Powerful Decrees of the PAT to Accelerate Ascension

by Denise Godber, July 11, 2015


Denise has collected some very powerful invocations that work with the seven sacred flames. They are dedicated to major aspects of the ascension scenario, the manifestation of which is in the core of the impending paradigm shift. I urge all PAT members and Logos Gods to focus one more time your incredible creative energies and to speed up the ascension process by actively using these invocations in the course of this month, when the foundations for the breakthrough of the new theory of the Universal Law are laid. This event will be possible only after our ascension, so that the two events are intimately linked and interdependent. There is a great chance that this will happen next month. This is what I wrote to Denise yesterday:

Dear Denise,

this is an excellent idea (to collect these invocations) indeed and so timely. I will publish this collection of invocations tomorrow and will urge all the PAT to say them again as we now really need this push from the HR to end this Orion matrix that has already begun to dissolve and will collapse in the course of this summer and fall.

We have received personally very encouraging messages in the last few days that we must now prepare very quickly for our ascension as end of August the breakthrough of the new theory of the Universal Law will take place… After July 24th we are ready to lift off, so that we can appear end of August in front of humanity, most probably in Geneva together with the PAT ascended in Christed light and in the Unity field. This is what we are getting now and your invocations come just on time to reinforce and speed up this process.”



Dear Georgi,

I have put together some decrees during these last months.  They are mainly extracts from the topics already discussed on your web site.  It has helped me with making decrees and l fondly called it my Decree of Decrees. It was my way of summarizing  a vast array of situations  and a guide line to help in covering as much as l could, as simply as l could. I would like to share it if you consider it to be of help in any way.

With love and light



Decree of the PAT for the implementation of the new Theory of The Universal Law of All-That-Is, and to accelerate the current collapse of the Orion Matrix and unearth hidden secrets, and restore the people’s natural remembrance of who they really are and restore their natural, sovereign, empirical nature.


All “terrorist attacks” in this Orion matrix are false flag attacks organized by the dark ruling cabal, and have only one goal – to perpetuate the state of eternal war and division of humanity and to keep the people in a state of constant fear and separation from the Source. Now is the time to end this heinous policy.

All dark entities, scum, like Cobras and false Isis and all Internet trolls, be removed from our reality and uppermost mother planet and their dark fragments be sent to the lower timelines now!

Herewith, I decree this in the name of Source and flood this reality with the gold-violet flame, the green flame, the blue flame, the pink flame and the gold-white Christed light of adamantine particles of God’s essence.

Let the truth become common knowledge to all people so that they awaken exponentially to the truth about the bully’s trick of false flags, and the tyranny and oppression used on the people.

I decree in the name of the Source that all truth is revealed Now and this heinous policy ends.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

“Herewith I invoke the gold-violet flame to flood my multi-dimensional fields and realities and help me create the optimal energetic conditions for the full implementation of the new Theory of the Universal Law, which is also the theory of ascension and infinite prosperity of mankind, on all upper 4D worlds of Gaia. I ask all forces of light and the Source to support this vision, so that it can be immediately manifested in the Now by our collective desire as the new human Guardians of the New Golden Galaxy and the new Logos Gods of all 4D worlds of Gaia within this galaxy – the true PAT members, the light warriors of the first and the last hours.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it!“

I decree that favorable energetic conditions be introduced on this uppermost mother planet to improve the minds of the masses to be able to accept the new Theory of The Universal Law, at a collective level and therefore accomplish the necessary paradigm change.

Herewith, I (full name), Light Warrior of  the first and the last hour, Ascended Master, Logos God of Gaia, and Guardian of the new Golden Galaxy, decree that the Orion Matrix and its major pillar, the Orion Monetary System, will collapse Now on this uppermost mother planet.  This includes all stock and commodity exchanges worldwide, the shutdown of all banks and governments in the West, and the preclusion of a new world war.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

I decree that the Orion System of World Health-Welfare  and all that regards the health-welfare sector, will collapse/implode Now on this uppermost mother planet. This includes all of its pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, centers of experimentation on human beings and animals, research centers and laboratories for the creation of lethal viruses for the genocide of humanity, control centers of both the physical and mental, and organizations such as the ‘WHO, UNICEF, the FDA that erroneously give themselves the right to control the health and welfare of mankind. And that all further contagious world pandemics be prevented on this uppermost mother planet.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

Let that which is hidden be released, and for all to see the truth of each and every situation.  I mandate that these hidden depths and secrets of the 3D and lower worlds be released and surface for all to know.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

Let it be integrated that in All-That-Is. all systems and levels of it, which we may, or may not observe with our senses, are products of energy gradients.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

I mandate the destruction and cleansing of the fields, minds and psyches of the humans, from all dark patterns, of all the Orion educational programming and conditioning (mathematic, scientific, physics and biology, etc,) on all timelines, that restrict the senses, and create dumbed down, collective ignorance and cognitive imbecility, by distorting and restricting the natural senses of understanding the natural use of energy gradients of All-That-Is, thereby causing negative, limiting beliefs and blocked emotions.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

l invoke the constructive energies of the sacred flames to encompass all of humankind, and all her timelines, to raise, cleanse, and stimulate the minds and hearts of all people, in preparation of the energetic foundation for creating infinite new 4D worlds for future incarnations of trillions of new souls.  Let the pristine expanded perception for humankind, be integrated as a natural remembrance of who we are, and let our empirical nature be restored.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

I decree to restore Gaia and all her multidimensional levels, to her pristine beauty and purity, and to free her, and cleanse her of the huge swaths of dark energies that have accumulated in her energetic structure since eons of time, and separate her from all the lower timelines that are destroyed by MPR’s.  I decree that all is done so that Gaia ascends and is firmly anchored in the new Golden Galaxy.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

I mandate, invoke and decree as a light warrior of the first and last hour, in utmost sincerity and truth, to use my human emotions and feelings, in a free, unrestricted and sovereign manner to charge my creations, be it love for humanity, or wrath for their dark side.
I accept my creational potential and I use my divine and pristine ability to create a better more enjoyable reality for myself and the rest of humanity. I charge all my invocations with the powerful, energetic flames from Source.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

To this end, I ask for the help from the Elemental Spirit Beings of higher order, whom l thank with Unconditional Love and Respect, and I invoke from the fulcrum of my I AM PRESENCE

– the violet-gold flame of Ascension, Transmutation and Healing,
– the green flame of Healing, Truth and Knowledge of God’s Natural Science,
– the blue flame of God’s Divine Will,
– the pink flame of Cosmic Love, and
– the gold-white Christed light of unconditional love and peace, in form of adamantine particles of God’s Essence.

to flood my multi-dimensional body that encompasses Gaia and all her timelines, to trigger the immediate collapse/implosion of  the Orion matrix and its financial system and the Orion System of World Health-Welfare, the legal system, political, military, industrial, energetic, agricultural, educational, scientific, sport, cultural, journalism and entertainment of all types, and all else, and to initiate the global awakening of humanity  to the divine Truth of All Existence  and to the responsibilities of their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, to the recovery of their sovereignty and to the knowledge of the universal laws that govern the existence of all living things on this uppermost mother planet.

And so be it, so be it, so be it !!!

I AM that I AM, (full name), Light Warrior of the first and the last hour, Ascended Master, Logos God of Gaia and Guardian of the new Golden Galaxy, and herewith I make this decree in the name of the Source (repeat this statement also three times).

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