Piotr’s Gift to the PAT – a New “Log” Function for a Better Search and an Overview of the Information


by Georgi Stankov, June 21, 2015


Our webmaster Piotr has just introduced a new, extremely valuable function which increases significantly the quality of this website. The new “LOG” function can be found in the title of the website immediately after “Breaking News“. When you click on “Log“, you get the full archive with all articles  – a full list of all the posts on this website grouped by year and month. You can now use the search function in your browser to find keywords from the post titles that you are looking for, or just browse for topics of interest.

The advantage of this new function is that you have an excellent overview of all the articles and you can achieve better and more precise results with “Google Search”. This last advantage is particularly valuable for me as I used to spend a lot of time to find the right article, which I wanted to introduce as a reference link when I am writing a new publication. Now it will be much easier for me to find the exact article I want to refer to and thus establish a clear Ariadne thread throughout all our discussions. This continuity and consistency of our discussions has always been a major goal for me, while editing this website.

For all those new readers, who have just discovered this website, this function will hugely facilitate their navigation in this voluminous archive and seamless chronicle of the PAT efforts to ascend Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension.

Hence our heartfelt thanks go to Piotr and on this occasion I would highly appreciate if we can see some more financial support for our efforts in these last days after the flow of donations has almost dried up this month. Until we ascend or the financial system crashes we are still here and need some money to live on in order to inform you on a daily basis on the latest important energetic developments in the higher realms and on the ground.

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