On the Impending Global Glitch of the Internet and All Digital Technologies and Related Issues

Laurie Stearns and Georgi Stankov, May 21, 2015

Dear Georgi,

You will never believe what has happened (five hours ago)… my tablet crashed – It is about a year and a half old. I find this to be interesting, there wasn’t anything wrong with it, so, yet again, this is an indication that we really must detach from all external attachments, no matter if we think they are useful or important.

I have lost data on computers many times (about 6 times now) and first few times I found it to be somewhat devastating, as I had – what I perceived to be – important stuff. I have since come to realise that it actually means very little, as I know that all information is stored in the Akash and we can access it anytime we wish, nothing is lost, ever. This is the point I suppose, digital data means nothing. I had even backed stuff up from my computer, but even doing this I realise that I often never look at it again. It’s like having old stuff in boxes in a closet or cupboard somewhere and thinking that it will come in handy someday – It rarely does and just takes up space, and in the end, you end up getting rid of it.

This realisation that I’ve needed to spend a lot less time with my computer or tablet (I have all my books and music in digital form, so I read on them and listen to the few types of music I can still listen to) has been in my conscious awareness for sometime now. And, I suppose having both of them crash was one of those things that is making me realise that I need to disconnect from this – as stated, I’ve known this for a while now. I guess I seriously NEEDED to disconnect! Even though I’ve never been so enamoured with this stuff.

We must now focus on our abilities to know them from inside us and do this through our conscious awareness, and to also become fully functionally aware of how to use these abilities,  so probably disconnecting from these devices is important.

I’ve often felt and sensed that I’ve been bilocating to many different places for sometime now, but I just can’t remember the details – It’s like waking up from a dream and knowing that you know the dream, but just can’t access it.  We now need to consciously access these abilities and know how we use them, and I think technology can inhibit this process sometimes through our dependency on it as an external memory and communications device.

This is a double-edged sword. Because while technology is fast, efficient and with tons of memory space to put all kinds of stuff on it, and has brought people closer together from farther away and made relationships possible that prior to that, possibly wouldn’t have happened or the chances slimmer, it can also have a deleterious effect on humans in that, as a naturally evolving species, we should be doing this for ourselves with our own unique unlimited abilities and not becoming spellbound with technology. But, actually, the opposite is happening for most people – especially children. However, we know this is by design of course, to throw many people off track with their own naturally evolving abilities for ascending out of this dimension into the higher dimensions.


Dear Laurie,

you have highlighted very well the bliss and the curse of modern digital technologies. From a higher vantage point of view of our souls, the Internet and similar digital networks were never meant to serve humanity for a very long period of time, but only to illustrate what is possible in a much grander scale when one begins to tap into the soul reservoir of immediate creation and unlimited communication, which are aspects of one the same – the unity and interconnectedness of All-That-Is.

Of course, the new digital technologies are a two-edged sword and their appropriate use is entirely based on the evolution of the incarnated soul. While old souls may use the Internet as a source of information, as most of the PAT do, for most other human beings it is a deliberate flight to unconsciousness, away from one’s self, an excuse not to deal with one’s own inner issues, ultimately a distraction of the mind from more serious, but also troublesome topics and problems that only trigger their deep-seated fears.

But it is always the choice of the individual how he makes use of these digital technologies. I remember the time when one was very limited in having access to vital scientific information and there were whole departments in each big company that collected this information for the employees. And even then one had a limited and very cumbersome access, as this information was collected by other people, with their preferences, very often in a way that did not serve the proper needs of the users, etc.

I am now talking from my personal experience in the 80s when I started working in the pharmaceutical industry for big companies and as a medical expert, being responsible for the education of a big rep stuff, I was dependent on the newest information as to present the best arguments for our company representatives and also to conduct specific clinical trials.

Now with the Internet, one is much more flexible and independent from such cumbersome forms of information gathering. Based on this past, pre-digital experience, I learned to appreciate these forms of global information networks. I would like to mention that before the Internet was fully introduced in 1995 in Germany (it may have existed a few years earlier in North America, but with a very few true sources of information), I used special international scientific networks /data bases, which were very expensive at that time and were a kind of precursor to the Internet. One of them was “Medline” with more than 14 million publications in bio-sciences and medicine since 1975, not much compared to now, but enormous in terms of the limited possibilities in the early 80s.

I had established a Medline connection in my private institute for clinical research in Munich as I had just discovered the Universal Law and needed a lot of references to prove its validity in medicine and bio-science by checking the most relevant publications with key words. I did this in a very focused manner by selecting and reading about 10 000 publications in various fields, which comprised at that time a fairly representative sample of the total scientific knowledge in bio-science and medicine worldwide.

I was personally very proud with this achievement as at that time my small company was much more advanced in terms of having access to scientific information of great quality than most big pharmaceutical companies with billions of dollars of turnover and revenues. And even in this case the Medline data center stored only the abstracts of the original publications. In order to read the full articles, I had to resort to the Munich state library, which was luckily the second biggest library in Germany and had more than 30 000 journals, so that I can order a copy of each publication for substantial amount of money for this expensive service at that time and get them delivered by post in about a week.

At that time no library worldwide had started to digitalize their archives. At the end I collected about three thousand scientific articles, the results of which I used as a background to prove the validity of the new Theory of Biological Regulation based on the Universal Law in all fields of medicine and bio-sciences. About one thousand of these publications are mentioned or considered as references in volume III on theGeneral Theory of Biological Regulation.

I am referring to these past efforts to collect vital scientific information with great pain as to illustrate how much advanced humanity is nowadays in term of access to relevant information. And yet everything went wrong in the following time. The Internet was not used by the masses for what it was initially developed by the physicists – as a means of exchange of important scientific data and information among researchers – and became a cesspool for ulterior human motives.

When the Internet was fully implemented in 1995-6, I had already made this tedious experience of collecting scientific data the old way, which was still the most modern at that time (early 80s) and all my huge expectations in this new powerful means of global communication were of course shattered from the very beginning. After using it for several years in the late 90s, I decided to detach from the Internet end of 1999 and kept this decision for a whole decade until my HS urged me to begin using the Internet one more time in early 2010 before I decided to open this website in 2011.

At that time, one could find some very good quality channelled information, mainly from the 90s and early 2000s, which helped me assess the state-of-the-art in the esoteric community. During this lapse of ten years, the Internet had improved somewhat its technical quality and the bulk of information had grown exponentially. It offered all the prerequisites to be a reliable source of true information. But as every information is as good as the person who delivers it and the person who consumes it, we have essentially to deal with humans and their inherent failures.

As this sorrowful topic is a leitmotif in all our discussion, there is no need to delve into it now. Ultimately, the Internet is a neutral phenomenon. It can be used to expand one’s knowledge and awareness or it can be used for opposite purposes – to mire the masses and distract them from true knowledge and awareness. In this context, the internet trolls are only a marginal phenomenon of the overall spiritual debasement of this humanity, so to say, the scum of it that can easily thrive under the anonymity of the world wide web and to spread their venomous toxicity in a cowardly manner. This is all part of the overall disgusting human mindset, which we are now about to overcome.

One final remark – I am very happy that you mentioned the Akasha Chronics. We, as ascended masters and the new Logos Gods, must always keep in mind that any creation in this 3D reality, be it as a hard copy or in digital form, as well as any other form, is indelibly stored in the higher realms and can be reproduced infinite times holographically. For instance, if you have written a book and you have lost the manuscript, the file, or even the last copy of this book, this is not a loss to worry about as this book exists in the upper 4D and 5D in its ideal form because it has been created first at the soul levels before it could manifest in this dense 3D reality.

Hence, when we lose all our data during the impending global glitch of the Internet and all digital technologies in the process of rebooting this timeline to the higher dimensions beyond the current limited electromagnetic spectrum, this is just a trifle loss that will be reversed immediately when we firmly ascend to the higher dimensions. What may seem to be a loss from a narrow human point of view, will be a blessing when we ascend, as then this information will be available to everybody in every conceivable multidimensional manner.

That is why our HS want us to learn to cope with such temporary loss when the ID shift will come in a sovereign psychological and mental manner, as true Creator Gods, by arranging such crashes of our computers in these last days. We should be thankful for this experience as this is also the most valid proof that we are indeed in the last throes before our Ascension can happen. What may appear to the masses to be a disaster, this same global glitch of all digital technologies will be our salvation as it will herald our ascension.

The global glitch being the messenger of bad news for the masses – their descent to lower catastrophic timelines – will be at the same time, in a true dialectical manner, the harbinger of good news for the few evolved humans (one in 300), who will ascend and will actually gain all the data, which we have suppressed in order to incarnate in a dense human body in the most dense 3D holographic model in the whole multiverse in order to transform it and make it ascend. We cannot restore our pristine awareness and access to unlimited knowledge and data unless we lose all the petty data we have accumulated on unreliable 3D digital devises during this last incarnation. Let this be our red thread of thinking in the coming turbulent days when the global glitch will hit humanity hard and will paralyse the whole economy.

By the way, the second computer which Carla reset two days ago also crashed, two crashes within 48 hours. It worked well when it was reset two blocks away from our apartment and as soon as Carla started in at home it crashed again. This indicates that we have raised the frequencies of our abode to such an extent that such a glitch phenomenon that is expected for the A-Day is already a manifested reality at our 5D and 6D platform, where we now dwell. But as all such phenomena are conscious events created by our HS, this does not mean that my computer will also crash, at least not before our ascension is imminent and we no longer need this website.

With that being said, I think that we have covered the key topic of the broad use of digital technologies in the End Time as means of communication and a source of external knowledge for all humans and why these technologies based on dense electromagnetism that creates the 3D holographic worlds of incarnation must disappear when the entire energetic structure of the new Gaia 5 is fully transformed during the ID shift and its final ascension to upper 4D and lower 5D, with us ascending to the Source.

With love and light


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