Energy Report of the PAT – April 15, 2015


Dear Georgi,

I wanted to write to you about some on the sarcastic comments made in yesterday’s posts. These are from people who have a hard time believing in the LBP. I was the same way. Traditional religion never touches on this. In fact it is rare to hear of this anywhere. After I started studying science more intensely I began to realize the magnificent abilities built into each and every one of us and all of a sudden your words no longer seemed like impossible ideas. I was finally able to study your material without bias. Before this I felt that you were a bit arrogant and I resented your statements that made it appear that you were the “only” one or “first” one. But after I gained a better understanding I realized that each of us should feel exactly as you do and that from the perspective of the ascended being’s interaction with source we are all the only ones since there are no intermediaries involved without first having received our consent. Knowing and writing about previous attempts at ascension in prior world ages helped me to come to this understanding as well. So as soon as these persons who make these comments understand the pure science involved, they will come to appreciate your leadership more genuinely.

We are all still growing and expanding in consciousness.

With love, peace and gratitude,

Dear Charlotte,

thank you very much for these very timely comments on scientific certainty based on an open contact with the source, which is my topic today (see latest article). This is also the theme of St. Germain’s message which I will publish tomorrow with my comments.

We have now entered a new final phase and must realize very clearly that the old schemata of the religions and modern esotericism such as the New Age have completely failed to establish the proper mental and emotional framework of merging the human mind with the I AM Presence or the Source and thus become true ascended masters. Everybody who stays in religious or para-religious framework of thought must inevitably fail to grasp the true nature of Energy = All-That-Is in its infinite multidimensional expressions. This is also the point of departure of my recent critics of Jahn, who has resorted now to a very rigid, spiritual austerity and pseudo-moralistic point of view based on unprocessed fears, which is but another variation of the old religious junk.

With love and light

I AM Presence” can never be accomplished through organized religions, but can only happen in the realm of the new science of the Universal Law.”

This is so true but many old Ageless wisdom students still are looking for a global New Age religion to save us all.

Last month l did a talk on the combined higher yoga techniques l used in 30 years of inner work to experience the Luminous Light body over the planet several times now.

l really looked at all this like a software engineer or technology designer in this case a consciousness inner designer.  Quite an interesting series of techniques in prana science mudras even prayers and inner visualizations…people had a good time. l almost used your words when l said in the future Ascension and the IAM work will be considered a Spiritual Science and common practice not a religious myth that is special to anyone. I also said that after college in the future millions of students instead of partying will most likely spend a year or more building an inner luminous antakarana Light… which is what l did in my twenties 2 hours a day in the higher yoga practices…. that is the time to do it.

Transfiguration is not something l understand the light body work l do, whats next… who knows we are all shape shifting…. if l had the sponsorship or funds l would like to start and design a scientific ascension school and community… but l think we probably be moving up. l am tired of this duality civilization…

Talk soon.
Steve, Ascended Master, Vancouver

Dear Steve,

thank you very much for your comments and observations on ascension and the acceptance of this process among other light workers. Carla has just received an important message from St. Germain to prepare ourselves for the coming transfiguration and appearance as ascended masters. As he comes very seldom to us and always with an important message, I assess his latest message as heralding our imminent ascension. I personally think that this is great news which should also cheer you up.

I will publish this message tomorrow evening for April 16th. Take care that you read it as it  is pivotal and confirms all my visions about ascension since 1997.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have read the energy report from today and must say that I also am hearing bells/chimes very faintly…all the time since yesterday afternoon. Today has been singularly odd in that all day long I have felt a deep sorrow…for regrets. The regrets usually heard by the elderly about not having gone places and things that he/she wished to have experienced while here on Earth. There is a feeling of very deep sorrow at Knowing this is the End, and with an emotional tide of the long list of what I didn’t get to do. It has been rather oppressive and sad and at first I was quite confused…until I meditated and my HS made it quite clear that these are not my regrets…. but to those members of humanity who must sense/understand the end of this go-round on earth and those who will be doing it all over again.

The deep awareness startled me in fact, in that while I have been quite busy creating like crazy, it did not occur to me to look back for my own life regrets or sorrows, as I am quite sure that I have done what I came to do and that, for me, it is just a mellow hanging out now. Most of the time I focus on gentle things like caring for my dogs and cats and flower garden, meditating and working with the sacred flames. I am quite sure that I am just ‘done’.

My husband on the other hand, feels a certain level of anxiety… he does not want to go to his LBP alone. I tease him about this often!

Best to you and Carla,

Dear Tracy,

thank you very much for your personal energy report which I can fully confirm from my personal experience. I was also overwhelmed in the last week by feelings of remorse, desperation and the feeling of missed opportunities that can never come from my HS as I know that I have accomplished my mission in an exemplary manner and have nothing to regret. These are the emotions coming from the collective as at the soul level now all decisions have been made and most souls know that they have not made it and will have to repeat their incarnation cycle.

These are tense times and we must be very careful not to take these strong collective emotions that now flow through our fields in order to be cleaned as personal feelings and allow being dragged by them in low-frequency levels of despair or anxiety as you report with respect to your husband.

With love and light

Hi George,

When I read the energy report this evening April 14, I was reminded of left ear ringing I have had recently, seems like especially around the last blood moon. It has also started happening while I am at work teaching. The report, perhaps yours, that mentioned it sounded like a tinkling song, was exactly what that one in class sounded like to me. I can usually just put them on the side and go on, but the tinkling one sounded so present, it caught me by surprise.

I was also thinking last night, why should it seem surprising to be a creator, perhaps I associate religious concepts with that too much? But what if I said I was a programmer of this experience in 3d? I have written computer programs,  so it is not much different to see myself creating or programming experience instead!

Mike in Florida

Dear Mike,

I think that this is an appropriate interpretation of you as a creator god, to describe it as a programming as we are doing precisely this on a multidimensional level.


Hi again, George,

Very interesting that all of a sudden the words of those writing to you about their personal views and experiences are so compelling for me! The latest one that I just loved was from Rob Behr. I totally agree that we must hang in as we did sign on for this, albeit without any way to know just how painful it would be!

But be that as it may…”here” we are, and there can be no real doubt of the success of the mission no matter how one may define it at this point. That being said, I cannot imagine how I could have gone on much longer had there not been given this recent sense of release and movement. But, the fact is it HAS BEEN GIVEN. And that has always been the way it works in my experience.

So, onward and upward. We ARE THE SECOND COMING !!!! FOR SURE!!!!

Love to all,

Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla:

Extremely Negative Energy: Night of April 13, 2015:

I wanted to give you, Carla and others of the PAT a “heads up” in regard to an extremely negative energy that was with me last night. I got up to go to washroom and came back to bed, and was somewhat semi-conscious when something jumped down into my bed with a great deal of force! It shook the entire bed and brought me fully awake. I got up and purified my apartment with White Sage, called on the “Archangel Michael” and protected my bed area with protection crystals, amethysts, etc. After I went back to bed, this negative energy started growling, and it was very loud and ominous, no doubt wanting to frighten me. I also kept an Amethyst in my hand, as well. This negative energy was extremely angry! I was protected by Archangel Michael, and other angels, therefore, I was not fearful but this was a very negative encounter causing me to lose a great deal of sleep, whereas, I am extremely tired today. I hope you and the others do not have this encounter, (with this being), but again, wanted to give you a “heads up”, just in case.

With Love & Light,

Dear Shirley,

we had repeated intrusions of dark entities in our apartment in the last days but since 48 hours we are free of them. You must also use your lightsabre and stab it in the heart of the dark entities by crying loud “Go to Hell, I stab you in the heart, go to the void, etc.” after asking help from AA Michael and all the other angels and forces of light. The loud human voice is very powerful and important. I can always drive away the dark entities, but they tend to come again as our light fields are very big and attract them from afar. One must stay very attentive and immediately respond as soon as the slightest sign of a dark entity is sensed. In fact we have started purging them twice a day as a hygienic procedure.

With love and light

Hi Georgi.

Just wanted to let you know I sent a link to my fiance today about Paul Hellyer and his conferences regarding the revelations he brings to humanity, before you posted the video of him on your website.

Glad to see we are just sharing information agreed to be truthful from the other side & this manifests in the now via physical e-mails or blog postings to spread the info.

We are truly on the same page these days with synchronicities.



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