Betrayal? Scandal? Scam! Goldman-Sachs Affiliated Company Counts the Ballots of the Greek Referendum on July 5th

by Georgi Stankov, July 4, 2015

He who counts the ballots, wins the elections. There is no such thing as true democracy in this toxic and debased planet. Ask the current Republican candidate for president Jeb Bush who rigged the elections in Florida as governor of this state in order to help his brother George Bush win the presidency with 1.5 million fewer votes than his adversary and who soon threw his country in the greatest crisis in its history.

According to latest information, the Greek referendum on the EU austerity proposal on July 5th will be carried out by an US company with closest Goldman Sachs connection: The company SingularLogic is in business software and government contracts and also deals with confidentiality duty orders from the US Ministry of Defence and the NATO framework. On behalf of the Interior Ministry it also organizes elections.

It has been proven beyond any doubt that Goldman Sacks was the main perpetrator behind the criminal activities of the former Greek governments, all of them puppets of the USA, that led to the hiding of the huge Greek debt for more than a decade. This ongoing criminal practice led to the current debt and economic crisis in Greece for which the innocent citizens have to pay a bloody price.

The company “SingularLogic” has its headquarters in Athens. As evidenced by its own website it is also able to organize elections and make the counting of the ballots. It belonged to Marfin Investment Group , the largest investment group in Southeast Europe.

On December 19, 2014 when it became clear that Syriza would take over the government, the US investment firm KKR bought SingularLogic from the parent company MIG.

The management of KKR, including the sentenced for espionage former CIA Director David Patreaus, works closely with Goldman Sachs and other banksters and ruling cabal – more specifically with the Italo-Reptilian bankster Mario Draghi, the current head of ECB – who at that time “optimized” the Greece’s balance sheets as to hide the already extremely high national debt of economically weak Greece and help its entry into the Euro Group (!). Now he is the one who is killing the Greek people by closing their banks and steeling their savings.  The connections between KKR and Goldman Sachs are even listed in Wikipedia and otherwise well-documented:

Henry R. Kravis, one of the owners and the second “K” von KKR (Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co), was a guest at the Bilderberger Meeting in Austria this year. In October 2010 KKR hired nine traders from Goldman Sachs…

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