Portrait of a Light Warrior as an Old Man

Jerry R James, April 11, 2015


Thank you Daniel and Travis for your posts. It gave me new hope in the ascension process that two young men have awakened enough to be consciously a part of this process.

How does an old man experience this process differently?

I think the main difference is I had so many more experiences that needed stripping. I had attained the worldly success in the form of higher education, financial success, business and personal friendships, love and family life experiences. But now all of this is gone for me, where maybe it never existed for these two young men.

But we are now in the same place with the rest of PAT rejected, alone, broke and experiencing the punishing physical and mental LBP. And the great question of how do we survive until? Until we don’t know when?

Years ago I was so convinced that we would shortly ascend that I made personal decisions based on this belief. I would not need medical care, even teeth cleaning or money much longer. But the years have passed and this has proven a treacherous path to follow. What I do advocate however is to simplify life as much as possible where a minimum amount is needed to survive.

While I may have at best 25 more years to live in the absence of the change we are awaiting  these young men may have 60, so the decisions they make have more far reaching consequences. I applaud them and wish I could assure them that we become more confident, more skilled or more adaptable as we are older, but this is not the case for me.

One of the issues Travis mentioned was that we may not physically survive the LBP. This is definitely a possibility. But I am convinced this would not be a bad thing. In fact the problem of why Anita and others passed is not the issue. The problem is why are the rest of us still here? Something does not feel right about suicide and I do not advocate that way out. I suffered and am suffering the heightened physical effects of these latest energetic downloads. I never got the high feel good energy days some have mentioned. Worse than the physical aspects this time was the mental anguish. At one point I was convinced that no one loved me and never had and if Anita still existed she had abandoned and forgotten me.

That night I had a lucid dream where Anita and I were children in school again (about 13). I realized that I was back and after finding her I started telling her about what had happened before I was transported back. She turned to me and said “I remember everything” So the universe had recognized my anguish this time and gave me an answer that it rarely does.

I know some use the flames of St. Michael and contact others for relief, but it does not feel comfortable for me. I am not sure who these archangels really are. Are they part of the grid, maybe the archons themselves. I know my own power and will not give it away to anyone, and I will continue for however long it takes or I succumb to physical death.

I am convinced that all that will break this spell is to raise our vibration and we are doing that and it hurts. This hurt however will eventually take us home. My advice to everyone is to let go of all expectations concerning this life or the timing of ascension itself and allow. Trust is the only thing we really have left.

Camping does sound like a great idea Daniel.

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