The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Musician

by Anthony G. Chalk, April 23, 2015

HI George,

A former band-mate, guitar player introduced me to self-hypnosis back in the early eighties in order to help with my chronic alcoholism. The hypnotist, Mervyn Jones gave me the book, Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr Maxwell Maltz and within weeks it seems I manifested a Pan Am ticket to the USA. I mention Pan Am because I put emphasis on the blue ticket in my visualization.

My music publishers at Warner Brothers had conferred, without my knowledge and organized for me to go to Nashville, where they thought my songwriting skills would re-flourish.

By then my work output had ground, via the drinking to a halt, and I was in need of  a fresh start.

Prior to that, writing and performing under the name Tony Colton (read bio here), I had established myself by writing and producing major world acts such as Cream, Yes, Rory Gallagher, Elvis Costello, Phil Collins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Wilson Pickett, and many others.

My alcoholism, stemmed from the break up of my band, Heads Hands and Feet ( here, here, here and here), who were on the brink of world fame, having released 5 albums on Capitol, Atlantic and Island records. I couldn’t handle the loss of my dream and down I went.

I arrived in Nashville, still drinking heavily and doing whatever drugs I could lay my hands on and shortly thereafter met Penny who later became my second wife.

We found common ground in that her Mother at the time was reading Maxwell Maltz’s book, we were on the same page and began a spiritual journey that lasted twenty years.

Back in England I left my first wife of twenty years, my daughter and two sons, the youngest was thirteen.

It was an enormous wrench that had needed to be done for years, it was a terribly mismatched marriage but I loved them all dearly and if it hadn’t been for my Indwelling Spirit thundering the word ’‘GO’ in response to my question, ‘should I leave my family,’ I probably would never have gone, I had been afraid to leave for years, even though I was desperately unhappy.

The years of drinking and some bad deals I made under the influence had drained my finances and when I decided to leave I gave the only thing of value, our house to my wife, and set out for Nashville with the shirt on my back.

Very shortly thereafter I went, through the good graces of yet another friend and guitar player to AA and in the middle of the Lords prayer as I was reciting it with the other members I felt the now familiar electric, down the spine, presence of my HS. I recognized immediately what/ who it was and went straight downstairs to my car where I sat alone with my indwelling spirit running like an electric current from inside the back of my head down my spine.

After receiving massive confirmation from my Spirit after enquiring through prayer if this was God, I asked just one question, ‘ Please show me the truth”.

From there I was led on a journey that has not stopped.

Through a never ending, synchronistic, miraculous journey I encountered Crystals, endless books, Colonics, Fasting, Breathwork, Sound and Color classes, [early flamework] countless seminars. E.F.T, Ho’oponopono, and many many other modalities of spirituality.

Later on I learned to create my 12th Dimensional Platinum Shield, Merkaba, and Flower of Life.

To me as I learned with an unquenchable thirst, spirituality was tied in with politics and health, one it seemed could not extract itself from the other.

I learned about the truth of the IRS and later challenged them successfully, I tended to my health and cut out everything but Marijuana, which to this day I find enhancing to meditation and visualization and I have wrestled in angst to gain an answer from my HS as to whether or not it was detrimental to my spiritual path, and later to my ascension.

I had many miraculous encounters, one of which happened way at the beginning of my journey when I was in meditation and a Cobra reared up to strike me in the Third Eye and I recoiled and opened my eyes. The loud and chilling response came  ‘ WHY ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF ME.’ And I immediately felt like I had missed a golden opportunity to have my Third Eye opened way back then, and I have regretted it ever since.

I had always heard a voice in my head, especially when I was writing songs. As primarily a lyricist, I would take melodies from the great music writers and musicians at the top of their game and set lyrics to them, I did this by using the brand new invention of the walkman, where I would go off walking in nature, not having listened to the music until I was ready, and then I would let it play and a line, or sometimes a whole chorus would flash by as the music played, sometimes on rare occasions I would get the whole thing and find it almost impossible to write it down fast enough.

Over time I became so proficient at this that if I didn’t get this involvement, I would leave the music and return to it much later when it appeared fresh, which seemed to be a criterion in order for it to occur.

The one line, or chorus always nailed the song perfectly, it always graced the melody with exactly the right mood.

Almost immediately I had hits, and the cuts just kept on coming, Waylon. Willie, Greg Allman, Lee Greenwood, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Celine Dion, Leanne Rimes and many many others including George Straight and a Grammy nod for Ricky Scaggs.

I got a reputation for my method among my co-writers who were totally unused to such weird techniques, they were used to slogging it out in the room with pen, paper and guitar, but they learned to love it as it hardly involved them and was a done deal before they could blink sometimes.

On occasion I would hear the line or chorus in the room straight away as they played it onto the tape for me and they were, as I always was, amazed to say the least.

I really cannot claim the full credit for any of my work, its inspiration came directly from my HS.

The only other person I ever encountered who wrote in the same fashion was my dear friend, the late, Larry Henley, who wrote ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ in exactly the same manner.

Spirit would give us a line, and the rest was up to us. True collaboration with God.

Ten years of music, discovery and adventure followed till by ninety eight, I owned, and was living on a 160 acre farm with my lifelong dream come true of owning my own horse , life was as good as it gets.

I had been studying creative visualisation, using story boards with color pictures, [Spirit does not see in black and white] and had manifested both of the houses I had lived in, plus many other things, cars, truck, my horse, you name it.

Every time I passed the storyboard I would verbally invoke the pictures I had cut from different magazines, it worked magnificently.

By now I was well versed in most of the truer aspects of life, my veracious reading had led me to the facts about the ways of the world, and I understood the whole dark cabal agendas.

I finally received notification from the IRS, whom I had never contacted since I had been in Nashville, and replied to them through an organization called “We The People,” By then a fair bit of money had passed through my hands and they wanted their share.

The letter, brilliantly constructed by the “We The People’’ team did the job and I never heard from them for almost twenty years.

I had been studying the Tarot and the Runes and had begun, using the runic language to ‘read the world.’ I would receive answers to questions I had through sticks that had fallen to the ground and conformed Runic signs, I would read the jet trails left in the sky  and on the day I served my letter and papers into the Nashville town hall, I came out of the building to a massive X [ partnership with God,] trailed in the sky above me.

A great deal of attention was given in those days, in the material I was studying to prepare for ‘End of the World ‘ scenarios and I constructed a story board to find a remote home with spring water, and in particular a cave.

I was at that time sure the world was going to end through major cataclysms and I found the perfect place, it had the fifth largest cave in Tennessee on the land and a massive pure water source.

I did not check the runes or tarot on the house, which was a converted Mill, complete with a huge wheel on the side, that stood beside the creek in a setting right out of a fairy tale.

I had bought the farm across from it as well for my youngest son to live in, who had by now joined me in America.

The home and land had one great flaw, it was terribly haunted by malevolent ghosts.

Not long after we moved in Penny got sick, whether it was the house, or she had it before we moved I don’t know but she had a large tumor in her breast, and we began a long protracted fight with a very virulent cancer.

Through five years of alternative health treatments that included, Color and Urine therapy, Diet, Kinesiology, whereby the healer, out of New York, over the phone would use a surrogate patient to determine Pennys medication needs, we tried everything there was out there.

We removed her mercury fillings, I learned and practiced EFT on her, which was very successful in removing her fear, and we brought her back from cachexia (skin and bone), twice, which they say is impossible, but in the end it killed her, it was like throwing rocks at a train.

The main protagonist ghost was some kind of Captain from the civil war, and I would feel him come up the stairs and into the room, he would climb onto the bed and sexually assault Penny, wake or asleep.

I could do nothing, the moment I sensed him I was paralysed and could not move and I had to endure her terrifying ordeal completely wide awake.

Most, if not all of the ghosts there were from the civil war where they had died in and around the house during many battles fought over possession of the mill house and the huge pastureland that fed many horses.

I hired priests to exorcise the place, Indian medicine men, who worked on her and the ghosts. But in the end the only thing that made a difference was Dr Fred Bells Starfire Orb, a configuration of pyramids that drove the plasma back into the walls. The house was overrun with deadly spiders and insects of all kinds.

I bought her a Fred Bell nuclear receptor, a necklace of pure gold with a large emerald in the centre, let nobody tell you alternative medicine is cheap, by the time she died I was cash broke again and had re-mortgaged the homes, I had to cremate her in a cardboard box, I was mortified.

I finally managed to sell the two houses at a great loss just to get out and after the sale had just enough to put as a deposit on the small remote log cabin I live in now, but I never did get back on my feet financially.

I wandered empty through meaningless relationships until I finally met my current partner, Dyan, who has been a rock through these last hellish six years.

I lived totally off of my royalties and food I had stored against hard times and after a while began taking advances from my publishers that eventually drained my income completely dry and I have lived these last few years on the kindness of friends and family, none of my royalty streams are yet paid back and I have somehow gotten through these hard ascension years under the constant threat of losing my home and being put on the street.

However I slowly regained my spiritual thrust and started studying hard.

I spent a year studying the ‘Flower of Life’ meditation, and in the process learned to create my Merkaba, later on I learned through Lisa Renee, [Energetic Synthesis] to create my ‘12th Dimensional Platinum Shield and her ‘Core fear’ programme got me through my second challenge with the IRS who had come back out of the blue to try me again.

I used the same letter as I had sent them almost twenty years before and as of today I have heard nothing from them again.

The letter concluded with a demand for a reply from them in twenty one days or the letter would vitiate my position by virtue of their silence.

All of this was done perfectly legally with notarized signatures etc.

Somewhere in there I came across your web site and was stunned by the total synchronicity of yours and my ascension symptoms, at last I had a home and I now begin my days visiting your website on my phone.

Long ago I lost the internet except on my phone which suffers out here from bad signal, but hard as it is its my lifeline.

Like all of us I have nothing in common left with the folks of my old life and have no desire to revisit it in any shape or form.

The couple of attempts to restart my career have been disastrous.

My truck finally died on me and as we speak I am isolated, unable to move and spend day after day on my own studying, Dyan my partner lives forty miles away and we get to see each other when she can afford the gas, the loneliness is unbearable at times and is saturated with constant fear of losing my home.

I have sold everything, pianos, guitars, recording equipment, and anything I had to raise a dollar bill.

I exist totally on the kindness of others, a lady sends feed for my two hoses and two dogs and Dyan and my neighbor supply me with food.

Usually, somehow the rent and utilities are met, albeit late in the day, as is usual with spirit, and I have accepted this as a testing ground for my faith, however as we speak I am four months in arrears on my mortgage with foreclosure and the street staring me in the face.

The music business that I knew is dead.

There are no more great country songs of life and truth only the shallow glitter of the illuminati driven bad Pop music serves for what is now called country.

The great songwriters have up and left, there are only two major labels left in Nashville and the publishers have long since quit, unable to survive their ever thinning income.

Mine is I believe a classic ascension scenario, where I live totally waiting for the Event, whatever that may be, to come and relieve me of these constant terrifying burdens.

I know I have missed out a lot in this rambling tale of spiritual quest.

I could tell great stories of the involvement of my contemporaries like Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and the Stones, all of whom are involved in the dark world, tales of murder and death, I’m not kidding, maybe I’ll make that the subject of further discussion.

Currently I am experimenting with the flames and the Pulsar with some astonishing results and when I figure out why some work and some don’t, I’ll have it down pat.

God bless you George and all of you out there.

Anthony G Chalk


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