Another Massive ID Shift on May 31, 2015

by Boyd Kraigher and Georgi Stankov

Dear George,

Last Friday May 29 I went with my family to many places around the island (of Phuket, Thailand) to do many 3D Orion activities. Like passport, land tax, western union and so on. At first I felt like fazed out, dizzy and generally not to belong there. Almost everything went wrong and we accomplished almost nothing. I got a strong underlying feeling of fear, chaos and being left alone. It felt like my soul has left me or has descended to much lower 4D timelines.

Later on in the evening my right side (where the elbow touches the rib cage) began to hurt. Hurt a lot. Like something big got stuck under my ribs. It is a bit better today Jun 1, but not much.

Nothing got better over the weekend. Got engaged mostly in 3D activities. I even watched a brainwashing machine. It is TV series: house of cards, that offers unique look into the inside of the White House, where morality, decency and honour do NOT exist. It is a world where dog eats dog.

Sunday night before went to sleep I suddenly felt strong pain in my chest, near the heart. All I could do is breathe deeply and be quiet, not to scare my wife, because she would send me to a doctor. I never felt this kind of pain before. I was thinking: if this is a heart attack and I am going to die, I do not care. I called my HS and let life in my soul’s hands. After half an hour the terrible pain was gone. Today I feel a bit better but I walking like on eggs.

After the saving of Lemuria timeline, we are definitely not out the woods yet. Preventing WW3 is one of the tasks we are performing right now and there is much more of what I have no idea yet.

I think it is a real miracle, that the long overdue total financial collapse did not unwind yet. We all know that Russia-China alliance wants to destroy the western financial WMD, but I think they are in fact helping to keep the western sinking boat afloat for now and are waiting the “go ahead” from the HR and the GF.

When this will happen, the boat will sink with no warning at all and hopefully the ID shift and our ascension will happen at the same time.

When you find out more, please let me know, that I will know for what I nearly died yesterday evening.

With love and light,

Boyd, Phuket, Thailand


Dear Boyd,

I confirm that in the night of May 30th/31st a powerful cc-wave hit me with massive descent of source energy as this happens only when there are significant ID shifts and MPR on lower timelines. Then this cc-wave with excruciating pain continued the whole day yesterday till late in the evening. This long period shows that this time something huge happened and we have separated again many lower timelines. Hence your experiences are normal under such chaotic conditions.

It is indeed remarkable that you point at the growing escalation towards WW3. I noticed this three days ago and my HS gave me some insights. I started yesterday a publication on this issue and will publish it today. It seems that both China and Russia have succumbed to the idea that war with the USA is inevitable and indeed only want to postpone it as long as possible. They have become also more aggressive towards the USA and speak plain language now.

This trend is irreversible and the only thing that can prevent the war is a divine intervention in form of big natural catastrophes as the HR have started with the flooding in Texas and volcanoes in Japan now, but much bigger, and of course an ID shift of our timeline and full separation from this crumbling matrix.

This is personal and I am not sure how to interpret it. After many years I got again a repeated information in the dream state that in 100 days we will be free to leave this prison. This is around September 9th, which was the day of liberation, better enslavement of Bulgaria by the Soviet Army in 1944 and the worst day for me as a person. My HS referred to my military service of being two years in the Bulgarian army, which I perceive as a unjust enslavement and told me to start cutting a line for each day on my leather belt as we used to do in the army to count the remaining days till being discharged. Carla believes that this was a message from a dark entity, but this is not what I felt.

As both world wars started in the summer – July and August – and really unfolded in the fall, this information may fit into this schedule. Also the fall of the Iron curtain began in July, August and unfolded in the fall rapidly. Given the relentlessness of the energies these days and how the people begin to decompensate, we must see something big happening this summer and then at the latest by September we may leave this reality. But it may as well happen much earlier.

The other thing that I get is that the Agarthans will no longer be part of this ascension scenario as they have already ascended to 6D and have left the Inner Earth, such as Telos in Mt. Shasta. The reason for this is that we were very successful with cleansing Lemuria of which Telos was a side branch. While Lemuria is now part of Gaia 5, Agartha no longer needs to help the surface earth in its ascension and can go their own way. This is what this deviation in the ascension scenario is all about, which St.Germain announced to us.

Hence all this may contribute to the actual manifestation of the last phase of the Ascension scenario at the global political level, which follows the principle of resolution through culmination and confrontation. This is what we observe now very strongly in the relationship between the USA and Russia and China on the other hand.

You are picking the right developments now.

I hope you feel much better today. I am also better than yesterday.

Enjoy your holiday.

With love and light

Dear George,

You will love this one:  (see full article below)

An example how dark forces are turning against each other.

With love and light,

Dear Boyd,

this is the kind of escalation I am talking about and yesterday when I read the announcement that Kerry has broken his leg and had to be transported from France back to Geneva and then to the USA, I knew that this is a fraudulent news. I even intended to mention it in my article but then stopped short of it as I did not want to elaborate on personal tragedies as the one that hit Biden, when “his son died two days ago from cancer” all of a sudden.

This son was involved in the dark mafia-like cabal ring of the Bidens that brought him as vice-president in the White House to coach Obama as Cheney did with George Bush. Nobody knows exactly why his son died so young all of a sudden without any preliminary news as to his cancer and being suffering from a serious illness. This happened only one day after Biden officially announced that the USA will not tolerate any spheres of influence by Russia and China, which in plain words means – global war.

It could very well be that the dark cabal are now killing each other in their utter desperation and this again confirms our assessment that we are in the thickest preparation for a global war and the temperature is rising higher and higher with each passing day

With love and light

US Secretary Of State Kerry Reported “Gravely Wounded” After French Gun Battle

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers, June 1, 2015

A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that US Secretary of John Kerry was “gravely wounded” yesterday (31 May) after a secret meeting he was holding with a top Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) commander erupted in gunfire in what Federation intelligence analysts are calling an “obvious assassination attempt”.

According to this report, Secretary Kerry was in Geneva, Switzerland, this past weekend for meetings with his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, trying to overcome obstacles to a final nuclear agreement, a month ahead of a deadline for a deal between Tehran and six world powers.

Yesterday morning, however, this report continues, Secretary Kerry and his security entourage left Geneva with “certain military officials” of France’s 1er Régiment d’Hélicoptères de Combat (1e RHC) and traveled to the former Phalsbourg-Bourscheid US Air Base located in the Moselle department, which is now a French military base.

The purpose of Secretary Kerry’s secret travel to this French military air base, this report explains, was to meet with a top ISIS commander for a “strategy session” prior to tomorrow’s (2 June) international conference in Paris where over 60 nations will begin meeting in an attempt to find a “final solution” to this terrorist group that is currently destabilizing the entire Middle East, and whichKerry was scheduled to attend.

Most astounding in this SVR report is its confirming that the top ISIS commander Secretary Kerry was meeting yesterday was Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, who up until this past April when he “defected to ISIS”, commanded Tajikistan’s OMON special forces which were trained and funded by the American military.

Even worse this report notes, Colonel Khalimov was not only supported by the American military, he was directly trained and funded by Secretary Kerry’s own US State Department, and which his spokesman, Pooja Jhunjhunwala, was forced to confirm last week and who stated: “From 2003-2014 Colonel Khalimov participated in five counterterrorism training courses in the United States and in Tajikistan, through the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security/Anti-Terrorism Assistance program.”

SVR experts writing in this report further confirm the findings of the American nonpartisan government watchdog group Judicial Watch who this past week released US intelligence documentsconfirming the suspicions that the United States and some of its so-called coalition partners had actually facilitated the rise of ISIS as an effective adversary against the government of the Syrian leader President Bashar al-Assad. In addition, these US intelligence documents show, ISIS members were initially trained by members and contractors of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at facilities in Jordan in 2012.

As to the gun battle that “gravely wounded” Secretary Kerry yesterday, this report continues, other leaked US cables to Wikileaks confirm that Colonel Khalimov was well aware of US State Department security procedures due to his being allowed to run a security drill in 2009 at the US embassy in Tajikistan, which allowed one or more of his entourage to enter this secret meeting with Kerry armed and with the intention of assassinating him.

Though no specifics currently exist within the SVR to exactly detail this gun battle, this report states, Federation electronic intercepts of French, Swiss and American communications show that besides Secretary Kerry, at least 2 other participants in this secret meeting were shot, one fatally.

As to Secretary Kerry’s wounds, this report says, these electronic intercepts further show a “panicked response” to a “top level gravely wounded US official” who needed to be “immediately evacuated” to Geneva for “emergency surgery” after which the US military was ordered to dispatch a medical evacuation flight for the “immediate evacuation after surgery” of this “gravely wounded top level US official” back to the United States.

The American “cover story” for Secretary Kerry’s grave injuries suffered at the hands of an ISIS fanatic, this report notes, states that he was seriously injured in a bicycle accident in the French town of Scionzier (40 kilometers southeast of Geneva), which was needed to explain away why Kerry was transported to the Geneva hospital in a French military medical helicopter.

As to the complicity of Colonel Khalimov in the attempted assassination of Secretary Kerry yesterday, this report concludes, SVR experts remain “highly doubtful” attributing this action, instead, to one or more of his entourage brought to this secret meeting.  After all, why would Colonel Khalimov kill his “master” anyway?

Then again, and though not mentioned in this SVR report, last week prior to his meeting yesterday with Secretary Kerry, the US State Department trained Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov did release a video to the Obama regime wherein he stated about his new “masters”:

Listen, you dogs, the president and ministers, if only you knew how many boys, our brothers are here, waiting and yearning to return to reestablish sharia law there.  Listen, you American pigs, I’ve been three times to America, and I saw how you train fighters to kill Muslims.  God willing, I will come with this weapon to your cities, your homes, and we will kill you.”


Further confirmation that Kerry is not suffering from a simple femur fracture:

It Cost US Taxpayers At Least $250,000 To Repatriate A Bicycle-Challenged John Kerry


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