Breaking News: Massive “Beam Me Up, Scotie” Shift at the Onset of the Full Moon Portal

by Georgi Stankov, July 1, 2015

This is huge, guys. A massive transfiguration shift has commenced early this morning, Pacific time, accompanied with severe nausea, chills (notwithstanding the heat wave here), weakness and maximal diuresis (5 times in one hour). The energies are extremely invasive and penetrating, with maximal vibration amplitude and transform the body at the quantum level. The third chakra is most affected. If it were not for the nausea and the weakness, this wave could be described as very uplifting as it reduces the density of the physical body and makes it more ethereal.

That’s it for the moment, I go back to bed now! You should do the same if you can afford. And avoid any physical effort today.

Addendum: Feedback from the PAT

Dear Georgi:

This is amazing. I can confirm that my whole community is feeling it, they came down with “mal aire” (bad air or evil winds) as they call it here. Some people just say It’s a virus but one by one all the women started with severe nausea, dizziness, vomiting and chills yesterday and the day before. It started with dogs and cats, their tummy swelling, eating grass and puking. Then the women, no men that i have heard of yet.

I started yesterday, dizziness, chills and mild nausea.

Love and Light


Hi George,

I can vouch for your latest post – my whole torso has felt like it’s being squashed and compacted down, my stomach has been all upset and now finally the burps have begun to start to alleviate the pressure, ugh!  We can do it though!  It feels like the anticipation is over the top now for something imminent.  Take care you and Carla and I’m going home to my couch!


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