black hole of the current banksters’ Ponzi scheme upon which the whole rigged neoliberal economy thrives. De facto Ran Paul confirms as an independent and agnostic expert our imminent ascension which is coupled to the financial crash of the Orion monetary system.

Today, I received a very strong confirmation that this will happen in the course of this summer and that this time there will be no delays.

Ron Paul’s Dire Warning: The System Is Coming Apart

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