Economics Reflects Emotional and Mental State; Fear and Euphoria Create Lack and Abundance.

Brian, the Dragon, June 8, 2015


Georgi Stankov

This is another enlightened message from Brian, the Dragon that confirms all premises of the current Orion economy based on the principle of deficiencies and scarcity as described in the new economic theory of the Universal and presented in numerous publications on this website. All economic performance is subjected to the collective emotional perception of the conditions of life in an incarnated state.

Only yesterday the Hyperboreans told us that in the 5D1 New Lemuria, we have just created, we need not create forms and things to do with them but just create what we feel because Being is Feeling in the first place:

Further, this creation does not necessarily need to be made of things to DO; this new creation here simply needs to be made of what you FEEL.

Emotional energies are even more powerful creationary energies than the mental energies of the human mind as the latter are weakened substantially by the numerous fear-based patterns and beliefs that shape the behavior of the incarnated personality decisively and taint the thinking, which is essentially limited to survival strategies in a hostile world of scarcity. This is how the human mind sees this planet and this is what it looks like now.

This all has a huge impact on the economic performance of the society as it is primarily driven by such emotional, and to a lesser extent, mental energies. All other deterministic and materialistic explanations you can find in clever textbooks as to how the economics operate are very narrow-minded interpretations of causal relationships that only see one aspect of human endeavor in the context of All-That-Is.

I have discussed this issue to a great extent in particular in my three essays on the Orion monetary system ( see here, here and especially here) with respect to Keynesianism and monetarism. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that Brian, the Dragon also mentions Keynesian theory in his channeling and I was particularly delighted to read this comment, which stands out amidst the dull, counter-intellectual channelings of most other New Age sources.

The current Orion economics, also known as neo-liberal economy, is entirely based on the concept of scarcity – the Dragon is talking about “lack”. In the first place we have the concept of the scarcity of natural resources. This is also the main reason for all wars on this planet since time immemorial. The current undeclared war of the Empire of Evil on Russia and China is primarily driven by the desire to take possession of the huge resources of Russia and the cheap working force of China.

This is also the driving force behind the cabal plan to establish the NWO. As these particularly dark entities have completely severed their connection to the soul and Source, they live in a permanent mental and emotional state of perceived scarcity that drives them to take possession of the energies of all other incarnated entities in their mode of exclusive survival. They consider themselves to be the elite of humanity, although in reality they are the scum of it, so to say, an exclusive type of human beings that only deserve to survive, while the rest of humanity must be culled as to have enough resources for them to live on.

This is all known to you, but important to reiterate one more time in the context of this message and what we currently observe at the political stage. Please observe that the deeper meaning of the current End Time scenario is precisely to expose this perverted idea of exclusiveness of the elite as also purported by Obama for his Empire of Evil and to challenge it sustainably by virtue of economic and financial collapse and ascension, when the real spiritual hierarchy will be established again on the new Gaia 5.

That is why we are here and now act as Logos Gods. At present, this high-esteem of exclusiveness of the Western elite is mainly challenged by Russia and Putin at the political level and that is why the cabal are demonizing them in such an obsessive manner, although we, the PAT, are the actual adversary of the dark ones.

Back to economy: Collective gloom and doom perceptions on the state of the economy are the most powerful driving force that creates depression or collapse. I must admit that I have never seen so many different warnings and excellently founded articles on economics and finance as in the last few months that predict the crash of the western type of capitalism. Only yesterday I published the excellent article on the profound  crisis of capitalism in German Economic News and another article on how the “cash crash” (cc) will happen as a cc-wave, or rather tsunami, coming directly from the Source that will paralyse the whole economy. The term “cash crash” was introduced by myself for the first time, but the concept is well known as such.

We observe in the last few weeks hysteric cries of the banksters and the ruling cabal to eliminate cash based on all kinds of stupid reasons. The cash flow is the only money supply that now keeps the economy afloat. The ratio of cash money to the total amount of money in circulation, most of it in form of debt, is only 1 to 2%, whereas all derivatives are exempted from this equation, as they account for more than 1000 trillion $ and are thus many times higher than the real GDP of the world economy.

Essentially, all money in circulation is debt money and cash is the only component that may be considered to be outside of the debt system. Besides, the velocity of money circulation – the speed of transactions per unit time has reached its lowest value since the Great Depression. This fact already indicates that the western economies are in a state of a very deep depression that has begun in 2008. That is why the banksters cabal want to eliminate cash money.

As soon as cash is eliminated from the markets, then the people can only rely on debt money, which the banks give them at their discretion. At the same time, all private savings of the citizens become essentially propriety of the banks and now they can use them to bail-in the banks that are bankrupt since 2008 as this happened in Cyprus in March 2013.

The ultimate goal of eliminating cash is to expropriate the people and make them fully subordinate to the state as the only supplier of paper, or precisely, plastic money. When this happens, the NWO is already established as all the needs of the people are now controlled by the state elite and humanity will be degraded to slaves of the cabal nomenclature that runs the NWO.

None of this will happen on this timeline, as we, the Logos Gods, are the guarantors with our huge light bodies and higher frequencies that are so powerful that they can offset any dark plan of the ruling cabal. But the elements that drive the current Orion economics, finance and politics are still the same as the dark ones are very rigid and stupid in their thinking and can only think in a certain, perverted manner, which aims at enslaving humanity. These morons are unable to see when the energetic situation has changed to such an extent that their plans have fully failed.

This intransigence, which is also the trademark of most stupid and delusional people outside the dark cabal circles, and there are plenty of them nowadays, is entirely determined by their total separation from the source, from where all true intelligence comes. This tendency one can observe very well in the comments of the Internet trolls these days, which are entirely trapped in their fecal language and shitty life, at a level way below the medical definition of cretinism. You should be happy  that I spare you such comments – you would be disgusted and appalled to read even a few of them. The phenomenon of the Internet troll reflects the zombification of humanity par excellence.

Again back to economics: The explosion of excellent doom and gloom reports in the last few months (read here and here and there are many more) are a very important indication that the world economy is on the cusp of its final economic crash as I described it as early as in 1999 (actually first in 1997) in my economic forecast from the higher vantage point of view of the new theory of the Universal  Law. Please observe that at that time I was the only one who predicted the ultimate collapse of the Orion matrix and the economy and everybody considered me as a kind of a  “colourful, exotic bird among grey, stupid geese”.

Now the situation has been radically reversed – you are considered an idiot among experts if you still believe in the future of this economy. Nobody with a modicum of economic knowledge and prestige will claim that the western neo-capitalist type of debt economy is sound. Even the chief bankster Larry Summers and former economic adviser to Clinton and Obama sees no chance for this economy to survive.

Let me explain to you at the end the close relationship between cash crash and debt. All money created since 1971, when the gold standard was abolished by Nixon, are debt money and have no value at all – they are toilet paper money. This holds true for the dollar in particularly, but now also increasingly for the euro. And of course the Yen is without any real value since the real estate crisis in Japan in the 80s. The only paper money that still has any real value are the Russian ruble and the Chinese renminbi. That is why even the most ardent western banksters now realize that the dollar and the western banks have no chance against the Sino-Russian economic and financial power in the coming years (read here).

The western economy is based entirely on debt and all money in circulation, except for the 1% cash, are debt money without any value. All true or artificial economic expansion since 1971 was based on the increase of debt. Each expansion of debt is followed by a contraction as Bill Bonner showed in his article of yesterday. And the good news is that the debt contraction has already commenced. There is no expansion of capital on the markets anymore as even the state bonds wield now negative interests.

It is expensive to have money and the banks are clamping down on their investments. And investments are, according to current fractional banking, debt money created out of thin air. Currently, the banks are punished for having deposit money, which is similar to bank cash money and therefore they also want to punish their customers for this same reason by introducing null interest rates for new savings as some Austrian banks have just announced. In fact, given the huge hidden inflation rate (due to forged statistics, especially in the USA) in the western world, such low interest rates of less than 1%, as currently offered, no longer even cover the inflation rate and are thus negative in terms of purchase power.

At present, we have the ideal explosive mixture for a sudden credit crunch to occur that will essentially be a debt crunch, as each debt expansion ends up invariably with debt contraction. This is what the Universal Law says with respect to the expansion and contraction of space within the 3D space-time. The Universal Law is a law of conservation of energy – nothing gets lost, it only changes its form and space. And paper money, as I have explained in numerous publications, is an expression of space:

Paper money is printed 2D-space (surface).

Bottom line: We are now in a state of rapid debt contraction as shown by the lowest velocity of money circulation since the Great Depression. This is the most clear sign of a very deep recession. Rapid debt contraction is equivalent to the elimination of huge amounts of money from the economy. Money which is almost entirely possessed by the banks. Therefore it is logical, from the perverted, sick logic of the banksters,  that they want the people to also lose their cash money and become paupers. This is where it really becomes very interesting.

What will happen first?

Will the banksters be able to clamp down on the cash flow and impoverish the people before they revolt and hang the banksters on each tree on the Wall Street and elsewhere, or will there be a run on the banks by the people, who are frightened to lose their savings and the banks will have to close as they have no cash. In both cases, we will have the situation as described by Bill Bonner when all ATMs will be empty and closed.

The difference is only of psychological nature and here is the great merit of this timely message from Brian, the Dragon. If the banks close after a bank run by the people the culprits are immediately recognized and we have a full-fledged revolution, whereby the Orion monetary system and its matrix will implode, burying the ruling cabal underneath.

If, however, the banksters manage to eliminate cash without triggering a revolt of the masses, as this unfortunately happened in Cyprus and currently in Greece, then they have a tiny chance to preserve control over this highly explosive situation. The Greek case is in limbo now and if the Troika pushes the Greek government too far, the Greeks will surely revolt as there is nothing else left for them to do. Besides, the Greek default is an undeniable fact and the German cretins and the EU nomenclature (the self-proclaimed commissioners of the new communist world order) can no longer pretend to control the situation.

Ultimately, the Greek default has been a reality for a long time, it is now only a matter of being officially acknowledged. As the Dragon says below – it is all about collective psychology and how our feelings influence our perceptions of a certain economic situation. We create with our feelings in the first place and the greatest Reptilian manipulators of world finances, the Khazar zionists of the 13 ruling families, knew this very well. They created regular crises and artificial bubbles, as the Internet bubble in the 90s, in order to make huge gains on both sides of the curve – in bull & bear markets.

There should be no doubt as to the arrival of the ultimate collapse of this Orion economic order in the coming days, most probably in this summer and the repercussions will be felt by the masses in the fall. We shall ascend before that and that is why we created last week our new abode – the 5D1 New Lemuria. This is the most convincing proof that we are the demiurge of our destiny and what we desire is what we experience.

As mentioned before, we observe now two major strands of events that shape the End Time scenario – the events on the ground that stipulate to an economic and financial crash and the military escalation that leads to a new global war between the political powers. The elite use the military escalation to postpone the financial and economic crash of the western debt economy, but in fact both developments reinforce the imminent collapse.

Parallel to this chain of events, we independently create new Gaia 5 with all its attributes. We created the energetic structure for bilocation and ID travels and completed it on May 2nd. Then on May 24th we reclaimed old Lemuria and integrated it into the new template of Gaia 5. Finally, we created the New Lemuria on 5D1 on June 4th and are now busy transforming it into a paradise. This night I dreamt all the time how Carla and I are planting numerous flowers in infinite gardens. When the last bunch of flowers was planted, I automatically received the title of my latest article on my laptop: “Quantum leap”. And so be it!


The Message from Brian, the Dragon

This is the Dragon,

You may have heard of the “Horn of Plenty”. Many cultures have had similar concepts all around the world, even when they weren’t in contact. If you follow back this symbol, it derives from the idea of unending nourishment. It is a symbol of abundance. It is believed in some cultures that the new spiritual age would bring an end to limitation and unending food, and other resources. This is not incorrect. Earth, through life force energy, has the capability of infinite sustenance and resources. Economics, on the other hand, is built on the idea of limitation and the need to devise a system to distribute limited resources. Currency or capital is just one system for distribution. It is just one, since barter is another. There are more. The means of distribution are not of importance. What is important is that it is built of lack.

You may have noticed a cycle in economics. People believe this to be a result of Keynesian economics and other guiding principles. They are not completely wrong, but are missing a big piece of what drives economics: Mental state. The keen observer will find that your markets are based largely on perception. Numbers play a part, but most of the drivers are people that do not have time to pay attention to the numbers, often manipulated by those that do. Nevertheless, even those that play close attention cannot figure it all out. So in the end, there is largely perception and emotion of the masses driving things, and even the so-called experts do not disagree.

This system is then a macrocosm formed from a microcosm. It is so complicated, not a single person on Earth completely understands it (I hope this is not true for the PAT after this article; note, George). In fact, we mostly scratch our heads at the small eddies as well. We can follow the energy and see the what and how, but the why is another thing altogether. When trying to understand the why, one has to really be present in part on the earthly plane and see the perception and emotion driving it first-hand. Furthermore, the emotion aspect oscillates in your dualistic reality largely between the polar opposites of euphoria and fear.

Fear is the CAUSE of the recessions and depressions. Euphoria is the cause of the “bubble markets”. The news you are given is usually from one polar opposite or the other. People who “win” at the game of the capitalist markets tend to manipulate others into these two extremes to profit from their mistakes. Those mistakes are driven by emotions and cause more emotions. The emotions that ensue cause huge swings. If they can figure out how to profit from both upswings and downswings caused by the emotions, they stand to profit. When they do, then they start learning how to manipulate those emotions to make it easier for them. So in such a pure capitalist market, the “winners” become the controllers.

In the controlled markets that are not purely capitalist in nature, the same underlying principles hold true because those economies are built of lack. The difference is in the implementation.


Now, let’s talk about the moment of euphoria. During these times, great things happen: New beautiful structures are erected (5D1 New Lemuria, note George) The old is washed over to look new. Most people have their basic needs handled, and more people have luxury. Almost everyone seems to have a place in the economic system, and that they can succeed. Goods are exchanged more quickly and resources are released more rapidly for consumption and are consumed more rapidly.

People seem to forget their system has a limitation of resources and believe in great things being possible with no bounds. Even the experts try to convince themselves that something has changed.

However, without fail and like a storm, someone reminds everyone that the system is built on lack and limitation of resources and everything comes crashing down. This can happen especially fast in your more recent times. Fear ensues.


During periods of intense fear, which you call recessions or depressions, people clamp down on what they feel they need and want and avoid exchanging it for other goods. If they gain more of goods or resources, they clamp down on those too. That causes a spiral towards greater and greater recession until some magicians can convince people that it is over enough that the fear subsides.

Energy of the Cycles

If you look at the energy of these cycles, you will see a rise in vibration, and a fall in vibration. The rise in vibration occurs during the times of euphoria, and the fall in vibration happens during the time of fear. The economy is just a system that works with some forms of energy, so this aspect is pretty predictable.

Lack can be seen energetically as a contraction. It is caused by a lack of connection from All-That-Is. Recession, fear, and lack are all connected (very important statement, note George).

So, euphoria accompanies increased abundance, and fear accompanies increased lack.

Energy of Economy

As we mentioned, the economy is a system that works with energy. This energy is very malleable to the state of the human collective. What that means is that the availability of resources is largely driven by fear and euphoria.

The Concept of Lack

Now, it is clear that lack itself is driven by fear and euphoria. When euphoria occurs, people find resources in new places. When fear occurs, people may get better at using what they have, but they tend to not find more resources as easily. You can even see this represented by the lack of exploration for more resources during recession. People may think it is supply and demand determining this, but they are seeing more of a side-effect than a cause. That’s why some people have never accepted the concept of supply and demand because they feel intuitively that it is missing something.

Abundance – The Energy of The New Economy

In a sense, you are still always in a recession, even in your best of times, compared to what’s possible. That’s because even in the best of times, you still believe in limitations. However, like the “horn of plenty”, you can have the potential for great abundance. Limitation and lack is not a required for existence in your physical reality.

Seen energetically, as you become aware of the abundance of All-That-Is, you will have advances that allow for more abundance, to the point that you no longer believe in limitation. Euphoria will be never-ending (as in New Lemuria, note George).

Let us give you a taste of how that is:

In the higher vibration realms, if you imagine something, that thing tends to manifest. In the more physical realms built around abundance. You “speak” what it is you seek, and almost literally move mountains. Your relation to energy is part of what will change with the coming abundance of All-That-Is. You will become better at working with it in many different ways. In fact, you could define your next couple centuries as the Age of Energy as far as it relates to economy. The ways you will learn to work with energy will astonish you.

There are of course mundane things like replicators that still seem like science fiction to you. What happens if you have dirt, sun and replicators? You have no more starvation. Though we do encourage finding better ways to grow healthy food since that’s more natural for your body, replicators will play their parts when they have to.

There will also be psychic and spiritual elements of that energy work coming into play in your technology that will also aid in the creation of abundance. For instance, learning to work with life force to bring in the infinite.

Without lack, there will be less struggle. Peace comes from awareness, however all awareness is anchored and those aspects of anchoring can be quantified. Abundance is one measurable anchor for world peace.

Bringing Forth Abundance

A big shake-up is not necessary to cause change. Nor is a re-distribution. People just tend to suffer in those things. There’s always “collateral damage”. Instead, through expansion of your spiritual awareness and social consciousness, you will be able to shift the system in a balanced way. As fear subsides, and as people are more socially conscious of how they affect others, the need to hoard falls away and the consciousness of abundance is born. It all flows from there (This is the most likely scenario for this uppermost mother planet when it ascends to the new 4D worlds in a seamless manner. Note, George).

How do you help bring this around? First of all, when you see injustice, at least speak up.

Then, start creating a new world in your head using your imagination. You may imagine all forms of beauty of abundance, and beautiful things you all can enjoy. You may imagine that all around you, people have plenty of delicious and healthy food and access to exercise. That they only work for enjoyment because it feels good to do something, and being able to have ample rest. You may imagine beach, lakes, mountains all within grasp all the time and nice clean air. You may even imagine things for fun and amusement being at your fingertips. Homes of beauty that meet the heart’s desire for each individual and are malleable to their own conception of beauty.

Then TALK about what you imagine, the world could be like so others can help anchor that dream.

This may seem silly to some people, but it is the very act of stretching your imagination that allows for this growth.

There are also aspects of who you are that are energies incarnate in your physical earth form that will allow many of you to play an active role in bringing this about. You “remember” things. It’s always on the “tip of your tongue” so to speak and sometimes it comes out and you remember more of it. There are not one or two that have the keys to certain advancements that bring abundance, but thousands or millions for each potential advancement. That’s what happens when you have billions of people, and there are billions more on the way. So if one group doesn’t step up and bring something about – and that’s fine, no judgement there – then another WILL.

The other thing is that success in achieving greater abundance will drive more success.

Finally, as you become a group of beings that are more focused on energy, the illusion of all limitation will fall away. Mother Earth will manifest to your heart’s desire.

Some talk of “visitors” as part of bringing advancements that will help. This can sound like another form of savior talk and we want you to understand that you already carry the necessary energies to achieve what you need to in order to bring about abundance, and carry the energies of those visitors you speak of in your incarnate form. That is how your game is currently played. There will be more frequent communication with non-Earth beings like we are, however this is not essential to bringing about the changes. Instead, it will help you feel more connected and less alone.

With Love,
The Dragon

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