Breaking News – Our Ascension Portal Is Completed

Georgi Stankov, May 18, 2015

Yesterday evening St. Germain came to me and informed me that our ascension portal of the joint Merkabah of Carla and myself is completed. This message was preceded by a four-day tour de force of cleansing activities in our apartment that raised significantly the frequencies of our abode to 6D and higher. At the same time we experienced another peak in cleansing and combatting dark entities which attacked us massively during this last week.

It should be said that we had postponed these unpleasant cleansing activities for a very long time, simply because we did not feel physically capable of coping with them. Last week we were put by our HS under great pressure to finally do this work as it is closely related to the energetic purity of our domicile. But until yesterday evening we had no idea how urgent this chore was. Only after we finished with the cleansing work yesterday late in the afternoon and did some massive cleansings of Gaia and humanity in a powerful alchemical reaction at the same time, did we realize that it was high noon.

Then late in the evening St. Germain came to me and announced solemnly that we have finished with the preparation of our ascension portal which is directly linked to our joint Merkabah. Since yesterday we have the strong feeling of saying farewell to this reality. Some other side events have reinforced this notion.

It is also noteworthy to mention that three days ago my HS sent me a pivotal repeated message in the lucid dream state that “I will receive an urgent invocation for ascension”. Now that St. Germain came to me yesterday with this message, I assume that my HS meant this event. I must say that St Germain has never given me directly any message so far. While he may be in strong telepathic contact with me, as this has been the case in the last two months in conjunction with the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law, he has never before spoken directly to me. He had rather given messages to Carla from time to time, which I have then published.

The combination of these events, some of which I will report in a separate publication, give me the conviction that we have now entered the final, most crucial phase in the preparation for our ascension. Many PAT members have this same feeling  for some time, but it is obvious that now there is an urgency in the air. I will be more than happy to hear from you how you experience the latest energetic developments.

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