End Time Gallows Humor in Brussels Madhouse

Georgi Stankov, June 30, 2015

The decomposition of the old matrix has left the stage of Greek tragedy behind its back and has now turned into a cheap farce. End Time gallows humor has fully grasped the shooed chickens bunch of moronic commissioners and they do not even realize how ridiculously they behave. It will not take very long until the people realize by what kind of cretins they are governed and how much they have to pay in expensive taxes with their hard work for this ape theatre, as the German Economic News smugly notes below.

This newspaper has risen to the flagship of the revelation campaign in Germany and has now overtaken the most critical, alternative German sites on the left lane of the highway (which is forbidden in Germany), because it has concentrated on the good old democratic values, whereas most German alternatives display the same democratic shortcomings in their weltanschauung as their criminal politicians, because they have never been able to clean up their ethical values and concepts and to grow up to outright democrats.

But it is a consolation to see a happy ending, that the mass media now take on the task of doing that, for what the critical German alternatives were appointed to, but miserably failed. Again, this is another manifestation of the dialectics of ascension, which only a few mortals have properly internalized, and in the land of modern dialectics unfortunately not a single one. Pessimism and optimism are like twins in this reality who can never meet. Therefore, we must overcome this reality and ascend very soon.


From the Madhouse: EU Recommends Tsipras to Vote Against Himself
German Economic News, Published: 30/06/15 11:45 am

translated by Georgi Stankov

EU President Juncker presents an ingenious solution to the euro crisis: Alexis Tsipras is to accept the austerity program of the Troika. After that he should ask the Greeks in the referendum to vote against him. One wonders here whether all know what they are doing or talking about.

Es geht bergab: EU-Präsident Jean-Claude Juncker. (Foto: dpa)

The Euro crisis gets totally out of control: On Tuesday EU President Jean-Claude Juncker startled the media with a “dramatic” new proposal that made it even in the dpa (German Press Agency) into the “Breaking News”: “Brussels will start a mediation attempt at the last minute “.

The ghostly message in full:

In the Greek crisis Brussels makes a last-minute attempt for a mediation. If the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras still accepts on Tuesday the offer of the financiers for an austerity package and advertises for an ‘yes’ in the referendum, the way for another euro zone finance ministers meeting could be paved, was disseminated in EU circles.

This “attempt for a  mediation” is so absurd that one has to wonder how this news could have attracted any attention. The Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported therefore rather bored that one has read the “proposal” in the Greek prime minister’s office with interest, but Tsipras will stick to his, “No” vote.

Would the whole madhouse not be funded by taxpayers’ money and should the development not have devastating consequences for the Greek people and extreme cost for the European taxpayers – one could consider it almost as a kind of End Time frivolity: The top EU bureaucrat proposes to the Premier of a sovereign state that he should, within a day, assert the opposite of what he had announced the previous day with some pathos.

Juncker was unpleasantly noticeable as early as Monday. He had namely claimed that the Greeks should vote for the bailout, because it would allegedly bring no cuts in pensions. A few minutes after the announcement Juncker was exposed by the FT correspondent Peter Spiegel via Twitter as a liar:

Currently the situation is quite serious, as can be seen especially how the highly paid politicians in the EU and the national states do not strive around the clock to find a solution as to minimize the harm to the Greek people and all other peoples of Europe. Instead they spend their time trying to disseminate another scapegoat version in the world. Nothing else aims this “last resort test” of Juncker: For posterity it should be documented that the EU had done everything possible to save the euro.

Interestingly, in this attempt to construct a new “factual reality”, a small detail becomes visible that documents that the policy in the EU has long ceased to be determined by democratically legitimized forces: The EU Commission makes the austerity program of the Troika and IFW to “their” political program to save the euro zone (precursor of the NWO, note, George). The program is fundamentally flawed, as one can see in the case of Greece and the ongoing misery in other “rescued” states.

The highest institution in the EU, which has, in the broadest sense, still something to do with the voters, have become the Finance Ministers. Above them is only the Troika. Referendums no longer take place at the ballot box, but at the ATM. Whether one says in a referendum “yes” or “no”, no longer matters. Outside Greece nobody can read the ballot anyway.

Juncker has just broken two words in Greek alla Brecht. That was meant as a gesture of benevolence. But actually it came out, quite unintentionally, as the highest degree of contempt one can express: We cannot understand you, but we tell you what you have to do. But we love you, you natives. You get the glass beads and a few muttered words in the language of the indigenous people – as a sign of good will, so to say.

The EU as a project of mutual respect, diversity and lived participation exists only in the history books.

Juncker has, already years ago, explained the scheme of politics in Europe: When it gets tough, you should lie.

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