The Global War Is Coming Soon and so Does Our Ascension

by Henry Bizon and Georgi Stankov, June 27, 2015


Georgi Stankov

“All roads lead to Rome”, as we say in Europe, and so do all actions of the ruling western dark cabal lead to a devastating global war. This is their last futile option to preserve their dwindling power. Any major event can trigger a global war – the Grexit, the killing of the Greek government by the dark secret services in the West (see discussion below), a credit crunch and a cash crash leading to the shutdown of all banks in the West, the secession of Texas from the Union, the establishment of martial law in the USA, a war between China and the Empire of Evil, an escalation of the NATO war in Ukraine against Russia, etc.

The instability of the Orion matrix has reached an unprecedented peak at present and the expected heat waves (more 40 Degree Celsius here in Canada), accompanied with unseen drought in California and in some more US states (read here) build the perfect mixture for a global nervous breakdown. Not to mention the energy tsunami-waves coming from the Source with their relentless power that smashes even the most closed and evil energetic structures of the mental and emotional bodies of the incarnated human personalities on this timeline.

As I have said on many occasions, all major conflicts in human history have commenced in the summer and have unfolded their devastating effects in the fall. The impending final conflict of this humanity on this uppermost mother planet will also follow this same itinerary in the End Time.

Only that this time divine intervention will preclude the unleashing of a global nuclear war. This will be our ascension, the  occurrence of major natural catastrophes that will destroy vast portions of the infrastructure of the Empire of Evil and its NATO stooges in Europe or even a coup d’etat in Washington and elsewhere. When the pressure becomes unbearable for the ruling cabal and their numerous rivaling factions, anything is possible and should be taken into consideration.

Humanity is now in a paradoxical situation. While the Russians and the Chinese know very well that a war with the Empire of Evil is unavoidable, given the mad decision of its ruling cabal to start such a war at any price as to prolong the agony of the crumbling Empire, the masses in the West are kept completely in the dark about the intention of their ruling elite. The Russian and the Chinese government are very sincere with their people and ask them to prepare for a war, as they are obviously not the perpetrators of this war and have nothing to hide. The Western ruling cabal is the actual perpetrator of this war and they have to keep the masses in Europe and North America in ignorance about their insidious intentions.

The reason for this is that even the few published polls recently show that the vast majority of the people in the NATO countries disprove the war-mongering policy of this alliance against Russia and China and disagree to help other NATO countries in case of a local war. This explains the desperation and the hectic preparations for war of Obama & Crime Co in the western capitals, as they know that with each day the opposition of the masses against their policy of war is exponentially growing. The democracy deficits in the West erode the civil society there more effectively that any rational policy of Russia and China to preserve the world peace and their sovereignty against the hegemonic aggression of the “Empire of Chaos” (Pepe Escobar).

Below, you will find my discussion with Henry from UK on the latest political and financial developments with some very interesting references that confirm our unanimous conclusion: humanity is on the cusp of a global nuclear war, which will not take place, as the opposite dialectical alternative will happen before that – our ascension to New Lemuria and the final ID shift of this timeline to the new 4D worlds in the new Golden galaxy. This is a done deal and the only unknown variable is the point in linear time when this will occur. It is a very dynamic and fluent affair now and you all must very attentively watch the actual developments as they can stipulate any moment from now on.


Dear Georgi,

I hope that you and Carla are both feeling well today. I saw this article just now and felt the impulse to share it with you.

It immediately reminded me of the fate of a large contingent of the Polish government in the 2010 air crash over Smolensk, Russia. Since we seem to be at a possible 11th hour and 59th minute in the Greek default scenario – maybe as soon as Monday of next week – the villains in Washington will no doubt be scrambling for options and hence panicked into playing their final card. I read someplace that one strategy of the EU negotiations has been to make the new Greek government lose popularity among its supporters and collapse so as to force regime change in Greece resulting in a more compliant government, which would bend to EU demands. If Alexis Tsipras stands his ground between now and Monday, the criminal elite may decide they have no other course of action than to dispose of Syriza by an “act of (their satanic) god”.

Paul Craig Roberts makes a good case for describing Greece as being in a pivotal position to dismantle the West’s goal of starting WW3. He states the risk to the Greek ministers in very strong terms and believes that they must be fully aware of the bigger picture or even had the “writing on the wall” spelled out to them. It would be good if immediately following a Grexit, some new “Black Swan” event took the spotlight off Greece. Maybe something as simple as China and Russia disclosing the volume of their gold reserves, to knock the stool from under the phony dollar, which would give the western powers a different kind of headache. Perhaps Greece, Russia and China have some larger strategy worked out?

Nevertheless, if Paul Craig Roberts’ analysis has identified a genuine risk to the Greek negotiators, do you think that a PAT resolution, mandating the safety of the Greek government would be prudent at this time?

With Love and Light,

Henry Bizon


Dear Henry,

this is a probable scenario how the Greek drama may unfold and Paul Craig is correct in pointing out the danger of the Greek government being killed by the western cabal. The same thing happened with Lech Kaczynski as Polish president and his whole government when their airplane crashed in Russia and the West blamed Putin and Russia. After that the new Polish governments mutated to stooges of the USA. Poland is very important in splitting Russia from EU and creating havoc in the Eastern front, and so does Greece.

In addition to these hot spots, there is also another topic that may cause civil war in the USA – the decision of Texas to bring back its gold and to become financially independent from the Fed and the Obama regime. Here is the latest on this topic:

And here is what may happen very soon if Texas decides to secede from the Union.

While the conclusions of this report may not be true as my HS tells me, all the references given there are brand new and show the final preparation for a global war by the dark western cabal. Hence we will have a very hot summer where any major event will trigger a massive avalanche of other collateral events and this will destroy the matrix within days.

Now the US cabal in Washington is in a state of total desperation as I sense it since long time and under terrible pressure to do anything as to preserve power as they see that nothing they do has any effect. They can no longer impose their will on other people as nobody follows them anymore. This desperation emanates so much fear that everybody sees it and knows how weak the US ruling cabal now is. Check this discussion at CrossTalk for confirmation:

Putting the pieces together, I am getting that an attempt for a global war is imminent and it may as well happen between the USA and China as all MSM in China now officially talk about the inevitability of such war and even the Russian press is d’accord with this view. Only in the West the people are kept in the dark, but some begin to awaken to the imminent danger.

As we know that such a war will not be allowed on this timeline, we must reckon with our imminent ascension when such a bellicose and futile attempt is made to prevent it. Natural catastrophes will also impede such a dark action. There are many possibilities.

Yesterday evening I prevented such an attempt through a very powerful alchemical reaction, but I do not know exactly what. And my dreams this night tell me that we did something very important. The situation is stipulating now.

With love and light

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