Breaking News: The Dark Secret Services Are Spying on Our Emails Real Time as They Want to Know Our Prophecies When they Are Dead

by Shirley Garmon and Georgi Stankov, June 29, 2015

4 hours ago

Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla:

I would like to share this dream with you. I’m not sure if there is any significance, in re, ascension, but you can determine.

Dream: 6-26-15

I am walking thru the train tunnel in which the Metra trains run in Chicago. I see a bunch on explosives which are strung all along the railroad tracks for about 20 ft in front of me. I see the different explosive lines which are in yellow and some seem to be in red. I can see a red light flashing which indicates it is about ready to explode. There is another man in the tunnel and he, too, sees the explosive and he starts to run to exit out of the tunnel quickly. I grab him and say “wait for me” but he is too quick! Then I run over toward the side of the track and just stand there watching. The explosives go off but instead of them blowing up everything into “kingdom come” they only make, small, popping sounds like firecrackers and they sort of fiddle out.

Then the police is there along with reporters asking questions about what happened. I’m speaking with a female reporter when I see something out of my left, peripheral vision, that runs past me very quickly! I look to the left and state “what was that?” It is a brown horse with wings and he is running quickly. I immediately realize that this is “Pegasus”, son of Poseidon and Medusa, according to Greek Mythology. I start chasing after him and calling out, Pegasus, Pegasus, but he keeps running, and as he is running, his dark brown color begins to fade and is getting lighter and lighter until that dark color has now become an etheric, beautiful, white. I can see his beautiful white wings fully outstretched. I’m still chasing him and finally catches up but Pegasus has totally disappeared/and or dissipated. Somehow, I can still hear the reporter and police in the background, and he asks the reporter, “where did she go?” The reporter answers, “she’s chasing Pegasus.” I stop running now because, as I stated above, he has just dissipated, totally disappeared. I do not know if he ascended upward toward the heavens but he was gone, and I stood there looking around kind of in awe.

Also, on June 27, I had another dream of great violence of which I will not bother to go into detail but basically wanted to share the dream of Pegasus. I know that usually dreams of horses represents strong, physical, unknown energies, and/or can refer to the occult, per “Dream Moods” dream dictionary, but dreaming of a white horse signifies purity.

Anyway, just thought I share with you, but lately, seem to be dreaming of intense violence!

Much love & light to you, Carla, and PAT.


3 hours ago

P.S. I was just thinking about the fact that in the dream, Pegasus’ color was going from dark to a beautiful etheric white, as he was running, would also indicate a transformation. Just an afterthought.


2 hours ago

Dear Shirley,

this is such a beautiful and significant dream full of symbolics. I personally have dreamt several times of white Pegasus and it was associated in my dreams with the desire of ascension. I think that also in your dream the Pegasus came exactly when the dark cabal wanted to explode the metro tunnel in Chicago which symbolizes the old Matrix, think of the Chicago school of monetarism that led to the current financial crisis, and then they failed. This is exactly the scenario I have been advocating all along for the end phase. And out of this failed attempt to destroy humanity and this planet as to achieve their sick goals to establish the NWO our ascension will follow. And this is what you have dreamed with the Pegasus who is turning from brown to white as a symbol of our transfiguration and purification and you, while chasing him, disappear from this police reality but are still able to perceive the people on this lower timeline as ascended master with your all-expanding awareness.

Your dream also indicates the urgency of this scenario which I am envisioning for this summer, beginning next month. Also the many questions asked by the journalist indicate the coming revelations. Hence this is a highly prophetic clear dream about what will unfold this summer. Excellent information.

With love and light



one hour ago

An Internet Troll with the name “Chicago” and this reference:

wrote the following to me:

It get’s daily worse with the Balkanese roach. Now he makes again prophecies of the ascension. Did he make this not already 5 years ago. He should better keep his bullshit within his sick brain.

This is nothing new to me – the Internet trolls are losing their minds now and can only resort to fecal language in their current regression to infantile anakastic imbecility under the relentless energies of the Source that melt their brains with progressive malacia.

And this is what I wrote to Shirley immediately:

Dear Shirley,

I have just received this message from an internet troll that shows that these thugs are reading our emails in real time as I have not mentioned anything about Chicago in my articles as of lately and this reference clearly indicates that they are spying on our correspondence and your prophecies. I have known this for a long time and Carla saw it with her third eye as soon as I started using this computer.

But until now the dark secret services were prudent enough to keep this spying secret, that is why they are called “secret services’ after all. Otherwise they are a joke in a world of total transparency as ours is. Now the desperation has gripped on them with full force and they cannot even keep their heinous secret activities for themselves but have to share them with us: “See, how powerful we are, we can even read all your emails.” They want to say to me and you with this email. As if I am not publishing everything of relevance on my website and have no secrets at all.

But the more important information they gave me with this “faux pas” is that they take our predictions very seriously as we are their most reliable “remote viewers” as I recently wrote. And of course they believe that with such deliberate indiscretions they will confuse us. But the bottom line is that the dark cabal is now shitting in their pants as they know that their inevitable death is coming very soon and nothing can save them anymore. That is why they operate according to the principle – kill the messenger of bad news and you eventually eliminate the bad news itself. This is idiocy in supreme form and this is how the ruling cabal of your Empire of Evil operate now from the position of total angst and weakness and why nobody takes them seriously anymore.

In fact, the people are laughing at these idiots in Washington as I am now laughing whole-heartedly at this cretin of internet troll who is actually proving in real time what Snowden announced two years ago – the NSA is spying on all the people in the USA and abroad. Ergo quod demonstrandum. And did it help the Empire of Evil to survive? – Nope! They are already mouse-dead.

With love and light


Guys, this is the best evidence I have received so far that the dark ruling cabal and their petty stooges and thugs are on the verge of total mental and emotional collapse and have no longer any control over their actions. And that is why I wanted to share this information with you. This is the way how they will commit their final heinous crime on humanity, which will be the cause of their demise and the trigger of our ascension.

We are now very rapidly approaching this culmination point and I am really very thankful to the Internet trolls for rendering this proof to us. As I wrote recently, I use their responses to my articles, and now emails, in a very clever and tactical manner as to elicit the necessary reactions on their part and learn what stage of pernicious madness they have already reached, before their final nervous meltdown can happen and we can leave this madhouse. And it feels very close now. Rejoice!

I would not exclude that with this publication we have thwarted another false flag attack of the dark criminal cabal on the Chicago underground.

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