Short Energy Update – May 3, 2015

Georgi Stankov

With the full moon portal yesterday, we have reached the most vulnerable phase in the ascension process. We are now amidst the total collapse and dissolution of all 4D astral planes where all dark archons and entities could hide so far and from where they could exert their heinous deeds on the incarnated humanity without impunity.

Now these astral niches are flooded with source energies and are being wrapped up. This has wreaked havoc among all dark entities. They are now swirling in desperation around this uppermost mother planet, but cannot find any purchases anymore, from where they can exert their dark influence on humanity.

But they are still around us and that is why I strongly urge you to stay vigilant and cleanse your fields and domicile at least twice daily with the seven sacred flames and with your lightsabre.

Another very effective protection measure is to create a ball of gold Christed light and to suspend it in your room or apartment, which will then protect you from all dark influences. This ball of Christed light must be invigorated every 6 to 8 hours and before going to bed, as during the night these dark entities preferably cling to our fields. For this purpose you should also create a crystalline network with the seven sacred flames above your bed, very much like a mosquito net, so that you are protected during the night. Both energetic measures are very easily created and you will immediately experience a huge relief from dark attacks, which may now peak.

However, this time they have lost their power over us and can only create a temporary chaos in our fields, before they will be severed for ever from this timeline. You can envision how this uppermost mother planet is now breaking through the veils of the dark astral 4D planes, before it can fully merge with the new 4D worlds in the new Golden galaxy. During this phase transition the old astral planes of the dark archons are being completely dissolved and these entities purged for ever from their dark astral planes.

In the interim period, before they move to lower catastrophic 3D and 4D worlds or being dissolved in the Tao, they may still interfere with us predominantly. I say “predominantly” as our fields are now so huge that they encompass this whole earth and these starving for energy dark entities immediately flock around us and contaminate our fields. This is nothing new – new is that this process has now reached an unprecedented peak.

We have a lot of dark entities around us in our apartment in the last several days and we have resorted to the aforementioned protective measures several times a day. Use also regularly sage to cleanse your apartment or house effectively. All these protective energetic measures help a lot to overcome these last most chaotic and turbulent days before the final ascension with least stress and unpleasant experiences.

Otherwise, our ascension process is unfolding beautifully according to plan and, as reported (and here), we have entered the epoch of miracles. Many more will follow and it depends only on your faith and dedication to ascension to accomplish your personal miracles as Creator Gods. With the opening of the full moon portal on May 2nd everything is possible now.

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