On Frogs’ Choirs and Multiple Lives on Parallel Timelines

by Kathleen Price and Georgi Stankov, May 1, 2015


Hi George,

After reading updates from people on how things have definitely gotten better in the past few days, I thought you’d be interested what happened while walking my dog in the morning along the creek  yesterday. This time of year I always hear peepers (peep, peep, peep) and frogs making typical frog noises, but instead as we got closer to the water, I heard music!  It was an absolutely heavenly chorus of frogs and crickets singing like angels in harmony – this video of crickets singing slowed down is the closest I can describe it:


But this was live and louder and hauntingly beautiful and magical, I just stood there in wonder!  So this morning I grabbed my phone (which I never carry on walks) just so I could record the sound, but it was back to normal today. Rats! But if I was ever to hear the sound of Angels and fairies singing that was definitely it! Definitely felt 5D, not of this world. Can’t wait to hear it again.

Another good development is that I had renters from hell living next door the past few months with kids totally out of control – aiming BB guns at my bird feeders, banging and yelling, well I was to the point that I was dreading summer because my backyard is my refuge. Just at my breaking point I called my old neighbor that used to live there, and she told me they were just kicked out for wrecking the place, and now they’re gone, yea!  So peace and solitude are back in my life, and you can imagine how much happier my dog is as well, the good calm buddy that he is. Thanks for keeping us all informed and positive, you’re great! And Hello Carla!



Dear Kate,

these are two great stories and I have just experienced this morning two veritable miracles, about which I cannot write because they are confidential and personal. But I can confirm that we have entered the time of miracles and that this will stipulate in the coming days definitely. Hence there is more to expect and enjoy.

With love and light



Hi again George –

Thanks for your response, I feel it truly is the time of miracles at last – I’ve been waiting for this since I was a little kid. I was just wondering if you could clarify something about these parallel lives we’re leading – makes sense to me in an abstract way, but where I get confused is, are the other “Me’s” also thinking they’re the only “me”, or am I the “Main Me” and the only one who is working to ascend?  Because my dreams are just crazy these days, very vivid and lots of people and places, but the second I wake up it’s like a match was blown out. Are these various scenarios maybe my parallel lives, and is the goal to get them all to be living only my current life and then ascension occurs?  Hope this makes sense, I’m trying to wrap my head around this. Thanks for your time once again!



Dear Katy,

this is a very good question and I have pondered a lot on it and all I have is a guess as I do not have all the facts. Here is what I know.

We were told some time ago, I think almost two years ago, that we shall retrieve all our 12 soul fragments from lower timelines and unite them on this uppermost mother planet. I assume that this has happened with all light warriors of the first and the last hour in the meantime as I read a couple of messages in this sense since then.

Hence we most probably do not have any soul fragments on lower timelines but quite a few on all higher timelines, such as the new 4D worlds and 5D. These soul fragments, although one can hardly speak of fragments any more as they are already united with the soul, the soul family and the monad, know exactly where the soul manifests and how much each particular incarnated personality is aware of what is happening.

Since we are living on the uppermost mother planet in terms of vibrations, this soul fragment here is the most evolved compared to all soul fragments on lower timelines. That is why they had to be retrieved and united with this one as this soul fragment determines the level of evolution and ascension of the incarnated personality.

From this timeline, we currently move through many different parallel timelines, where we are present at the same time. And here I guess that we are represented with the same level of evolution or awakening, simply because the lower, probably less evolved soul fragments have already been retrieved and united with this one. Hence we represent the best and the highest level of awareness, which our soul fragments could achieve in an incarnated state in this 3D matrix.

Since then we have of course evolved much higher to upper 4D and some of us to 5D and higher. This may not apply necessary to the human mind, but definitely so for all other energetic systems, such as chakras and the crystalline light body.

The most difficult part of the ascension process is to align the incarnated personality, which represents the densest part of the soul with the energies of the latter, so that a steady stream of energy can flow to and fro between the soul monad and the incarnated personality. This is what the LBP is all about, with all its waves and transformations, accompanied by clinical symptoms at the physical level.

As I see it, we are now fully present on this uppermost mother planet with the most advanced soul fragments of our souls combined together as our soul essence is badly needed here to balance the negativity of the dark ones in power and their numerous stooges and to prevent a catastrophic outcome as it has happened numerous times on lower timelines. From here we can either move seamlessly through parallel timelines with the same level of soul and LBP evolution or we can also bilocate constantly by creating holographic images of us on these timelines.

Sometimes my soul is gone for a day or two and I feel terrible here, which means that my soul fragment has moved to another timeline with its main component where more important work has to be done. Another alternative explanation is that our soul may focus on timelines where our soul fragment is almost absent and we have to experience how it feels. This all is observed, of course, from the higher vantage point of view of the soul.

At the same time we already exist in all higher timelines, such as the new 4D worlds, in 5D and even higher. Carla and I have vivid reminiscences that we very often, almost every minute, or even much more often, visit the world healing centre in Lofer as a bilocation, while still doing our job here. Especially in the dream state, this experience can be very vivid as it happened with Carla this morning, when she dreamed of our crystalline house in the 5D and how we created anything we wished there as to enjoy it.

We may also visit in the dream state lower timelines, but without living there in an incarnated state as the living conditions there after the MPR and the ID shift are terrible on these catastrophic timelines and it is not part of our incarnation soul plan to make this kind of negative experiences anymore. We have awakened long time ago and moved to higher timelines.

This is how one qualifies for a better life, just as all dark entities, who stick to their heinous thoughts and deeds, have already descended to lower timelines and exist here only as empty holographic shells without any soul essence. The soul essence can be diluted indefinitely and this is exactly what happens now when we constantly create new timelines and expand the whole creation by providing each soul fragment with the optimal karmic experiences.

Hence what is true for the light warriors of the first and the last hour does not hold true for the rest of humanity, who are actually mainly existent on lower timelines as soul fragments and are here only present as empty shells with a very diluted soul essence, just to keep the body alive.

Of course this presentation is deliberately simplified for didactic purposes as at the same time in these last days many new walk-ins enter these empty bodies in preparation for the ID shift when humanity will firmly move to the already existing new 4D worlds and we shall then ascend to 5D and higher. This will happen at the same time and this shift will not be different from what we do now, while moving to parallel timelines with similar living conditions and history. The only difference will be that this time we shall make a vertical shift, an ID leap, while we now make more or less horizontal shifts. In fact we now also move in a steep sine curve up and down to clean various parallel timelines and to heave them to higher frequency levels. This is what we do all the time as light warriors these last days.

But the last major shift will simply catapult us to 5D, while our manifestation as holographic incarnation will be wrapped up on this timeline, simply because this uppermost mother planet will cease to exist. The higher version of it will merge with the new 4D worlds and the denser, lower-frequency version of it will descend further and merge with the already existing 3D and 4D catastrophic worlds, where the NWO has already been established on many timelines. This is where most of the soul fragments of most human beings incarnated on the old earth already dwell since we started creating new lower 4D earths in an active manner in May 2013 as reported on this website.

So you see, the whole multidimensional creation is very complex and convoluted, but it also follows simply principles and physical laws, which are actually rules, as there is only one law – the Universal Law and all other known laws so far are manifestation of it. But the more our consciousness as an incarnated being expands, the more we realize in how many more realities we simultaneously exist and that we alone determine with what level of awareness we appear in each one of them.

This last comment is made from the fulcrum of our souls, who are omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient creators on numerous dimensions and levels. And have always been. Now we must rise to this same knowledge. This is what ascension is all about. Everything else are technical details, for instance the number of chakras opened during the LBP – seven, twelve or fifteen…

I am not sure if I have answered your question in a satisfactory manner, but I tried my best.

With love and light



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