Fascist American Censorship

Georgi Stankov, April 29, 2015


Fascism is a totalitarian dictatorship, where the elite and their corporations take full control over the state, the government, eliminate all parties and the right of free expression, and exert absolute censorship on the people as to suppress alternative or critical views and opinions that challenge their absolute power. This is what America now is – the Empire of Evil.

I have just received an email from a PAT member who informed me that the US company, for which he works, has established a web filter to prevent its employees to access my website. For obvious reason I cannot disclose the identity of our PAT friend, but it is cogent from his letter to me that this American company exerts this heinous censorship abroad, in this case in Europe, which shows how far advanced the efforts of the Empire of Evil are to establish the NWO. This fact also reveals that all EU countries are despicable vassals of this evil Empire and that their democracy claims, in particular with respect to the Ukrainian Nazi junta in Kiev, are a joke, and a very bad one indeed.

Let me state that this practice of the US corporations abroad and in particular in the EU to exert censorship on the Internet are highly criminal and in total breach with the EU constitution and the national law of all members of the EU. The criminal US government extends its dirty tentacles into all four corners of the world. But these are the last pathetic efforts of this crumbling empire to avoid the inevitable – its imminent collapse. And as our PAT member shows, it is also so stupid that it cannot even install a proper censorship, which ultimately reveals how far advanced its decay already is:


In my work they forbid entering your website by installing web filter. Now it blocks your website with .com domain because of “alternative beliefs” classification. It happened right after our Belgian company was bought by some American enterprise. Take it as a recognition of the good work from the corporate America. :D

PS. So far they weren’t that smart to block the mirror site.

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That is why this website needs your energetic support, so that such critical voices are not silenced.


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