Why We Do not Need Any Prophets

by Nicholas and Georgi Stankov, April 20, 2015


Publication on St. Germain’s Alchemy of Creation

Dear Nicholas,

I have just published our conversation on this topic. You should have corresponded much more often with me, also for the benefit of the PAT as you have so much to share.


With love and light



Hi George,

Very nice articles this weekend. That`s got to be some of the most profound discussion material on the internet! Timing is everything George, especially in the HR with no time.

Although I have been daily reading your site since Sept 2011, I pretty much `lurk` around as with ZH (ZeroHedge) and other websites, my job may be more inclined to evaluate or get an overall consensus of humanity (boots on the ground kinda).

I get a kick out of the ZH `fight club` and that is one reason why I have little communicate with you. I have been ostracized and ridiculed for my viewpoint, thoughts, knowledge and would rather keep to thy self.

Bit of a dissident and folks seem to shy away from that stance as you well know. St Germain and myself seem to have an “understanding”, which means I stand under him while fully protected.

I must at this point stress how critical it is for myself; to re-reading much of your writings as they are so packed with knowledge.  I am pretty bright, but I get much more from going over your material a few times.

As it seems, St. Germain also thought much of this repetition in affirmation  (give three times). Are we that dense. Hehehe…

So it is I must give my testimonial to the 9 steps of precipitation. These are formal rules mind you, I can see myself decent results with just a poor personal interpretation (lazy mind) over the years. By Alas, one must experience what one has come to experience.

I AM well taken care of and what I touch tends to turn to gold, so to speak. Family and friends often comment `your sure are lucky` or `you should be PROUD of yourself`, neither of which are correct. I give thanks to the feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine Source every day for all that I ingest, drink or precipitate.

I Am sincere George when I say that you are ONE of the first to “create”, “precipitate”, “Alchemist” your way thru the New Age, not just for yourself but for all of Mankind. Obviously, your intensive work on the Theory of the Universal Law was created in a similar fashion as a joint effort with your HS and Source in the HR. I would guess you employed a version of the 9 steps of Alchemy either knowingly or unknowingly.

For about 6 years I have in front of me on my keyboard to computer a small card (below) described as `The Chart of your Divine Self`. I found this card on the street while in Denver CO in about 2002 or 2003. I was trying to be a good Christian at the time and liked the colours and so I kept it tucked away till I came back to Canada. In Addition, I also have a large raw pure Quartz Crystal from the Ozark mountains on my keyboard. The breakdown of the chart and tube of light mantra are easily found on internet and have been mentioned on your website before.

I had listened to Elizabeth Clare Prophet years ago and something was just not right at that time for myself. I also found some of the I AM (OCR) texts had been manipulated with just a few subtle words missing or adjusted. I do not see any evidence of this as I look over some of St Germain`s material currently. Either I was not ready for the material or I was wrong in assumptions. Just had a quick listen to Elizabeth Clare in this short UTube and message is fine but dated and has limited appeal.

(Why the heck doesn`t she just PRECIPITATE in front of folks and settle the matter like Christ was said to have done.)

Much Love


The Mystery of the Presence of God in the Aquarian Age



Dear Nicholas,

as you, I also visit daily a number of different websites to have an overview of what is happening around the world but since long time I have stopped delving too deeply into details, although sometimes details and facts do matter.

I can understand your reluctance to engage in more intensive discussions as you have had a bad experience with websites who have an earthly agenda, ZeroHedge has also an agenda and that is not yours.

Strictly speaking I also have an agenda. My agenda is to build as many ascended masters as possible because in this way our mission will end up earlier on this planet and I can go home. It is a selfish agenda if you will. But in this I am in full agreement with the agenda of the PAT members. Hence it is a very healthy environment as it allows full freedom of expression of all dissidents. Because you can only become an ascended master if you have mastered your dissidence toward this reality first.

Since some time however I suspect that this may have been the wrong logic. I will try to explain you why. Carla and I transfigured in August 2013 and some other PAT members followed us soon thereafter. Then in November 2013 we were advanced to Logos Gods during our sojourn in Lofer and I remember how all ascended masters came to us to congratulate us that we have become one of them. At that time the Mothership of the GF was constantly hovering over our heads.

I thought that this is it and that we can go back home. Then I came to Canada and we were told that very soon we shall ascend. However nothing happened as the plan changed one more time. It actually changed infinite times but I am now talking of the big changes only. In May 2014 the Agarthans came to us and told us that our ascension is imminent but by the end of this month we knew that there was another postponement.

Then the Elohim came in June and told us what a great job we have accomplished. When I hear compliments from heaven I got very suspicious and angry. Our HS behave like greedy but very clever bosses who know how to motivate their employees as to work harder for them. This is the mother of all exploitation – Heavenly and Earthly-Orion. Succinctly said, the Elohim told us that the whole PAT group had contributed so much to our mission to create the new Gaia that we have now an obligation towards them to stay longer on the ground and help them also become Logos Gods and Guardians of the New Golden galaxy, which was not part of the initial plan.

Call it “dangling a carrot in front of one’s nose”. If all well-intended lies that the ascended masters, true and false, have channelled in the last decades to humanity would have made their noses grow as Pinocchio when he was telling a lie, then they should have become long enough to serve as Jacob’s ladders to allow us ascend on them.

I am very thankful for sending me this video. I must admit that while listening to Claire Prophet I closed my eyes and had a sudden and short nap only to awaken just on time when the follow-up video started with Oprah, interviewing the two daughters of this woman. And this family drama, this open presentation of dirty family laundry was more telling than reading all the channelled books from this lady and her man, Mark. Here is the video beginning with part one and going automatically to part 5:


Well, let me conclude with our discussion: We do not need any prophets and humanity has never needed such. But we do need conscious creators who are capable to transform this dreadful world into a better reality. And if this alchemical effort necessitates some visions which may appear in the form of predictions, so please, do not throw the child out with the bath tub water.

Prophecies are the first ignitions of any creation. But only when they are made to the highest good of All-That-Is. The new Theory of the Universal Law is one such creation with eternal prophetic character. It was a co-production with the Source and at that time (1992 -1999) I was carried on angels’ wings. After that the LBP began and I entered hell.

And here is where I practically still am, since last year accompanied by Carla and this has already alchemically transfigured my hell into a delightful waiting room with a stand-by ticket to heaven.

With love and light



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