Heightened Sensations and Visions Amidst the Apocalypse of the Magnetic Pole Reversal

Travis Brown and Georgi Stankov, July 8, 2015


DREAM 7/7-8

Dear George,

Yet another MPR dream:

I am taking a test in a building. Not sure if I’m supposed to take the test or just proctor it for others.

It’s one of those state tests that will be easy to pass but I am concerned about time and my duties. I am working back-to-front, harder-to-easier.

One of the answers is “guilt”, but then I get to earlier and with new info realize “guilt” was not right, and change the answer to another reason.

We switched the entrance and used backdoor as front to secure the room – we made A into B and B into A. I worry if we should switch labels or if that will confuse. There’s also a third door involved.

A newer guy was helping me earlier to set up test, became a fast friend. Now he is shouting at me through locked door to “hurry!” Something happening outside. I drop a pen and climb down to get it.

The other end of the building gets hit first. Everything rushes on so fast but I am not scared. Mostly shocked. I do not feel cold of water, but know it’s Pacific.

Only at the very end is it clear to all of us the test will never get finished or graded, although it had my attention until last minute, even with the guy in a panic yelling “hurry!” to open door. It seemed important until the earth started to fold in half. Gaia in tumult.

Screams everywhere, things falling all around. Even as disaster ensues, the mind is slow to adapt to the cataclysmic changes happening right then in the moment. Crunching, sliding, screaming, buildings, cars, water, death.

Someone told me to watch a lady, but it was right before the earth folded above me and she fell and was impaled. We are all in a disorienting mess of debris and water.

I am serenely calm – going through motions of staying alive. I break a window with my elbow to climb out and keep from drowning. A young girl I don’t know slides to me – says it took her 3 days to get to me. We are both wearing rubber gloves. I hold her hands then go to the guy’s back drifting away in wreckage. I say “don’t leave me” and we hug tight.

Then I hear from my higher self (or similar) as an interrupting thought that awakens me immediately from the dream, “you still don’t get it, do you?!”

When awake, a poignant feeling in the heart, and an unusually steady lub-dub rhythm.

Yesterday was very heart-difficult, for my grandfather who has arrhythmia too. Another MPR?

…..And no, I still don’t “get it”. Get what?

…Your energy updates are very reassuring. I am passing along the info to light bearers I know who do not read site but go through simultaneous experience.

Last Tuesday 6/30, my lightbearer friend who works as bank teller was struck by lightning through ceiling! Surrounded by white light, heart a jitter. He has had a big increase of ascension dreams and of getting beamed into spacecraft as months go on. I find it hilarious and evidence of sentience all around. He was not injured by bolt, only electrified!

On 7/2-3 I had quite the meditation: the room was hyper-responsive to my energy field, popping and cracking like it used to in 2010. I received Akashic insight, what seemed like being observed, monitored, and communicating with unseen entities; what seemed like a bilocation to a tribal group in Mali with a strong heart-Gaia connection, past/future displacements, remote viewing, telepathy in the ‘future’ with a family member who was crossing into spirit; it basically ran the gamut of phenomena. The supporting beings were responding to my thoughts, adding audible sounds all over the room to confirm. In one moment I interjected a doubt-thought like devil’s advocate and it immediately sounded like a hammer struck the dresser. This did not scare me but made me giggle and proceed.

The point of my sharing was that there were 2 huge peaks where it seemed something extraordinary was happening with gravity and perception, with time-space and a thorough reorientation of my energy fields and consciousness, incorporating a high plateau deep into cells.

I could move and reposition myself, and still felt both in and out of body, and like the physical body was just an orienting vehicle for the strange hallucination of physical reality, while I was everywhere and nowhere. It was a very specific sensation that has developed over years but this felt like the crowning integration. (Like “Oh! This is what it is to ascend and still maintain human form!”) Clearly in that state, a ‘singular’ human consciousness can be a powerful conduit of Source energy and intention.

Acute energy in the brain, much contradicting motion of bodies and parts of my field (only contradictory to 3D linear mind) and a feeling like my body was vertically twisting and spinning in a vortex, while I appeared still. All this was enormously blissful and familiar. There was no yearning excitement like “get me out of here!” that was common for me in 2012. It was depth of Presence instead.

Happy to share that specific peak night with you, although I want to emphasize there’s constantly strangeness in the twilight zone, and I usually have synchronistic experience with you or get it a day later. And we who are inaugurating this process are linked to each other even in my seemingly isolated experience.

Meanwhile I perceive that those who aren’t waking up are getting more nuts by the day.

Also, I forgot to include that while my friend was struck by lightning on 6/30, I was held under in a deep nap from which I couldn’t awake. (We often have matched timing for events.) I dreamed:

6 things needed from employees at meeting. You can volunteer yourself but boss picks people for each category. Everybody gets 2. Some are concrete categories but boss chooses me first for SLEEP and MAGIC. Boss says, “We all know you can bring the MAGIC but I need you to SLEEP!”

Lots of magic all around!

George, you are doing an excellent job as captain! I appreciate and prize you for your efforts. I feel it takes a specific array of traits and abilities for each of the PAT (in broad definition of who is included) to be in their specific lives and circumstances. We work as a team and individually as frequency alchemists geared around our strengths. Your position is not one I could have taken on. How much information and b.s. you must sift through!

It is overwhelming for me to delve into geopolitical events (although I still read and discern daily). It is hugely alarming that I see what others do not, and I worry about these bio-robots swarming like psychopathic ants and delaying or thwarting our ascension. I hope we PAT didn’t buy into a bum-scheme for humanity.

My only inspired creation lately is the light-body.

With love and light,


Dear Travis,

thank you very much for sharing your dreams and visions, which is now our reality, while this holographic model is in a process of total dissolution. I can confirm your heightened energetic sensations in the middle of the impending Apocalypse of the magnetic pole reversal. There is no doubt that now the events are culminating and the next two months will be very hot.

On this occasion I would like to send you this short message  below, allegedly from Adama, but most probably this lady has channelled her own HS as Adama has moved to the 7D and no longer channels. Nonetheless, it very well presents our augmented abilities to create all the time in the Now and to be able to follow our creations and improve and adjust them to the constantly changing reality. This is the result of our growing ability of accelerated bilocation to new more advantageous timelines where our creations manifest almost simultaneously.

I am experimenting with this ability since several months and it wields excellent results. Essentially I imagine a desirable situation or manifestation in the Now and then envision how I move to this timeline where my desire is already manifested and then attach this timeline to the timeline of my Now moment. This affords some level of concentration and abstraction in thinking but when exercised, it works fabulously.

With love and light



“Greetings, Beloved Ones,

We are most joyous to connect with you here today, and we send you our utmost love from the heart of Telos!

You have entered a new level on your spiritual evolution.

At this level, you will become more stable in your energy field and your reality. This stabilization is important, as the coming weeks will be very action oriented, and you will have many opportunities to follow your heart’s call.

You have graduated from the previous level and you have reached a big mile stone. You have established a powerful momentum of light,which is infinitely reverberating into the entire existence of humanity.

Your graduation from the previous level allows you now to move between different realities, many times throughout the day.

So, what does this all mean for you?

It means that now the time lag between your thought, emotion and manifestation has become very short.

However, even though the manifestation is coming faster into your awareness, it is not coming in to its full extent. This allows you to make adjustments in your thoughts and emotional patterns, if the manifestation is not what you have not meant to create.

After you’ve adjusted your alignment and clarified your desired manifestation further, you are then stepping into the new reality to the full extent.

In a way, you are getting a “taste” of your desired manifestation and if you haven’t quite lined up with it, you can still make adjustments, before you have the full experience of it.

This is what we mean by “moving between realities.”

This process is deepening your ability to create your reality on a more conscious level. It is a training ground, if you will.

As you move throughout your day and you are feeling things going into the wrong direction, it helps to slow down for a moment, adjust your feeling world, by taking slow and deep breaths, “hyper-focusing” on this Now Moment and to pay close attention to what is in your direct vicinity.

Once you feel more centered, you can speed things up again in your day to day life. This is a very simple technique to move between the different realities.

Beloved Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure.

I am your brother Adama of Telos.”

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