Energy Report of the PAT – June 26, 2015

Dreaming and Envisioning the Ascension to New Lemuria is the Motto of the Day for the PAT

This will be another long energy report but the PAT is now in best form in preparation for the imminent ascension. – George

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Infinity Portal in White Rock (left not on the picture) as part of the City of Light (see below) at Boundary Bay with Mount Baker, Washington State, USA in the background. The picture was taken in the evening of June 25.

Dear George,

After our brief e-mail exchange on June 21, 2015 I felt strongly compelled to respond to your invitation to share some of my experiences. This is unheard of for me as up until now I have been a silent partner in this long endeavour. Later that same day I had a vision of an old fashioned microphone with water (not boiling) bubbling up from its base. Here are a very few of my most recent journal entries.

With love and thanks to you, Carla, and the PAT,

June 21, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I am standing inside a building in front of an elevator. Standing next to me is a blonde very large overweight young man. He is wearing a tee shirt and shorts that are too small for him. He puts his left arm around me and squeezes me very very tight. I do not understand this and I am frightened. I start yelling or screaming. Then I am aware that I am floating upwards in a lying down position. (This is now a lucid dream.) I start saying “Yes, yes, yes, so that I will keep rising upwards. I hear watery bubbles like the ones you hear when you are underwater in a submarine. I start to see the planets as I go up, up, up in the dark Universe. Then I am inside a building again near the elevator. I am hearing a soft happy melody that is similar to a carnival tune. Now I am looking out a large bubble window that is rounded inward. I have both of my hands stretched upward resting on it. I see people down below that are outside. I am so happy that I start to cry. There is a feeling of Joy and Light. Deep joy. A feeling that I have never felt before. I turn around and see a few other people. I keep hearing the music. Then my inner screen turns to bright gold.

June 15, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I am looking at my phone bill. The balance is 0.00. Then I look to where my name and address should be on the bill. It is blank.

June 11, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I am being shown a completed jigsaw puzzle. I am scanning it. It is light yellow and pink. It looks like the United States. It is a land mass. I am told: “Listen carefully.” Or Pay attention.”

June 10, 2015 (Experience)

Facial vibrations. Severe depression and anxiety yesterday and today.

June 7, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I heard a message: “We have re-located. Rainbow has re-located.”

June 5, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I received a download. Then I see a blue arrow. Like the ones that you see on a DVD as a “NEXT” selection. Beside the arrow are the words NEXT/HEAVEN. Afterwards I have the feeling that something good is coming.

June 3, 2015 (Experience)

Vibrations from head to toe. Sometimes my entire Chakra System is vibrating full blown. Also having head pressure, heart palpitations, knee pain, throat pressure and noticeable ringing in ears.

June 2, 2015 (Experience)

While I was out running errands in my car, and out of my car, I felt cool raindrops on my face. It was not raining.

May 31, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I am seeing members of the PAT one at a time. I see only their heads and torsos appear in a circle one after another. Each circle appears then disappears. There is a happy feeling with this. This is ascension.

May 26, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I heard a message: “First baby born in the Fifth! Long live the Fifth!”

May 25, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I had three memories of being a higher version of myself and helping people in other timelines.

May 16, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I am in a large banquet celebration room. It is empty now. I am aware that there will be a huge party for me and that there is a huge white sheet cake that will be served. Then I receive a long, long download.

May 18, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

Someone is telling me: “And you dear ___ are coming to a close here on Earth.” (I did not catch one of the words.)

May 14, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I heard message: “The best thing to do would be out with the old and in with the new.”

May 14, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I received a download. Then, in a lucid dream I am with an actor from one of my favourite TV shows. We are on the roof of a building. He is assembling his telescope. I am seeing the parts moving around, but he is invisible. Then he is standing before me and POOF! He turns into a star of Light and disappears.

May 11, 2015 (Dream Vision Experience)

I received a message: “Now your eyes are very awake.” I saw two large yellow Post Its put through my mailbox into my door.
Later: I saw the words “Trust within.” And then I received a download.

Cindy Mancuso
California, USA

Dear Cindy,

I am very happy that you shared your visions and dreams with me and the PAT. They are a clear road map of our ascension endeavour. I cannot discuss all your dreams below, but I would like to comment on your dream vision at summer solstice on June 21st. The way you describe your experience on that day, it was a classical ascension test run, as we call it, which is always a partial ascension of our fields and bodies to higher dimensions. You thus confirm the huge ID shift that took place on that day.

Also your experiences on June 3rd and 5th reflect the creation of New Lemuria on June 4th, which was associated with a blissful feeling of something very good that is coming into our lives very soon.

These dreams and visions we now experience are more real than our life in this reality and the message that they carry is manifesting in a more pronounced fashion with each day on this timeline – it tells us that we are on the way to our rapid transformation and ID move to the 5D, to New Lemuria, while this reality loses its attraction and permanence.

I will publish your contribution with some other emails from PAT members that discuss the visions of our ongoing ascension.

With love and light


I have wronged you, Georgi, and I apologize.

I took the collective disharmonious energies released by the cleansing waves too personal since they amplified and mixed with disharmonious energies related to unresolved personal issues.

“I”, meaning whatever afflicted human self emerged into consciousness in response to wave activities.

The final two messages sent to you in 2013 reflected my inner and outer turmoil back then.

After disconnecting from Ascension, from spirituality, from out-of-sync acquaintances, from 3D-commitments as far as possible I determined to make it through the inner apocalypse by soul support only.

No need to describe the relentless brutality, the horrible depressions, the sulphuric stench of burning reptilians screaming in soulfire.

The detour was worth it. Old wounds were healed. Old bonds were severed.

I was looking for my beloved, and eventually, I found her. But not in this world. When we merged in soul and spirit, that painful longing ceased for good.

Two psychics unknown to each other confirmed my purpose (transformer) and mission (reunite Earth with the cosmos) in this lifetime.

In daily life I have been noticing a continuous positive expansion in terms of quality of being and behaviour. Increasing numbers of people are (getting) more open-minded, considerate to each other, critically-thinking. Empathy, solidarity, charity with refugees from war-torn countries are on the rise.

The emotional quality of 3D-surroundings oscillates between hilarious highs and leaden lows depending on wave activities. Phasing in and out between dimensions is the “new normal”.

The universe watches through the windows of my eyes into the realm of man. The body’s physical confines are the “outer limits” separating this projected island outside from the vast starry ocean inside.

Some confirmation for general information:

June 24-25:

Ongoing powerful influx of uplifting energies.

June 23:

Waking up 2 a.m. with headache, chest pain, inflated belly, dissonant thoughts and feelings.

During the day portal activity, powerful influx of uplifting energies, heart expansion.

June 21-22:

Dream: People enter rotating golden spirals in outer space. A woman remarks, “Well, I could have stayed longer down there, but honestly … there’s just too much fun going on up there!” She smiles and disappears inside a spiral.

During the day suction of open portals physically noticeable. Portals not clear but surrounded by grey, dark clouds.

June 20-21:

Dream: A transparent, lucid crystal sphere moves from left to right along a large, empty canvas fixed to a wall. The sphere is both a microscope and a macroscope, a looking glass and a magnifying glass. Atoms and stars visible to the naked eye, malleable by the observer’s intent. A blank surface ready for visionary touch.

June 11:

Dream 1: A large city in South America. Daylight, clear sky. I’m wearing a green leather jacket.

A group of dark-skinned men in still, strange postures is waiting on a large plaza. Their dresses are made of clear, transparent plastic.

When I enter the plaza the men start a ritual dance. When I leave the plaza the sky is clouded, rain mixed with snow and ash starts to fall. Now I’m wearing a synthetic rain jacket.

Undecided where to continue the journey, I wait underneath a shelter.

Interpretation: The city symbolizes Táotoóma, the first city in the Americas built by the survivors of Kásskara, the ancient home of the Hopi ancestors known as Lemuria. Táotoóma was destroyed by the Creator when people followed again a destructive path. In this sense, the city represents the rise and fall of world orders.

Changing the green leather jacket for a synthetic rain jacket symbolizes “shedding the skin”, an old life for a new life. Rain, snow, ash can damage leather but not synthetic material; the change of clothes also symbolizes protection from harm.

The plaza is the place of public gathering and ceremonial initiation. The dancers symbolize an initiation group, ceremonial masters, spirit guardians, Kachinas. Their transparent dresses highlight them as multidimensional lifeforms. Dark skin refers to Earth connection. Dance refers to flow of life.

Rain, snow, ash symbolize cleansing, new beginning. According to the Hopi, humanity currently inhabits the Fourth World. The previous worlds were cleansed by fire, ice, water, respectively.

Dream 2: I get on a small bus. Decide to leave the city. The bus takes me back downtown. Annoyed I rant in German, “I have never lost my way so many times like in this place! I hate it here!”

A guy in the front seat cries out with played indignation, “How dare you say that? This is my hometown!” I thought he only speaks the local language.

I reply, “You are totally right! Getting annoyed over such a thing is ridiculous, but I just don’t wanna be here! I got no destination in mind, that’s the point!”

Interpretation: The bus symbolizes transition from one life stage to another. The ride back to the city symbolizes a recurring cleansing cycle. Someone else, or some force is driving the bus, I am a passenger. I should wilfully steer life in a clear direction.

Dream 3: Inside an Italian restaurant. Antique furniture, twilight atmosphere. No guests. Only an old mafioso and his right hand.

My dad suggests to sit down next to their table. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, let’s move to another one.” I put my right hand over my heart and bow before the mafioso, then my dad and I take up seats a good distance away.

Slowly the mafioso pulls out a gun, points it at me, pulls the trigger. Nothing happens. I walk up to him, point in turn my old-fashioned revolver at him. “I prefer this kind of payment.” I open the empty magazine, put a golden bullet on the table.

The mafioso wants to know where I got it from. We make a deal.

Some time later his right hand gives me several envelopes. One contains a handsome amount of cash. “The deal is done”, he says. I notice a paperslip with some words on it: “Tarana, Tanara”.

Interpretation: The Italian restaurant symbolizes joy for life, good food, good company, dolce vita, all of which are overshadowed by fear.

The old mafioso symbolizes the powers-that-be. My dad symbolizes an older generation trusting outside powers instead of their own intuition.

Bowing before the mafioso symbolizes respect for his soul essence and lack of fear.

The malfunctioning gun symbolizes that violent problem-solutions no longer work. The unloaded old-fashioned revolver symbolizes a return to humbleness and humanity. The golden bullet symbolizes love, truth, healing.

The deal we make symbolizes teaching new ways of thinking, feeling, acting, being.

The words “Tarana, Tanara” relate to a language I have been receiving over the past months; they translate as “turning to the powers of creation inside, turning inside to the powers of creation”, respectively.

Last but not least, this dream is about Léon, the Professional quitting his old job.

June 2:

Dream: The crystal sphere appears for the first time; it’s a multidimensional travel device.

Around May 20:

Internet company O² reports a Germany-wide network breakdown. Being forcibly offline for over a week doesn’t bother me, nor ATM-breakdowns, postal or public transport strikes, cancelled trains or overburdened civil services. The system’s flaws are bursting at the seams, it seems.

Around May 13:

My soul prompts me to reconnect with Kásskara.

That day I visit the ethnological museum in Hamburg. Inside a pueblo house replica, my heart jumps seeing a painting depicting a Kachina. The words “Blue Star Kachina” resound in my mind.

Meditating inside a nearby teepee on a fur blanket, my spirit travels through space to a shining, pulsating white-blue star where my spirit is welcomed and received by a tribe of Kachinas.

The following weeks I read again J. F. Blumrich’s “Kásskara and the seven worlds”. I sense an old connection to that land and the Hopi. At least one Kachina accompanies me in spirit.

May 5:

A psychic colleague and I are waiting at a subway station in Hamburg when storm “Zoran” hits with a vengeance. She says no harm will happen to us since we are protected. She sees portals and regularly journeys between 3D and 5D and beyond.

On my way home the train comes to a halt; a tree has fallen on the tracks. All passengers get off at the next station. Next train? A matter of hours. Bus transport? Not available.

People wait it out, take it easy, the mood is almost cheerful, we’re cracking jokes about the famous inefficiency of the German railway system. Some call collective cabs, some take people in their cars. Within thirty minutes most have left the station.

Episodes of hardcore cleansing:

March, April 2015; March 3 and 21 the most brutal.

February, March, December 2014.

No notes taken in 2013.

As for Moby Dick:

Between February 28 and March 11, 2013 (!) a massive information download prompts me to compose my largest post on the synchromysticismforum. 11 days researching and writing almost without repose.

“The Fall of Rome” is a subjective interpretation of synchromystical “signs” heralding the end of this world order.

The harbinger is a white whale.

“Mocha (Sp: Isla Mocha) is a small Chilean island located west of the coast of Arauco Province in the Pacific Ocean. The island is approximately 48 km2 (19 sq mi) in area, with a small chain of mountains running north-south. In Mapuche mythology the souls of dead people travel west to visit this island. (…)

Mocha Island was regularly visited by pirates from the Netherlands and England. Francis Drake and Olivier van Noort are known to have used the island as a supply base. When Drake was visiting it during his circumnavigation of the globe he was seriously hurt by hostile Mapuches that inhabited the island.

Eventually the Mapuche on the island were transported in 1685, from Mocha Island by Governor José de Garro to a reducción on the plain on the right bank of the Bio Bio River called the Valley of Mocha that later became the location of the modern city of Concepcion, Chile.

The waters off the island are also noted as the home to a famous 19th century sperm whale, Mocha Dick, the inspiration for the fictional whale Moby Dick in the 1851 novel Moby-Dick by Herman Melville.”


“Mocha Dick was a notorious male Sperm Whale that lived in the Pacific Ocean in the early 19th century, usually encountered in the waters near the island of Mocha, off southern Chile. Unlike most sperm whales, Mocha Dick was white, and was the inspiration for Herman Melville’s 1851 novel Moby-Dick.[1]

Mocha Dick survived many skirmishes (by some accounts at least 100) with whalers before he was eventually killed. He was large and powerful, capable of wrecking small craft with his flukes. Explorer Jeremiah N. Reynolds gathered first-hand observations of Mocha Dick and published his account, “Mocha Dick: Or The White Whale of the Pacific: A Leaf from a Manuscript Journal”, in the May 1839 issue of The Knickerbocker, describing the whale as “an old bull whale, of prodigious size and strength… white as wool.[2] According to Reynolds, the whale’s head was covered with barnacles, which gave him a rugged appearance. (…)

Mocha Dick was most likely first encountered and attacked sometime prior to the year 1810 off Mocha Island.[4] His survival of the first encounters coupled with his unusual appearance quickly made him famous among Nantucket whalers. Many captains attempted to hunt him after rounding Cape Horn. He was sometimes quite docile, sometimes swimming alongside the ship, but once attacked he retaliated with ferocity and cunning, and was widely feared by harpooners. When agitated he would sound and then breach so aggressively his entire body would sometimes come completely out of the water.[5]

In Reynolds’ account, Mocha Dick was killed in 1838, after he appeared to come to the aid of a distraught cow whose calf had just been slain by the whalers. His body was 70 feet long and yielded 100 barrels of oil, along with some ambergris. He also had several harpoons in his body.”


Isla Mocha lies close to Concepción, Chile, site of the 8.8-magnitude “birthquake” on February 27, 2010. I intended to be in Concepción that day, but circumstances forced me to spend the night in Valparaíso (“Paradise Valley”).

Walking along the sea hours before the earth shook, I mused what would happen if a tsunami flooded these coasts. I sensed a strong, physically sensible pull from the ocean. In a vision a Sun portal opened, solar emissions turning in clockwise spirals like dancing dervishes. My body was buzzing with powerful energies, strong solar plexus pressure.

A life-size Mocha Dick replica was created in Philadelphia (“brotherly love”), Pennsylvania.

Music artist Richard Melville Hall got his stage name Moby due to his ancestral relationship to Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick.

Moby is resident of New York City. Long Island looks like a whale heading for the Inner Harbour of New York City.

In my own strange way, I’m a Christian, in that I really love Christ, and I think that the wisdom of Christ is the highest, strongest wisdom I’ve ever encountered, and I think that his description of the human condition is about the best description or understanding of the human condition I’ve ever encountered… I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a Christian in the conventional sense of the word, where I go to church or believe in cultural Christianity, but I really do love Christ and recognize him in whatever capacity as I can understand it as God. One of my problems with the church and conventional Christianity is, it seems like their focus doesn’t have much to do with the teachings of Christ, but rather with their own social agenda. So that’s why I tend to be sort of outspoken about how much I dislike conventional cultural Christianity.


Just around the corner lie New Bedford and Nantucket, Massachusetts. New England, the “slaughterhouse of the seas”, was a hub of the international whaling industry especially in mid-19th century.

Before the opening of the Panama Canal, Concepción was the most important stopover for travel across the Pacific and the Atlantic. Including whaling.

The whale embodies Mother Earth, the soul, the subconscious, the forces of life, the light warriors standing with Gaia. Whoever threatens the balance of life invokes the wrath of the Mother Goddess…

Thanks for your service, Georgi and PAT.

— Rumi —

Dear Rumi,

I knew then that you would be back when the time is ripe and that you had just entered the long “dark night of the soul”, a most painful and challenging period of initiations, through which we all have gone at some point in time. Welcome back home, although this is also a misnomer – we are always at home only that we fall prey to the illusion that we have left home and must now return.

Thank you for sharing your recent visions and dreams with me and the PAT as these experiences are now much more valid than the daily routine we still have to bear in this waning reality.

With love and light



Dear George,

Thanks for all the wonderful posts and I hope this short note finds you well.

Watching and listening to Christian’s new video was lovely, heavenly even!  Thanks for that, it came at a great time. I am sure this doesn’t have significance, as sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but I had to write to put on record a snippet of a dream from the other night.

After reading the many dreams journaled by a PAT member, unable to remember her name right now, it made me realize that I hadn’t had any dream recall in ages.  That same night, it seemed like I dreamt all night but awoke only to remember one sentence.  “There are 12 cities that will be protected.” So clear, in a man’s voice, I can still hear it. Just wanted to share this, whatever it is, or is not!

Much love,

Dear Lou,

this may be the twelve cities of light which already exist that will be protected. We have this number from the Elohim. One is here in the Vancouver area, the biggest one is Raetia in Germany, Austria and small parts of the surrounding neighboring countries and there are ten more. My guess is that one is in Bulgaria and another one in Italy.

The dream lady is Shirley Garmon from Chicago and she is indeed a champion dreamer. That is why I check with her regularly.

With love and light

And the Dark Attacks Continue

Dear Georgi,

Although this message is regarded as urgent, I have had a chance to discuss last night’s dreams/images with Bonnie and reflected on my own condition.  We are having extreme psychological conditions in the upstate section from Rochester to Batavia and Buffalo. Horses are nervous and jumpy outside of the city. Youngsters are having all sorts of supernatural phenomena, the shape-shifters are ravaging families, and we are (PAT) being attacked even in the Astral Planes. That happened to me last night, sometime before 2 AM EDT while I was with you and Carla, the rest of the PAT, and directors from Telos. They charged right into the group, grabbed me, and thew me back into 3D with violent starts and confusion. First, I thought that you or Carla had gotten angry with me and expelled me from the group, but after much meditation it was revealed that these were powerful archons or gods. That startled me.

The remedy to all of this is music!  So I am playing a tape that I made years ago of Middle Eastern Music; sending some healing there.

With Love and Light,

Dear Henry,

to this I can report that last evening around 11.00 pm when we went to bed, Carla was hit with a stabbing pain in the throat and started coughing all of a sudden. I saw at this very moment dark entities with my third eye hovering on the ceiling. I immediately took my lightsabre and thrust it in their hearts, while creating a huge vortex of the seven sacred flames. This event seems to correlate with the time when you were attacked.

In addition I dreamt this night that I was able to enter the Monsanto laboratories and revealed the fraud they were doing with the genetic modification of seeds. Then two guards caught me in flagranti. They started torturing me. However, I was hilarious as there was another person with me who was filming the whole harassment. Then I told the guides: “You are so stupid and behaved exactly the way we expected you. Now everything is documented on a film and you are exposed.” Hence we must have done some huge cleansing in the Augean stables of the dark Reptilian cabal this night.

With love and light

Hey Georgi,

Here I am at the Solstice again writing you. Congratulations on the site as of late as the content has been especially good.  The who I am Where I am article was great and inspired me to get back on the horse a little (my universal law lab flooded). Your 3 pieces on philosophy and Kari’s latest, just awesome. Funny aside, speaking of the universal law, I had (from military school) a cross tattoo, done by a cadet with a needle and india ink, that I have had changed into the “f” that symbolizes absolute time. Something about having crosses tattooed on my body just did not feel right. A sort of redemption if you will.

Which leads me to my next topic, the passing of my grandmother, Jean MacMillan (old spelling)  on the 17th. I don’t mean to always be bringing up my family, but like some one else said, it seems like the search for our past in the deeper sense often starts with that burning question of where do I come from and logically inspires a search of ones own family. And honestly, had it not been for the whole Bohemian Grove thing, I may have not gotten “mad” enough to wake up in the end times and find my way to the PAT here and just settled back in to old bad habits .

What got me thinking about all this was about a month or two ago my one uncle stopped over and was telling us about our ancestory and about how we were related to the Native American Pocohontas whom, before the whole thing with John Smith, had a son with a man named John Rolfe who was a colonist with tabacco interests.  It was from this son part of my grandmothers ancestory came from.  Learning about all this led me into learning about the Anglo-Powhatan Wars. Then to read Pocohontas died a Christian, kinda burned me up a little. Of course, she did convert in prison…

So, on Thursday I have the funeral to go to and I have a feeling the eulogy is going to test my patience with a bunch of Jesus this and that over my dead grandmother. I don’t even know why I am really writing this but it just felt right. Like this is another part of the Lemurian/Mu redemption. I am not sure how, but get the feeling there is a connection between Lemuria and the Native peoples of the world. A lot processing feels like going  through me right now.

She had had Alzheimer pretty bad for the better part of 10 years so I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. In fact, just the opposite, I wondered why her Hillbilly-Indian soul never left and moved on. What a horrible disease.

The last I saw here was about 6 weeks ago. Your post on Adama made me think about it as I had taken some grape juice, on the advice of A. Jones and the Seven Sacred Flames. ***back after a few days***  The last I saw her I took some grape juice to the retirement home she was in. I was thinking she would be a perfect candidate for Ascension. I also oft wondered why her soul insisted on staying with her body for so many years  while her quality of life became rather poor. It is my hope she has ascended through death and definitely feel my grandfather (another Jonathan Roberts) was there to meet her on the shores…

Sunday night, the 21st, it was a doozey, I awoke in the middle of the night to projectile vomiting for a good bit of the night, sweats, ugh, it was rough.  Then on Wednesday morning, woke up to a dead kitten we had found several days prior and treated for worms, fed, etc, but it was too late.  The poor thing was so starved when we got it. Probably a combination of the worms and lack of food. “Grateful” was the name, Jen had given the Kitten as such were its eyes. On a brighter note, we did save the 3 brother and sister kittens.

But I guess what I was really feeling was not just to bring up just that redemption is in the air, redemption for Lemuria, Redemption for all the evils imposed upon the world by Christianity, Redemption.

Well, don’t mean to cut this short, but here were are Thursday morning and I gotta get ready for this thing…

With Love and Light,

Dear Jon,

your comments on Christianity in connection with the passing of your grandmother are very timely as I have just published a message from St. Germain that addresses this issue. Obviously these topics now surge high in order to be redeemed again and again. And you are right that the Lemurian civilisation is the ancestor of all native people in this present-day world who are here to keep the connection to Gaia and the elemental kingdoms.

The history of your family seems to be very closely intertwined with that of the USA and, as it seems, with the more bellicose aspects of it, whereas I begin to doubt if this nation has any other history than that of perennial wars to decimate the natives and now the rest of humanity.

Anyway, thank you for your update and I hope the other three kittens will thrive well at your home.

With love and light

Hi Georgi.

Just wanted to write you and confirm the latest musings of the PAT in their latest energy report. June 21st was my birthday, where my body turned 29 earth years old, and I experienced a huge upward consciousness shift where so many previous energetic dams were broken. I spent the day with a childhood friend, who previously maintained a much lower debased state of consciousness, but on this day the entire day was consumed by discourse about the darkness of human behavior, the mired unconscious zombies who are helplessly wandering around at this juncture in total confusion, the reclamation of Lemuria & lots of talk about past catastrophes of Atlantis.

Subsequently, my beloved dog of 18 years went missing the next day (Monday) and had been missing until yesterday when I found her body in my backyard near some recently planted blueberry bushes. I buried her last night. This was a full confirmation of the energetic accomplishments we made in the days preceding her physical death. I am also experiencing lightness like never before & the intensity of the central sun has never been more viscerally felt. People are opening up to the truth of my perspective like never before & if there was any doubt we are untouchable, it should be extinguished now.

In light, Corey, USA

Dear Corey,

thank you for the confirmation of the ID shift on June 21st during the summer solstice….

Your dog must have helped you with this expansion. Obviously his soul has moved back to the source and this has triggered your expansion of consciousness. As you may remember, I wrote that dogs and cats are incarnations of a collective of Syrian ascended masters and that the dogs particularly take over a portion of the soul essence of their master. When they die, the soul essence of the master /reference person of the dog also ascends accordingly, but only if it is part of the soul plan for this person. When my dog died in December 2013, I also experienced a huge ID shift and then this was confirmed by the Elohim.

In your case the soul of your dog has moved to the higher dimensions on June 21st and the dog disappeared the next day to die. It is possible, and usual, that the soul first leaves the physical body and the exitus comes a little bit later.

Indeed, we are moving now very fast to New Lemuria and we also heave this uppermost mother planet. However, I do not see the awakening you are talking about to have reached the masses but only a few selected individuals, who are ready for it at the soul level. Their number is still very small, but sufficient to accomplish the final ascension shift.

With love and light


Thank you for the response Georgi. I did suspect on an intuitive level that my Dog had already split with this dimension as her leg gave out on her earlier that week & was rendered immobile for an entire day. I considered then that she might die imminently but then miraculously she was able recover only to subsequently escape & get lost for multiple days before making a long journey back home in 100+ degree heat, only to let me find her body in my back yard.

I would also like to clarify, that I do not necessarily see much awakening in the people, only that they are more open to hearing my ideas than they ever have previously, without being repulsed which is a big change, although there is still a massive delta in comprehension which can be perceived energetically & also in the character of conversation.

Love, Corey

The Ongoing Illumination of Humanity by the PAT and Through the New Theory of the Universal Law

Dear Dr. Stankov,

A  few months ago I discovered your website. I admire your law, work and advice. I have read “Neue Gnosis: Evolutionssprung der Menschheit”. Being curious all the time, suddenly the pieces fitted together. I am 81 and it may be a good idea to devote the rest of my life to study your books. But I need to start with volume I and that is not for sale at Amazon’s. Please, will you put it available as a pdf-download, just like the other volumes?

My wife and I are not afraid to lose something, but inquisitively awaiting Ascension. The instructions on your website for that event are crystal clear. We have humble wishes: Staying together in a more peaceful and cleaner world. So last night I went to bed with the intention to wake up in a better environment.

However, I saw again those toxic chemtrails above our heads. They affect our health; my wife and I have chronic allergies. We live amongst all the people we know and in our world little seems to have changed. Are we right that we live now on the wrong planet? If so, what can we expect in the future? May we get an advice how to behave under these circumstances?

Thank you in advance for your help!

With best wishes,
Ed Baas, The Netherlands

Dear Ed,

thank you very much for connecting me for the first time and I am happy to hear that you can learn from the publications on my website.

Unfortunately it is impossible for me to publish volume I on my website for technical and other reasons which I cannot discuss at present. But this is not a big deal.

Volume II in English contains the whole physical stuff and much more than volume I. It is organized in a such a way that you can start learning the new theory without needing volume I. It is even more didactic and straightforward than volume I, where I deal quite a bit with theoretical and philosophical problems of science which are also covered in volume II, but in a more concise form. I would personally recommend anybody to always begin with volume II which is a standard textbook on the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law for university students, while volume I was more for theoreticians.

The best thing is for you to start with the two publications:


and then with volume II.

Ascension is really very near now but we have still to do with linear time and as we all know this parameter is an illusion. Try to detach from this reality as much as possible as it is already crumbling, even though optically it may not seem so. There is nothing else you can do. This world cannot be reformed but only wrapped up before the ID shift can take place and we move to a new higher dimensional holographic model.

With love and light

Dear Carla & George,

According to Fibonacci I donated € …. by Western Union, The suggestion of Western Union was good. PayPal did not work, because I have no credit card.

I study your fascinating Part II; your website is a real eye-opener. Thank you for what you did and do for humanity.

With best wishes,

Dear Ed,

thank you very much for your very generous donation that helps me a lot to continue editing this website with the same full time engagement as in the past. I am happy to hear that you have begun to study volume II on the physical theory of the Universal Law. I assume that this is what you mean by saying “part II”. It is indeed didactically better structured that volume I, very much like a textbook in physics for students at the university. I have also entered exercises behind most of the chapters for the student to apply the new knowledge of the Universal Law on his own in order to solve practical and particular physical questions. Sometimes I have given the solution below. The objective was to show the reader that this theory is applicable to all aspects of physics and physical manifestations and is thus of universal character.

I have just published a message from St. Germain on human enlightenment and reclaiming our sovereignty as Creator Gods. St. Germain is now constantly present within our fields in the final stage of preparation for our ascension. His main goal is to awaken the incarnated human personalities for the unlimited creative potential of their souls, so that they no longer follow external dogmas, expectations and orders from the society. The conformation pressure on the individual is enormous these days and only a few are capable of overcoming it.

The key question has always been to give a proof for the existence of God (Gottesbeweis) and it could not be given so far by any thinker or scientist. With the discovery of the Universal Law, I proved beyond any doubt that all knowledge comes from the primary term of our consciousness and all so called external physical phenomena can be deduced and explained, even measured, with this primary term when presented as the universal equation.

It is not possible to render a more encompassing and valid proof for the existence of God as an all-pervading omniscience than I have done with the development of the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law and as presented in volume II. When I realized this fact, after I finished with volume I in 1997, I thought it would be an easy job to convince the scientists in this truth. To my greatest surprise nobody was interested in learning the truth and, what was even a bigger hurdle, almost no conventionally thinking scientist was able to rise to the occasion and reach the necessary abstract level of thinking in order to follow the philosophical argumentation and disquisition that introduces the reader to the new scientific theory of the Universal Law.

I am pondering on this issue now as St. Germain is also addressing precisely this issue and why it will become the focal point of our educational program as ascended masters when we move first to New Lemuria and then appear in the new 4D worlds to teach the people the new weltanschauung of the Universal Law. This timeline has no future and will end up to exist with the final ID shift. The remaining catastrophic timeline will descend to lower frequency levels and the new theory will not be a topic there for some more millennia to come.

Now, we are indeed on the verge of this monumental event and it is important one more time to streamline our thoughts and visions about what is necessary for us to do as ascended masters to help humanity raise their level of consciousness. This is the quintessence of us being still here in a physical vessel.

With  love and light


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