The Middle East Mess Heralds the Imminent Collapse of the Orion Matrix This Month

by Georgi Stankov, April 2, 2015

The exponentially spreading mess in the Middle East with the explosion of the Yemen crisis illustrates the last throes of the Empire of Evil before its imminent collapse. After more than a decade of sanctions and war-mongering against Iran, the Empire of Evil decided all of a sudden to sign a nuclear deal with Iran as to ease its desperate position in the Middle East.

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This will not help, as with each move the Empire of Evil is now weakening its strategic position and is about to lose all advantages it has amassed after WW2 within days. This month will be payday for the USA and the western cabal liars in power as the huge energetic tsunami of truth that now comes from the Source sweeps over this timeline in an unprecedented manner. You can witness it in your personal and family life, in your nearby environment, at the societal and political level. Not a single aspect of human life will be spared from this cleansing and healing effect.

Since 24 hours we have another massive descent of Source energies as I expected it in preparation of the blood moon portal. This morning I did another huge cleansing invocation of negative thought and behaviour patterns of the collective and the results of this alchemical reaction have already reached my reality.

In addition, since ten days all Internet trolls have fully disappeared. Before that I received more than 10 emails a day with the most primitive and despicable curses which only reflected the zombified character of these no longer human beings. Precisely, since we opened the Eclipse-Equinox portal, the Internet trolls are gone. It took me more than a month of regular and focused invocations to let them disappear from my reality. Now the speed of creation has quadrupled in the last few days and what we create may very well manifest within 24 hours. And by this I mean creating Big, on a global level.

Now back to the mess which the Anglo-Zionist Empire of Evil created in the Middle East. When it started with its war against ISIS half a year ago, I promised you that this military adventure will end up badly for the Coalition of Evil.

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This notwithstanding the fact that the USA is financially and militarily sponsoring its adversaries as to create havoc in the Middle East with the final goal of ousting Assad from power in Syria and thus eliminating the influence of Russia in this region. This tactic has now fully failed and the Empire of Evil has moved itself into a checkmate.

The Yemen crisis has now exposed the lies and duplicity of the US foreign policy and revealed its predatory hegemonic nature. In order to understand what I mean, watch this excellent discussion on RT:

Video: The Yemen template

and read this analysis of the Saker:

In Yemen the “Axis of kindness” shows the true face of the Empire and proves Lenin right

The old matrix is now falling apart on all ends and fringes as it has no support from the new crystalline grid. I am getting that most dark entities and their Reptilian soul fragments were already removed from this uppermost mother planet with the opening of the Eclipse-Equinox portal on March 20th/21st.

Now we are opening the next massive blood moon portal and the rest of them will be interdimensionally split from our timeline and recycled into the Tao of All-That-Is. Today we had a series of MPR and apocalyptic destruction on numerous lower timelines, which we now shed off with great speed, while ascending exponentially to higher and higher frequency levels. The expansion of our reality is incredible nowadays.

In order to understand what will happen this month, you must sharpen your intuitive perception for the rapidly expanding dynamics of the total collapse of the old matrix. It will begin to crumble everywhere at the same time and the overwhelmed cabal will be simply paralyzed by its impotence to respond. This has nothing to do with the ongoing clandestine war between NATO and Russia, but with the full take-over of the destiny of this planet by the Source and us as its human embodiments. What we decide these days, is what will happen worldwide.

My decisions as to how the events will unfold on the ground have been made. Here I will outline them in a succinct form for you as a template to follow if you want to contribute to the acceleration of the collapse of the Orion matrix:

1) The Nazi regime in Kiev will collapse and the Anglo-Zionist Empire will lose its war in Ukraine. This country will return again under the Russian umbrella as some recent events already indicate.

2) The Anglo-Zionist coalition of Evil will lose the war against ISIS as Iraq is about to win the war against this terrorist group on its own and with the massive help of Iran. This will increase the political influence of Iran hugely in the Middle East and will reduce the US strategy in this region to shambles. The sudden signing of the nuclear deal with Iran already indicates this critical strategic victory of Iran over the Empire of Evil.

3) Assad will stay in power and the rebels will lose any relevance. The ultimate goal of the Empire of Evil and its stooge Saudi Arabia to topple down Assad will badly fail and this will end up the attempt of the dark western cabal to use the Middle East as a platform to install the NWO. To this favourable outcome the powerful third Portal of Infinity, which we established in Istanbul and the Middle East several years ago, has hugely contributed.

4)  China will arrange itself with Japan and other local Asian powers and will offset the US pivot in the Pacific.

5) The EU will begin to dissolve under the numerous unresolvable problems such as the gargantuan Greek debt that can never be repaid, the insolvency of many European banks (France has already drastically reduced all cash bank transactions in the absence of liquidity, recent bankruptcy of a big Austrian bank that has affected many German banks, etc.), deep recession due to the Russian sanctions and austerity policies in the PIGS states, imminent danger of nuclear holocaust by first-strike attack from Russia in case the USA endangers this superpower without any means of protection or adequate military response on the part of Western Europe, the growing division between West and Eastern Europa with huge centripetal forces away from NATO and EU, etc., etc.

6) I also expect the global financial crash, which I have predicted long time ago, to finally happen in April.  It has already happened numerous times on lower D timelines, which we have separated from this uppermost mother planet. Now it is our turn. All lies and deceptions must be revealed this month and the Orion monetary system is the greatest deception of all.

Hence we have entered the most stormy period in the End Time when all plots will converge to one grand “Finale Furioso“.



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