AA Metatron – Final Blood Moon – Key Holders

channelled by Anna Merkaba, July 17, 2015

Sacred Ascension


Georgi Stankov, July 19, 2015

This message is remarkable because it confirms entirely all the elements of the ascension scenario as discussed on this website during the last four years and because the channeller, whom I follow very closely for a long time, has no clue about what is actually happening. If ignorance can be in rare occasions innocent truthfulness, then she proves it with this message.

I will not delve in this foreword into detailed analysis of this Metatron message and why I consider it an important verification of all our ideas on the ascension process. I have done this in the text below as notes. It sufficed to say at this place that the newly observed “phenomenon of unanimity of mental and emotional concepts and ideas” of the more awakened portion of humanity, which I diagnosed only a few days ago with great precision, is currently the most reliable fact that we are really on the cusp of our move to New Lemuria and that all the events now flow into the mighty process of the ascension that cannot be averted by any dark force, no matter what idiocies some dark channelling sources such as CA may tell their dumbed down channellers.



Dearly Beloved Children of Light,

When the key holders (light warriors of the first and the last hour, note George) awaken, and activate their hidden potential, when the key holders awaken to the truth of that which they are, and the pineal and pituitary and third eye activate, the heart codices are brought into alignment with that which they are here to uphold.

Through said activations, the heart begins to send a signal akin to a sonar in your ships, said signal travel through the distance at lightning speed, for in truth there is no distance between you, for indeed you are all operating on the same spectrum of light. (This description applies to the light work done by the PAT in the last four years in a conscious manner and much longer by many of us. Note, George)

But once the key holders fully awaken to their identities, and raise their vibrations, their vehicles of choice shall begin to vibrate on a new frequency, and so the sonar that they indeed send out into the world, does not only stop within the matrix of your creation but continues out into the universe until it reaches the highest pinnacle of truth, that is, their higher selves (This is another, to my taste, somewhat naive presentation of our work as Logos Gods from the fulcrum of our HS which we exert since we were advanced to this mission. This happened in May 2014 for the PAT and in November 2013 for Carla and myself. Note, George)

Whence such moment arrives, the activation of said key holders shall come into perfect alignment with the creative energies flowing to Gaia, and from therein, utilizing the respective energies and encodings, the key holders shall send another sonar signal which shall resonate with the hidden vices, held sacred in the mountain tops of your known world. Whereby not only those mountaintops which are visible to the naked eye shall begin their awakening, but those laying beneath the layers of time, laying beneath the oceans, and those located within the sphere of this planet. Once reached, and confirmed, once the resonance has indeed been established, a doorway is opened for the beholder to glean through the veil of forgetfulness, and to fully cognitively understand their respective decrees with which they have come into this matrix. The decrees with which they have come, are then translated by their higher selves into human understanding, and from therein, the key holders are able to cognitively take their righteous place upon this planet in preparation for major activation which is set to take place on a particular note and octave of BEing.

(This description applies to the current final phase of preparation of the PAT standing on the verge of the global breakthrough of the Universal Law. This website is a useful platform to promote the cognitive understanding of each individual mission after ascension at the mind level before the final transfiguration takes place. This intimate awareness of each light warrior in his future mission is an indispensable prerequisite for the streamlining of all our energies within the Christed Unity field that will trigger the final ascension of this uppermost mother planet and part of its population to the new 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy and us to New Lemuria.

This final frequency leap has been circumscribed by us as the “PAT Supernova” as it will unleash incredibly powerful energies throughout All-That-Is that will have a ripple effect in numerous multiverses. Please observe the unanimity between this naive message in the absence of any deep, true knowledge of the channeller with regard to the actual nature of the ascension process and the in-depth elaborated version of the ascension process on this website since its opening more than 4 years ago.

The unanimity in the individual perceptions of many human beings that are now beginning to awaken for the whispers of their souls, but are still unable to mould these insights into a consistent and comprehensive idea of ascension, is a new phenomenon that did not exist only a few months ago. As already discussed by myself, it is the most reliable indication that the incarnated personalities, here described as “key holders”, which are entirely old souls, some more, some less mired in the 3D matrix, are now being fully aligned by their HS and prepared for the PAT Supernova, which they will energetically support.

It has always been the crux of our ascension that these light warriors did not awaken in due time and the burden of ascension had to be carried only on a few shoulders, those of the PAT. That is why the ascension process had so many turns and twists and we had to resort to unique, never used before energetic resolutions to push forward with the ascension process, notwithstanding all the setbacks caused by the failure of the light workers community. Note, George)   

That is not to say that you shall arrive to a new world overnight, that is to say that through the activation of said vortexes and annulment of all karmic debt that human earth and human souls dwelling therein have acquired, shall propel them to awaken to their understanding of BEing, shall propel them to understand the karmic experience, understand the karmic experience and proceed benevolently into a new cognition of BEing, forgiving that which they have experienced, being grateful for said cognition, knowing, feeling and understanding that said reality structure of the past no longer has any association, nor place in a new world in which they wish to dwell.

(This passage describes the interim period of that portion of humanity that will ascend to the new 4D worlds. Before that they need to undergo the paradigm shift at all levels. However, the most dramatic change always happens at the collective level and it can only be carried by the implementation of the new theory of the Universal Law. All individual openings that are also necessary and important can only be successful if they are embedded in a new consensual collective Weltanschauung which will be based on the validity of the new science of the Universal Law.

This also explains the growing unanimity in opinions and perceptions among the awakening humans. One must bear in mind that all these entities have their incarnations in the new 4D worlds, where the introduction and full acceptance of the new theory of the Universal Law has already taken place and their soul fragments hugely profit from it. This knowledge is now trickling down into the minds of the incarnated soul fragments on this uppermost mother planet, so that the threshold for a profound paradigm change on this timeline is also reached.

As we shall read below, there is a fair chance that this will happen around the last blood moon on September 28th. I already made you aware of this date when I discussed the new phenomenon of perceptive unanimity that is now encompassing the collective mindset of humanity. There is a growing wave of expectations that something huge and dramatic will happen around the last blood moon. Even when such expectations are religiously tainted, their emotional power is huge and will render the final outcome, for which we have been labouring so arduously for so many years – the awakening of mankind for the transcendental, multidimensional nature of all incarnated human souls. With this the end of this holographic model will come and this humanity will move to the new 4D worlds, while a few highly evolved individuals will ascend to New Lemuria, which we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, have created last month as a clean template for the new transgalactic humanity. Note, George)   

And so and thus, the preparation of said key holders of which there are 36,000 vibrating on feminine and masculine frequencies, has indeed began.

(There is no way to confirm this number, but according to our information from the Elohim until now there were less than 3300 light warriors of the first and the last hour who actually accomplished the Tantalus act of ascending Gaia and humanity. That is why many of them were advanced to Logos Gods beyond their wildest expectations prior to incarnation last summer and that is why we (Carla and I) were ordered by our HS to stay longer in this reality and help these light warriors enter their new function as they helped us tremendously to perform our mission as Elohim and Creator Gods. Read the Elohim message on this topic from last year. Use the Log Function. Note, George).

The preparation of said key holders has begun and shall continue full force until the last of your blood moons of your earthly year. And whence such moment occurs and it will, the key holders shall merge, swirling within the sphere of unconditional love for each other and through the sphere, through the vortex that they shall generate, the “sonar” signal shall double in its power, travel through time and space, connecting with other said vortices generated by all key holders, culminating in a giant spinning vortex of positive and negative polarities, creating a void sphere of influence, whereby all past, future and present “karmic debts” shall be voided fully and completely and from therein a new clean slate of understanding shall begin to emerge.

(This is a very precise presentation of the PAT Supernova and its cleansing energetic effects. If you go back to 2012 and 2103 and read one more time our discussions on the PAT Supernova, you will recollect that it was mainly associated with the release of our lower three chakras during the moment of ascension, which are then delegated and merge fully with the energetic field of Gaia, while the upper  three chakras and the heart chakra fully align with the energetic structure of 5D. The three lower chakras which are low vibrating carry essentially the karmic patterns of the incarnated personality. This is essentially what we are doing now, while we move our 18 bodies, one by one, to New Lemuria. Note, George)

Nonetheless, the free will of human souls shall continue to be in effect for a short duration in which time the idea of karma and the understanding of said structure shall dissipate and cease to exist on your planet.

(I have always supported the idea that, although there will be a frequential leap and dramatic increase in awareness in that portion of humanity that will ascend to the new 4D worlds, while we move to New Lemuria, this will happen nonetheless in a seamless manner, while preserving the collective notion of social continuity, until all old ideas are shed off and then the visible reality will begin to change very rapidly. This will be perceived by all humans as a dramatic social and technological progress. Note, George)

And for those souls who shall still wish to continue said experience they shall be given an opportunity to experience said reality in the matrix that most shall void. (This message alludes to all unripe souls who are not ready for ascension and will remain on lower catastrophic 3D or 4D timelines after the ID shift where they will continue with their dreadful karmic experiences in the Orion matrix. Remarkable unanimity again! Note, George)

And so, and thus, the stabilizing effect of energies, the merging of various polarities, the expansion of consciousness, continues to be in effect through the clearing and cleansing and purifying energies embracing your earthly sphere of cognition daily. (The process of refining and raising the frequencies of Gaia and humanity is happening now as we all know and daily experience and only its final effect will manifest around the last blood moon. Note, George)

And hence it is of utmost importance to stay alert to the conflicting energies, encounters and information entering your psyche. Be mindful of that which you see unfold rapidly before you, stay grounded, stay in the NOW. Remember your divinity. Understand that you are being supported, assisted and REMINDED of that which indeed you are. Know that it is so, for it is. (Basic knowledge of the PAT, no need to channel it again and again. Note, George)

That is all that we have for you now, we love you we are with you goodbye for now.

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