After Grexit Comes Frexit

National Front Leader Marine Le Pen Says ‘Call Me Madame Frexit’

Georgi Stankov, June 29, 2015

The National Front’s leader Marine Le Pen, has just warned that not only is a Grexit inevitable, but that France would follow shortly.

Le Pen is not a technocrat but a full-fledged independent politician who also strongly criticizes NATO’s war in Ukraine against Russia and the sanctions against this country. She wants the end of NATO and the USA out of Europe. As a leader of the popular right-wing National Front party, she is about as diametrically opposite as one can get to being a puppet of unelected bureaucrats. And that is concerning to Europe because having seen how easy it is for a populist party to get elected in Greece, promising an end to austerity and, if necessary, an exit from the Euro zone is also a ticket for a president in France.

Sure enough, that’s precisely Le Pen’s game plan: as she told Bloomberg in a recent interview, Le Pen, a front runner in France’s 2017 presidential election, says a Greek exit from the euro is inevitable. “And if it’s up to her, France won’t be far behind.

“We’ve won a few months’ respite but the problem will come back,” Le Pen said of Greece in an interview at her National Front party headquarters in Nanterre, near Paris. “Today we’re talking about Grexit, tomorrow it will be Brexit, and the day after tomorrow it will be Frexit.”

And Brussels is listening. Le Pen, 46, is leading first-round presidential election polls in France, ahead of President Francois Hollande, ex-leader Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister Manuel Valls. This is hardly good news for the Eurozone because she’s the only one of the four calling for France to exit the euro, banking on people’s exasperation with the Greek crisis and Britain’s proposed referendum on the European Union to win over voters.

Needless to say, without France there is no “European Union”, and certainly no common currency. The collapse of the EU is pre-determined in this 3D reality and only our ascension and departure from this timeline will prevent us from experiencing this crash.

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