Energy Report of the PAT – May 3, 2015

PAT Dreams and Visions

My dear Georgi,

My second dream, which I call “Black Skull“…

For several nights prior to Friday, 4/24, I had very little sleep or hardly slept at all. So, being at a weekend conference which started on Friday, 4/24, I wasn’t at my highest vitality. The transit problems afterward on Friday evening were exceedingly stressful and caused going to bed extremely late. Was therefore quite strained and very tired on Saturday, 4/25. I dreamt Black Skull Saturday night / early Sunday morning, 26 April. After awaking from this dream, I couldn’t sleep and lay awake for nearly 3 hours, upon which it was then time again to get up for the Sunday conference events.

This is the dream:

 There is a large public event going on, a rock or pop concert perhaps, or maybe a conference or expo. I am in the gift shop at the counter, looking at the wares. A young woman who tends to the customers is behind the counter, standing to the side. I see what appears to be a skull on the wall shelves, but am quizzical that a skull would be so unabashedly, blatantly and boldly displayed, so, I crane forward for a better look. The skull is a dark charcoal grey, ashy, almost like burnt black, and seems to be alive, staring straight back at me. As I lean forward into the counter to see better, it suddenly springs off the shelf and leaps out at me right into my face. I am startled but only flinch by blinking. The young saleswoman is surprised that I do not recoil but hold my ground.

After this dream I sort of drifted back to sleep, only to be awakened because I suddenly felt very warm under the blankets. In fact, I was feeling actually HOT, generating extreme heat for no apparent reason at all. And it was exceedingly strange. For I wasn’t running a fever, the heat I felt wasn’t radiant, the surrounding ambient air around my body was cool, it seemed to be a dry heat, I didn’t perspire at all despite the heat’s unvarying intensity, and this went on for nearly 3 hours that I felt SO hot that I just couldn’t sleep.

I finally dozed off from exhaustion for a short while, and then the clock’s alarm went off.  Sunday morning, yikes!  But when I got up, I felt great, and throughout this entire last day of the conference, felt terrific, and felt rested, upbeat, high, better than I had felt all week prior. I felt ‘enlightened,’ as to weight (yet I’m a thin person), and as to deep knowing . . .

For I recognized that in the night, I had done a massive clearing and neutralizing of dark Luciferic and Satanic energies in the world – and on behalf of Tony (who had written to you, Georgi, on Friday 4/24, which you forwarded to me as I was preparing to leave the house to go to my conference) … and on behalf of the music and entertainment industries, to bring some relief and upliftment from all the corruption of souls and energies perpetrated by the Negative Principle.

This was the dream, and the severe heat. And this dream, the second, ties-in with the first dream: that we can change the “loosh” (the negative loosh) which pervades the music /entertainment business, that we can create the Beautiful Loosh of the first dream, and that I was somehow a catalyst in this massive purification …

Thank you for You, my dear Georgi, and for your website
Good energy
Love mucho
dianna from sf

Dear Dianna,

this is a pivotal dream and I will not comment on it as you have interpreted it excellently. I would only say that the kind of heat you have experienced in the night is rather common for me and Carla. I was told by the Elohim almost two years ago when it first started that I am radiating like the second Central sun and that these energies do come from the Central sun and are anchored in this reality through my body and fields.

The first time it happened in November 2013 the next day we created the new template of Gaia 5 by merging all past timelines as Atlantis, Lemuria, etc. We were informed in advance by the Elohim that this merging will follow due to the importance of the event.

Hence such heat episodes are very important and create a massive alchemical reaction of cleansing and creating new realities. Only last week I had again such a heat episode. Hence your interpretation of the light work done by yourself is correct.

With love and light


Last night I dreamed that I was walking the halls of my old high school. It was the last day of school, a short test day. I recalled that I had already taken all other tests and this was the last. I tried to remember what the subject of the last test was but could not decide. Anyway I knew after this short test I would be leaving behind the school. As I walked through the halls I was telling my friends, who I haven’t seen in years goodbye. So whether or not we reach our long awaited “ascension” at this full moon portal, one thing is clear. This is a powerful portal that will bring some long awaited changes.

LBP for me has always involved redistribution or elimination of water in my body. No matter how much water I drink during high periods of energy activation as is now, I remain partially dehydrated. I eliminate water excessively  through the kidneys and sweat glands. I don’t know the reason but I know it happens and I think it is the cause or enhancer of may of our symptoms. So drink all the water you can even if you immediately eliminate it.

AS all of PAT, I have been attacked by dark energy and forces many times during the years. Sometimes physically but more often psychically. It is my opinion that using the light protections that you describe are fine if we remember their source. The source of our power is from the Christ within us. This Christ is our connection to the true God who resides outside this prison matrix. We are at the stage of our evolution when we can no longer depend on other entities, many of which we are unsure of their origins, to protect, enlighten or save us. Our true power, the Christ within will guide us on our path home and protect us along the way.

Thanks for all your recent updates

Dear Jerry,

thank you very much for your comments and observations. Indeed I am also drinking all day long and my diuresis is enhanced as part of the enhanced metabolism. We are the most important cleansers and conductors of light on this planet and that is why our energetic metabolism is working at a maximal pace.

I fully agree that we have reached a very important point and today and tomorrow I shall publish important information. The full moon portal yesterday was very powerful indeed.

Wish you all the best.

With love and light

Hello Sir !!

I wish to share my dream last night May 2nd where in I was entering towards what I appeared to be my home with a beautiful big garden and lawn, though it was covered with thick cobwebs all around. Thick transparent plastic sheets enveloped the whole area from top.

With huge effort, I was trying to make my way to the front door by clearing through the dense cobwebs with a knife like thing in my hand.

Later on, I pulled all my strength and tore away the plastic sheets that covered the entire garden area and finally made it to the entrance door.

When I looked back at the garden … the whole area was STILL covered with fallen cobwebs and plastic sheets, but everything looked much cleaner … just like how a messed up dirty room appears so much better after initial rounds of cleaning.

Right now, reading about the dissolution of dark 4D worlds makes this dream so much more meaningful. And otherwise, trying (more like pretending) to lead a normal life amidst this chaotic crumbling reality is so tiresome … reading this website brings so much relief as if a weary thirsty traveller finds an oasis amidst desert.

Victory and Glory to the PAT !!

Dear Aayas ( I am not sure if this is your name),

thank you very much for sharing your dream with me and the PAT. As I wrote today, the Elohim confirm that all our dreams are real and truthful and reflect the light work we are doing in the dream state.

Are you coming from India?

With love and light

Thanks for the reply Sir !!

This is my real name (at least in this world :P) and I do hail from India. I am so happy I too finally had a relevant dream to share with all of us !!

Dear George,

I have been enjoying your articles very much, as usual. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Just a quick note to say how painful today (April 29th) was. I was exhausted in every pore and fiber of my being all day today.  Also, vibrating and dizzy off and on. Apparently there were two earth-facing solar flares and a CME today, though to me it didn’t feel like solar flare symptoms I was having. No tightness in the head, pressure or ear ringing.

I just had a strong thought/image kind of whoosh through my whole body out of nowhere. I could even envision the details. I had the thought/image of me pushing a child on a small bike, running alongside, steadying and balancing the bike as the child started pedaling faster. Then I let go and the feeling I had when I did was almost euphoric. I thought, “There! That ought to do it!”

I have been feeling poorly for the last month or so. Had a terrible flu, worst I’ve had since I was a kid and after two weeks of sickness, it took me a couple of weeks to start feeling “normal” again. Whatever that means anymore! I feel that we all just accomplished some very monumental feat.

I have never had a random thought/image like this before that I can remember. It almost seemed as if someone threw it at me. So hard to explain without sounding like I normally do not have thoughts or images in my mind!  LOL! All I know is that it feels GOOD and invigorating. Like a high almost. Had to write you before the feeling passed.  Intense. We are winning.

Much love to you and all who seek freedom and truth.
Lou, Canada

Dear Lou,

your flu-like episode is the most massive transformation of the physical body at the cellular and quantum level. I have discussed this particular episode in my articles on LPB. During this episode we release huge amounts of density and who knows what else. After this episode is finished and the symptoms receded, one can connect much better to the HS than before.

We are indeed in a complete new energetic situation and at present there is a total radio silence. Carla tries to attune to her sources but for the first time nothing comes. As our emotional fields are almost wiped out, a kind of a clean slate, as if suspended in the void, while our stream of consciousness has retrieved its focus from this reality, I interpret this new energetic state as a rapid transition to the 5D and higher dimensions, while the matrix is being dissolved in front of our eyes and loses its meaning.

My guess is that what will come next will be so different from everything we know with our human monkey minds that our HS do not want to give us any information whatsoever as it will inevitably be tainted in a very human manner and thus will be a distortion of what will come. Hence they keep the slate clean in every aspects, a dispassionate void that can be easily filled with the pure emotions of the new worlds when it arrives. And arriving it will be as the short experiences of bliss herald.

Also there is this sense that we have made it and we do not need to do anything anymore, almost a feeling of laziness, but based on the inner knowing that our work in this reality has come to an end and that we are in the void, in a suspended animation, before the new reality can emerge, where every human effort is futile.

We had this feeling also in the past at certain junctions and portal openings, but this time it is accompanied by the steady stream of confidence that we are fully protected, like avatars visiting this reality for one last time and that nothing can happen to us as we are now fully detached from the crumbling 3D matrix. Human words can no longer convey this new reality, as they also feel as empty as this interim state.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have been asking my son to write to you with some of his own experiences, he said he will at some stage very soon, however, he has given me permission to write to you with a very real dream he had in the night of the 1st of May as he has said it involves me.

Dream: I see two oriental men standing by a very fast flowing river, one of which is holding a bamboo cane out to a western looking man who is struggling heavy in the water. The man in the water grabs the cane and holds on, at this point the man in the water notices a large horde of gold at the waters edge, he asks the man holding out the cane, “what’s this all about”, the man holding the cane gets angry and pulls the cane away. The man in the water gets swept away and drowns. The next thing is that I am with my son walking along a beach when St. Germain appears and speaks to us telepathically and asks us to go to the drowned man and retrieve some important papers from him that contain information for ascension, these papers contain solid proof and cannot be lost. We agreed to the request with enthusiasm. We bilocated to above the water where this man drowned and my son surrounded us in golden yellow light and we proceeded to the rivers bed. I then pulled the drowned man in to our shore of golden light, I then said to my son that his spark of life is still alive, with that the man spoke and thanked us for coming, I asked him for the papers and he gladly gave them to me, we then told the man to go in peace, he turned into brilliant white light and ascended. We then returned to the beach and handed the papers to St. Germain, he thanked us for what we had done and that what we had accomplished was beyond what we thought of as simple. My son then woke to what he describes as a very light filled feeling. He told me that he knows that we are going to leave what we know as reality soon. Today my son is feeling LBS in his stomach area with sharp pains in his right side of his head as I am also, however, he has been extremely creative in writing some excellent reggae songs today that are very uplifting. It’s not often that he let’s me tell about his dreams as he likes to keep to himself, so I thought it best to write to you.

With much love and light to both you and Carla.

Rob DH

Dear Rob,

this is indeed a very significant ascension dream of your son and it is great that he allowed you to share it with us. It feels really that we shall move very soon to higher dimensions.

With love and light

Dear George,

Last night my daughter experienced a slight break down emotionally triggered by a negative comment from my husband.  But she was already on edge.

Today, when I got to work one of my co-workers said that her daughter had a breakdown the prior night at almost the exact time.

Today and for the past 3 or 4 days I have been experiencing rapid feelings in my thymus. I know its not my heart because my heart is not on the right side near my throat. Something more than usual is occurring. I don’t now what but more than anything we’ve felt in the past. Others who are in tune must be experiencing the same.


Dear Charlotte,

we witness similar emotional meltdown here with people who are deaf and blind to their soul and absolute unreflective of their personality. This is the quality of the current energies and nobody is safe against this onslaught, which brings all dark feelings and thoughts on the surface. I witness it in the last day where there was a peak in Internet Trolls’ attacks on this website and the debasement of their fecal language has already reached its own peak of total exhaustion of human language – what comes next is the growling of the zombies.

The thymus is the organ on which the fourth heart chakra anchors and not the heart. This is a very common New Age blunder. Hence it is normal that when this chakra is affected that the thymus suffers.

With love and light

Dear George,

pole shift update several people are asking me… What should l tell them? It seems several mediums and you tube are suggesting September is the event for the dimensional shift pole shift. The earth is certainly changing… probably archons, but it is interesting nation wide American city military exercises are taking place July to end September… having more inner visions…

Steve, Vancouver

Dear Steve,

this question cannot be answered in this way. We have had numerous MPR, magnetic pole reversals, since June 8th 2013 when the first one took place on a lower 4D timeline. Since then we have registered dozens of such MPR and ID shifts of lower timelines, while this uppermost mother planet constantly rises to higher frequency levels. Many of them are documented on my website.

Everybody, i.e. each incarnated segment will experience the MPR individually and most of the soul segments have already experienced it. Most of the people here are empty soulless shells and those that ask you will most probably ascend to 4D or 5D and will not experience any MPR. I have tackled today this topic in my article.

With love and light

Yes, this is what l was thinking as well…. we are all in our little cosmic bubble merkabah or something… thank God for God will pass it on…

This is a sample pic of my inner vision waking up last Sunday after a nap. As l have said, l have had inner visions for years ships etc. many on my site… but Georgi, this is the first time the inner vision was in 3D like a 3D IMAX movie – with my eyes closed – the Dove of the Holy Spirit flying, coming out from a blaze of dazzling white Light into the world. l think this came right from Lord Jesus the prana in my antakarana goes right up into the 7D level, so they have easy access to me… This is a big year in the shift l think.


Dear Steve,

in 1994 I had a remarkable dream that I remember until now vividly. All of a sudden a white dove appeared from the sky and flew towards me exactly as on the painting you sent me. I interpreted this as the Holy Spirit too at that time. Shortly thereafter I discovered the Universal Law and could resolve all theoretical problems of physics.

Therefore I confirm that to dream a white dove is a very rare vision and it always symbolizes the Holy Spirit directly from the Source. A most significant vision.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I just read Dianna’s latest article “More on the Nature of “Loosh” Energies” and found it not only very interesting, but the synchronicity of the content was amazing!

I’m sure most people in the world are now aware the latest addition to the reptilian British Royal Family arrived less than 24 hours ago. I have been pondering just what “energetic event” that birth would have been forcibly arranged to coincide with. I thought the royal family must have been using the energy of a planetary position or alignment (like the upcoming full moon on May 3rd) to fuel an occult ceremony to celebrate this birth, but I think Dianna hit “the nail on the head” when describing the May Day celebrations.

Where mass attention is focused, whether the emotional content and experience is happy or unhappy, the dark contingent will use that heightened, concentrated  energy and focus its enhanced emotionic and cosmic /calendrical /timeline power upon a negative objective. Thus May Day celebrations take place with Morris Dancing upon the fragrant spring of fresh green lawns, but in the dark belows of Masonic lodges, churches, palaces, and institutional buildings, the highly charged, concentrated surface loosh is transduced for disreputable purposes via high ceremonial rites and occult ritual, where witcheries are capitalized upon.”

I’m sure a birth sandwiched between May Day and the Wesak Moon must have been provided very concentrated source of “loosh” for the Satanic Monarchy to take advantage of!

Thanks to Dianna for the article!

Best Wishes to both you and Carla,

Dear Georgi,

I’d like to report that also for me and my wife this May’s Full Moon has fulfilled its potentials. A week ago my brother-in-law invited me and my wife to join him and his girl friend on a social event. We decided to go though we don’t like to attend such events and be amidst of a lot of people.

But since it was scheduled to 2nd of May, mandatory clothing was set to jackets and ball dresses and live music concentrated on the era of 80’s it all pointed out that this time it could be an enjoyable event ( also we weren’t dancing with my wife for some 10 years so we gladly used this opportunity ).

Few days before the event our steam iron got broken and we completely forgot about it, and when we wanted to buy a new one on Friday it was too late. So we decided not to wary and we ironed our cloths when we visited my mother-in—law living close to the place of event.

The event was really beautiful, all people were nice and enjoying the party and no one was drunk ( which is rare at this kind of events ). The surprise came at midnight when tombola ( lottery ) and its items were drawn. With my wife we’re used to always win something on such events so it didn’t surprise us that we won again.

But this time we won something special. From the range of some 60 products ( nice flowers, wall paintings, electronics, … ) we won …… new steam Iron of the same quality as was our broken one.

I’m really enjoying these new energies ( smile ).


Dear Marek,

this is how the universe responds to our needs in a fanciful manner. Great story.

With love and light


Hi George,

Thank you for your report today and I can confirm that what you describe is occurring. Yesterday I was working in my garden. I was there for about two hours putting in seeds, and when I finished, I wasn’t sure if I’d actually done the work. I couldn’t remember planting and only came back into focus when I was finishing the job by watering the newly planted seeds. I was not there and there at the same time. It was a wonderful feeling and so, I say, yes, it’s possible to function in two different locations though I’m not sure exactly where it was that I was yesterday other than in my garden. Wherever I was, it was safe and left me feeling extraordinarily balanced and peaceful upon my conscious return to my garden.

And yes, indeed, heartfelt thanks to Jennifer. As I read her story yesterday, I was with her and easily visualized and felt her experience. I won’t go on, but this is wonderful news and thank you George, Carla, Elohim and the PAT. Here we go!



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