If I Can Finally Start to Understand the Beauty of the Law Then Anyone Can …Really!

by Johan from Sweden, July 20, 2015


Dear Dr Stankov,

You haven’t heard from me for some years, but I have been a constant visitor on this page since the very start, back in August 2011.

I struggle to write in English, so I will keep this shorter than I would like to.

I was urged to respond to your latest post that “some PAT members may have lost their hope in the Universal Law and only visit your site out of habit“.

I myself was guided to the Law back in 2011… and, although I understood its significance, I couldn’t understand anything at all. Especially since I haven’t had any schooling at all in mathematics or physics.

I read it all once… then twice… and a third time and I started to get frustrated. Last year I read it all for the fourth time… but still I didn’t get it. So I decided some time ago to start studying Kant, Gödel, Einstein and the like and then to resume studying the Law for a fifth time. And now, since I quit my job a while ago and had all the time of the Day to myself, something just “clicked”. I just finally “get” it! It was literally a magic feeling… to start reading it again, page after page, and be able  to “see” it. I have more than once laughed out loud, while reading somewhat perplexed how I, all of a sudden, just see the beauty of the Law, very much like finally I see God or something of a religious feeling really…

Now, I cannot hold a lecture on the Law, but I do see the heavenly beauty of the open U-sets and the closed Primary Term and can actually implement it all in my own thoughts. When I read about present-day science, I can see where they have gone astray. And I am confused why the scientists cannot grasp it for almost 20 years, they will not, I give you credit for this. The most important discovery now makes sense to me…  they are of course scared to their bones, in case they are not just corrupt. With the Law everything changes, so I can understand their fear.

I wish I had the words to describe what I feel about the Universal Law …and about you, our captain … and the story of your life, which I now also understand much better. A total humbleness and I can only stand back in awe .. finally after I have somewhat understood your discovery and your struggle to introduce it.

I very seldom write, only when I feel the extreme importance to do so. If I can finally start to understand the beauty of the Law, then anyone can …really… and comprehend the importance to make this available to human kind.

There is indeed a lot of hope Georgi … I can feel it … and I can’t wait, literally can’t wait to be in the front row in Geneva and be lectured and be able to understand the Law in its totality. And in the meantime there is really nothing else to do but to keep reading and understanding a little bit more about the Law each day.

My very much humble ‘thank you’ Georgi for everything you have done and do.

See you in Geneva soon, I hope.
Yours in love and Light .
Johan from Sweden.


Dear Johan,

there are no words to describe how happy you have made me with your letter. You have fully grasped the beauty of the new theory of the Universal Law which is like heavenly music, a cosmic harmony, and this is the key message of this theory. Understanding it is indeed as seeing, touching and embracing God in real life. The mathematical and physical proofs are very useful for the scientists as they must deal with them in their profession and daily life, but the boundless, ever expanding nature of the Universal Law is what captures the human imagination and transforms the mind for ever.

I commend you for your persistent effort to have tried to grasp the new theory, notwithstanding the initial setbacks. And the fact that there was a “click” recently and you have experienced your magic cognitive breakthrough is the most reliable sign that very soon many more humans will be able to understand the scope and sweeping consequences of the new theory of the Universal Law. Now the human minds are being opened by their souls with the help of the powerful source energies and they will be able very soon to accomplish this intellectual achievement.

You are absolutely right in your assessment – once fully understood this theory changes human life for ever and there is no possibility to return back to the old thinking. That is why the fear-threshold is so pronounced in all conventionally thinking scientists when confronted with the Universal Law and why they quickly hide back in their dogmatic, empirical, agnostic shell like a hermit crab upon a gentle touch.

With love and light


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