Multidimensional Aspects of Immediate Creation

Georgi Stankov, April 4, 2015

The blood moon eclipse this night was spectacular. We woke up at 04.40 am local time and enjoyed this natural spectacle due to the clear sky. Exactly at 4.50 the blood-red disk of the moon completely vanished in the dark sky, only to appear again with white light on the fringes a couple of minutes later. I read that this was the shortest moon eclipse in a century.

We could see with small theatre binoculars all the craters on the moon surfaces now painted in crimson red. The energies were overwhelming, but highly harmonious and peaceful as we majestically ascended higher and higher and out of this still 3D reality. The robins were singing happily from all trees around and announcing the coming spring of the new humanity. The whole nightly scene was very solemn and full of promises. So much about our personal experiences with the blood moon portal on April 4th.

What will come next is now the biggest question. The truth is that what will come next, happens in every moment in the Now. And here I would like to discuss some important multidimensional aspects of immediate creation, which we personally experienced in the last 48 hours. As their interpretation challenges our 3D understanding of causal relationships, many of you, who make similar experiences, may interpret the results of your creation in a wrong manner.

What is it all about? We create our reality with all its aspects. We may project a beautiful vision we desire to experience in our immediate future and it may or may not manifest in this reality, depending on its probability potential. But be sure that this optimal alternative has already happened in a parallel probability reality and has charged this reality, so that the likelihood to manifest also in this reality has significantly augmented.

Otherwise said, there is no way that you experience a bright future if you constantly envision negative scenarios as these outcomes are always realized on parallel probability worlds and from there multidimensionally charge this reality in a negative way.

In fact, the situation is much more complex as we do not have this one reality, but we constantly move through the timelines and change in a seamless manner the realities we live in. When these transitions happen very quickly, as was case with us in the last 48 hours, you may suffer from severe gastric pain and burning most of the time, because the third chakra, which is connected to your Merkabah and is responsible of bi-location and astral travels, is under huge stress. It is a matter of fact that the human physical body was initially not constructed for such rapid astral travels.

Since we have already ascended, we also possess a powerful multidimensional light body, which is now capable of taking our physical body to many different timelines. This holds true also for our mind and brain, so that we do not always perceive these transitions. But they take place constantly, every second, and then at great leaps when big cosmic events are happening, as is the case now around this blood moon portal.

How do all these energetic events that take place in the background affect our perceived subjective reality? This is a very intriguing question that I shall now discuss for the first time.

In our daily lives, and especially in these last days of radical inner transformation of most human beings under the onslaught of the incoming Source energies, we are confronted with a plethora of unpleasant situations that our family members, relatives or friends create with their unredeemed mental and emotional problems and blockages. As all these blockages will now be swept away by the new blood moon portal energies this month, the dramas that such people will generate around us will stipulate.

It is true that we have been lifted on a 5D and 6D platform and actually hover over this holographic model without being personally affected by the low-vibrating patterns of these dramas, which bounce back from our energetic shield like water repelled from teflon coating.

However, such situations still demand from us quick responses as Creator Gods, who daily gestalt their reality.

Now take the classical case. You have a long existing conflict in the family due to total intransigence of this one family member that prevents him to see the truth about himself, about what he is doing and about his environment. This has created a lot of problems for you in the past as the wrong, blind decisions of this person have affected your reality in a multifaceted manner. Simply because he /she is a member of your family and you cannot avoid this person and because you feel compelled to help him.

This is the usual trap we all, as great light warriors, succumb to in this reality because we are very compassionate and as a rule want to help all the people at once. That is why we are here, but this is also our greatest weakness in daily life as we become victims to such unpleasant negative situations that are created by unripe souls that have incarnated in our family. Needless to say that we have consented to these family relationships before incarnation as to learn our own lessons and overcome these challenges in a masterly manner, before we can finally ascend and leave this reality.

I assume that you all have had such experiences – it is unlikely that I am the only one – and that you all have resolved these issues by clearing your relationships with such problematic family members. Otherwise you would not have already ascended, and here I am talking to you as the new Logos Gods of new Gaia.

But it is also a matter of fact that these family dramas continue to swell, notwithstanding our detachment and may cause a conflagration any moment from now on. Why? Because the lives of such unconscious human beings have been based on numerous lies in the past – lies about themselves, what they are and what they want to achieve. These lie-based human destinies can only exist if the protagonist stubbornly cherishes a completely distorted view of the world and lives in a state of constant denial. This indeed applies to the vast majority of human beings as this will become evident in the coming days.

As these beings are very stubborn and rigid in their views, they constantly want to impose their weird ideas on other members in their families and force them live the same failed destiny they have chosen for themselves. They must do this, as this is the only way they can get rid of their huge fears, which now surge even higher, by expecting other family members to share their failed existence. Shared failure is very comforting for those people as it mitigates (and thus perpetuates) their own failure as they now can point out to the similar failures of other people and family members as a personal excuse. It is a self-perpetuating prophecy – this is how creation has always functioned, here in the negative direction.

Fear-based beings find great consolation in exporting their fears as world views and behavioral patterns to other people as in this way they redeem a little bit the inner pressure on their fearful psyche and mental body. This is how humanity has generated its “Fall From Grace”, as most people easily succumb to such negative influences.

This creates a downward spiral to lower, denser energetic thought and emotional patterns and those human beings, like us, who vibrate much higher than our environment are then chosen to be the scapegoat for the failures of these people. Creating bad consciousness is a classical strategy of the dark ones to mire old souls and divert them from their true mission on this planet.

This all may be well-known to you, but its importance is now even more actual than at any time in the past. Why? Here is another important aspect of this End Time that I have not discussed so far in my previous articles, as I was just recently made aware of it by my HS.

Until now, the electric Orion grid of the old matrix forged a downward spiral to denser thoughts and fear-based behavioural patterns. For instance, in a group of people in the old society there was always one person who was particularly aggressive, dominant and low vibrating. As this person had no moral or other ethical values, he ruthlessly imposed his behaviour onto the rest of the group and easily became their leader. One could observe this very well in school classes with young children before and in the puberty or you can trace the same pattern in the creation of corporate America. The power of the few dark cabal over the rest of humanity is based on such negative social interdependencies.

I, myself, have wondered for many years how come one negative, stupid, debased, immoral personality can influence so fundamentally a whole group of more evolved incarnated human souls. At the same time when a light gestalt happens to be in the same group, as it was many times the case with me, how completely he is isolated and ostracized by the group and easily becomes the scapegoat or the black sheep in the eyes of the others.

The explanation for this derailed collective human dynamics that has made earth and humanity the most toxic planet and civilisation in the whole omniverse, lies in the fact that the old predominantly electric grid of the old earth that regulated human relationships and behaviour patterns in the Orion consensual reality was set up by all of us as creator souls in such a way, so that the incarnated personality automatically spirals towards lower frequency, higher density levels as to experience the utmost separation from the Source. As Anita’s HS pointed out in her message, we have already surpassed this point of maximal separation and now the rubber band has whiplashed in the opposite direction towards the source and the unity of all life. We are on the high-speed way back home.

Well, this is a viable metaphor to illustrate what is currently happening with humanity. Those souls, who according to their soul age are scheduled to move to the new 4D worlds, have begun to increase their frequencies since the first harmonic convergence in 1987 and exponentially so in the last several years, even though most of them have no idea of this LBP.

In particular in the last months many of these entities have consented to a soul switch and many walk-ins of old souls entered this holographic model, thus further increasing the light quotient. All these souls have been in the meantime fully connected to the new crystalline grid which we, the light warriors of the first and last hour, have been building since the year 2000. We have been discussing this issue now for almost four years when we first introduced the concept of the “web of light“, with us as the fishers of these souls that will be taken by us to higher dimensions. Go back and read many of the channeled messages from Carla and April that have discussed this issue as early as 2012.

This month we have reached a new threshold, where all these souls are for the first time energetically capable of fully participating in a global ascension test run, which, if successful, may lift this reality permanently into the new 4D worlds in the new Golden galaxy and thus dismantle the old Orion overlay. This event will be very similar to the ‘PAT Supernova” – another metaphor we used in the past to describe the numerous ascension test runs during major portals, where only a few of us had to heave the whole humanity and Gaia to higher dimensions.

This Tantalus act has now been distributed on many shoulders and among many souls who have, in the meantime, advanced enough to follow in our footsteps. Hence there is a great chance that this month we may finally experience the PAT Supernova that will trigger the final ID split and the transition of this uppermost mother planet to its new destination in the Golden Galaxy. This night, while watching the blood moon eclipse, this event felt very close to me.

Parallel to these positive developments, we have the majority of very young and unripe souls who cannot connect to the new crystalline grid. These souls continue to live and act within the old electric grid and to perpetuate their failures and obnoxious behaviour. These, once former leaders of humanity are, however, powerless now as they can no longer hook into the new crystalline grid, which is the basis for the new holographic model of humanity and manipulate the masses. Hence they have no longer any influence on this portion of enlightened humanity, no matter how much dark magic and other demonic manipulations they resort to in order to reinforce their once strong energetic influence on the rest of humanity.

Ultimately, this is the energetic dynamics that will bring about their demise. As these people constitute closed, low-vibrating energetic systems with a very limited perception and tools of response to new challenges, all they can do is continue perpetuating their old dark patterns and expect the same results as in the past. This is the generally accepted definition of insanity.

The novel element of this time, beginning with the opening of the blood moon portal today, is that when such dark entities decide to harm other people in their surroundings with their dark decisions or even black magic, these acts of darkness cannot reach any of the people they intend to harm, because they are now connected to the high vibrating new crystalline grid. Instead they simply bounce back onto them and cause them the pain they wanted to inflict on other people. This is the new rule of the new incarnation game on this uppermost mother planet that is now on its way to the new Golden Galaxy. While we had in the past a downward spiral of debased, low vibrating behaviour that few, very dark entities – the elite – imposed as self-proclaimed leaders onto the masses of incarnated souls, now this situation has been totally reversed.

Since the opening of this blood moon portal, and even much earlier for us, any lowering of the vibrations at the individual level causes such a pain in any human being that has already linked to the new crystalline grid that there is no possibility any more for this group of evolved humans to lower their frequencies and debase their personality anymore. The ones that still connect to the old grid are the same that will be severed interdimensionally when the final big events will take place and the wheat will be separated from the chaff. All these dark souls, who will have to go through another very long incarnation cycle of 26,000 years before they have made enough negative experiences and qualify for eventual ascension, will begin with these negative experiences Now – this month of April.

The stage for this grand “finale furioso” was set with the blood moon portal today and the coming days will be full of dramatic events.

And precisely here our creationary approach must now set. We must begin to envision all upcoming dramas that will involve family members, who are either fence straddlers and must make their final choice for the light and against the darkness by radically releasing all past attachments to dark negative thoughts and behaviour patterns, or truly dark entities, who are destined to leave this uppermost mother planet. These people will start this month with their last desperate efforts to turn around the course of the events and regain full control over other family members, eventually over you.

Of course they will fully fail this time and this is the same mechanism as to how the ruling cabal will lose their power by making huge blunders and committing terrible crimes that will be contained by us as incumbent Logos Gods for the most part. But in order to create this favourable outcome, you must know precisely how the energetic dynamics behind all these events operates and what its true nature is.

Now, let us assume that you have such a situation in your family and rightfully expect an éclat to happen in the coming days because now all lies and all deceptions must come to the fore. They can only be resolved in an outer escalation of human dramatics – in a resolution through confrontation – at the global stage and within the family. Hence do not fear any confrontation as it is unavoidable and is the only possible way to resolve such old dark patterns based on perennial lies, deceptions and illusions caused by the total separation of these individuals from their souls.

But – and here comes the good news – you can create a new reality, where this confrontation need not happen. How? Here is where the real master can manipulate his reality as to experience only what he desires. From now on!

When you perceive that a confrontation with (a) family member(s) is inevitable, as these persons are either on the verge of awakening and distancing themselves from their past dark environment or are truly dark entities and will be separated from us in an ID split very soon, you can actually create this outcome already in the Now within your personal subjective reality.

First, you identify the problem with the person, then you envision several possible scenarios how he would behave when he will be fully confronted with the truth in the coming days. As all these scenarios will be highly unpleasant due to the fact that these people always tend to drag you in their personal unresolved dramas, you should immediately begin to make regular invocations with the seven sacred flames by decreeing what you want to experience and what you do not want to experience. Then move all negative scenarios to parallel probability timelines, where these confrontations through escalation can be resolved without directly affecting your life in this reality or in a set of realities you live in.

This means that you may visually and telepathically perceive in a very intensive emotional manner how such a confrontation occurs in one or more such parallel timelines and then suddenly you move to a new timeline, where this unpleasant event has not taken place and will not take place. You may even see the same person, who was the culprit for this conflict at the same day and he will not be aware of this conflict or remember anything.

At this moment it is very important for you to discard fully your old, deterministic thought patterns based on causal relationship. I can assure you that this is really very difficult and even I must very closely observe myself as not to fall back into past, illusionary linear thinking of causal relationships, constituting of perpetrators and victims, of blame and projections of false responsibilities.

All these human games have lost their meaning now. Instead, preserve the clear knowing that you have anticipated with your expanded awareness what is energetically happening on this uppermost mother planet now, because you have envisioned all possible scenarios in the Now moment and have made a clear choice, which scenarios you do not wish to experience personally and which most favourable outcome should manifest in your reality.

This is the way how our souls create our reality in every moment in the Now out of myriads of probability alternatives without us being aware of this complex process of constant creation.

Now we have reached the level of expansion of our awareness, where we can begin to consciously create our reality in a multidimensional manner. By envisioning a negative scenario, we already experience it in the inner space of our soul, which is the only relevant reality these final days and in all eternity. The moment we decide to discard this alternative, it disappears from our reality, while it takes place in a parallel probability world.

In practice, this happens as we move to another, more favourable, higher vibrating timeline. In this way we constantly increase our frequencies and those of the reality we live in, by making conscious choices for the light and against the darkness. The fact that the negative event you have anticipated in your reality has not occurred, should not be interpreted as a failure of your creation according to old, deterministic thinking in causal relationships, but as the most convincing proof that you have been highly successful in creating a better reality for yourself.

Of course, it may happen that you may even witness how such a dramatic event affects a family member as envisioned by yourself, but it will never affect you. Had you not anticipated this event in advance in a conscious manner and had you not done the necessary invocations, you might have been fully embroiled in this superficial drama triggered by this person and your experience might be very unpleasant.

Hence you create your better reality by a conscious exclusion of all alternative negative scenarios. This is how we should now operate as conscious Creator Gods. It is not sufficient to know that you are a Creator God and then not participate actively in the daily Gestaltung of your subjective reality because you still succumb to the old idea of causal relationships, where there are perpetrators and victims and we cannot affect the course of the events. We are now in a completely new game of incarnation and the old rules no longer apply.

I hope that with this disquisition I have shed some light on to how one can create consciously one’s reality now and I would like to reassure you that all these observations are based on my personal experiences and observations, not only in the last few days when they proved to be particularly true, but since twenty years when I first consciously realized how we create our multidimensional reality in each fleeting moment.

By the way, you can find most of this explanation in the excellent books of Seth channeled by Jane Roberts more than 50 years ago. Everything I have said in this article has always been there, only that we now begin to fully comprehend it and consciously make use of it. The new greatest advantage, beginning this month, is that the energetic structure of this uppermost mother planet now allows this kind of immediate creation only if we follow the Universal laws of multidimensional creation as presented by Brian, the Dragon, in close observation of the aforementioned considerations.


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