Energy Report of the PAT – April 14, 2014

Our Imminent Ascension Will be the “Second Coming of Christ”

A scene from The Mad Woman Of Chaillot by Jean Giraudoux.

“To be alive is to be fortunate, Roderick. Of course, in the morning, when you first awake, it does not always seem so very gay. When you take your hair out of the drawer, and your teeth out of the glass, you are apt to feel a little out of place in this world. Especially if you’ve just been dreaming that you’re a little girl on a pony looking for strawberries in the woods. But all you need to feel the call of life once more is a letter in your mail giving you your schedule for the day–your mending, your shopping, that letter to your grandmother that you never seem to get around to. And so, when you’ve washed your face in rosewater, and powdered it–not with this awful rice-powder they sell nowadays, which does nothing for the skin, but with a cake of pure white starch–and put on your pins, your rings, your brooches, bracelets, earrings and pearls–in short, when you are dressed for your morning coffee–and have had a good look at yourself–not in the glass, naturally–it lies–but in the side of the brass gong that once belonged to Admiral Courbet–then, Roderick, then you’re armed, you’re strong, you’re ready–you can begin again.”

Armed and Strong and Ready!


Dear Malechite,

yesterday St. Germain came to us all of a sudden and gave a personal message to Carla, but it concerns all light warriors and ascended masters, the true PAT. Essentially, he announced our impending transfiguration and the beginning of the event, which is known in Christianity as the “Second Coming of Christ“.

This serendipitous fact shows how important and actual our discussion on the Jesus’ story is. It has always been my conviction, and this I have presented in all my books and articles, that the connection of the incarnated personality to the source, also defined as “I AM Presence” can never be accomplished through organized religions, but can only happen in the realm of the new science of the Universal Law, in the knowing of the nature of Energy = All-That-Is in all its visible and invisible manifestations for the human mind.

Christianity is an Advent religion and the believers wait for the Second Coming of Christ in order to be redeemed since many centuries. I have discussed in depth that the PAT is the embodiment of the Second Coming of Christ with their unity field of Christed light, which we have built as early as the beginning of 2012. The expectations of billions of Christian believers throughout human history have created a huge standing wave of emotional charge that, when discharged upon our appearance as the new Logos Gods, will immediately sweep away and dissolve all organized religions and the old matrix, which to a large extent is built upon such false beliefs. That is why we must be fully aware of all the implications and possible interpretations of the Jesus’ saga as we are now performing the final act of this drama as its main protagonists.

St. Germain came yesterday precisely to announce the arrival of the Gods – the Second Coming of Christ. He reaffirmed one more time that only the power field of an ascended master in human gestalt is in the position to dissolve and redeem all false beliefs of humanity and to realign the people with their I AM Presence. This monumental mission is now lying on our shoulders. As St Germain heralded yesterday, we shall and must transfigure very soon into our light bodies in order to demonstrate this connection of any incarnated human being to the Source and trigger the long-expected paradigm shift in human awareness leading to the resurrection of the lost Christed unity with All-That-Is.

I will publish this message as soon as possible.

With love and light


As always, you and Carla are spot on. I feel it also. Last night “they” were here with me. Nearly in a discernible form and then there was an envelope of inclusive energy. I was both at peace and in deep communication.

Since it felt as if “they” were arriving or returning, I directed them to our liquids, oceans, seas, bays, inlets, streams, ponds, puddles.  Every flowing place that cries out for cleaning and clearing seemed a right place to begin.  I am no water activist, but there it was, so I stayed with it.

Dissolving and Evolving




I hope our past conversations are forgotten and forgiven. I wish to apologize again for my past -extreme- arrogance. I should think twice before writing you again now.

I searched and couldn’t find any more information concerning my questions. You talk about the ascended masters (the PAT) who will ascend and then present themselves to humanity. Concretely what does this mean? Can we actually ascend to the new golden earth and come back to this earth to help others? Also how do you think this will unfold in this present reality? Are you guys going to get instant « recognition » from humanity after ascension for the important people you are? Pardon my lack of knowledge, I really am a novice.

In your dream, you say that you taught what appeared to be a Christian sect to fly. Is your term flying relates to the physical term flying or is it more flying in our holy spirit in the cosmos?

With love and light,

Dear Gaspard,

we have discussed the ascension scenario many times in the past and both myself as well as many other PAT members have shared their visions how it will unfold. You must go back and find these articles.

Essentially part of humanity will ascend to the new 4D worlds, while we shall ascend to the source, and by this I mean the few true PAT members who have finished with their LBP and are already Logos Gods in their multidimensional function. After the ascension of humanity to the new 4D worlds, we shall of course appear immediately in this new reality and will take over the leadership as there will be no more any dark elite to govern this humanity. They will be severed to lower timeline. And we will be recognized immediately because we shall be able to create anything and because the new humanity will enjoy an enhanced consciousness and will recognize us immediately.

Most of these humans will carry a new soul fragment from the new template, which Carla and I created last year and about which we have written a lot. Many of these new souls have already started to incarnate since last year on this timeline.

You should really go back and read our website very carefully as all your questions are already explained there.

With love and light

Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla:

Dream Last Night 4-12-15:

Last night I dreamt that I was flying high up toward the heavens with great confidence and ease. It felt absolutely heavenly to be able to fly so freely.  As I looked down below, I could see two young men who has not mastered the art of flying, yet, so, I flew back down to the earth. I said to them, “I will fly you up but you it is your responsibility to hold on tight.” I extended both my arms and each young man grabbed an arm. I lifted off toward the heavens; as we were flying, I could sense how nervous both the young men were. They were trying to hold on but they were wobbling back and forth causing my arms to wobble also. Because of their nervousness, my flight was not as smooth as it had been before when I was flying solo. They managed to hold on, however, and I flew them back to earth. When I woke this morning, I did not think much of this dream, as throughout my entire life, I’ve  had many dreams of flight, but I happened to go onto your website this morning, and lo and behold, there was your dream of flying! Wow, it seems we had, just about, the same dream. Perhaps these dreams are significant of: Imminent Ascension and/or “flying”  which is representative of the freedom, now, to fully Ascend.

Also, one other odd event, is that when I awoke this morning, (and still hearing them without cessation) I hear bells, a tinkling, light sound, sort of like wind chimes, but only in my left ear. The ringing has not stopped, and I was wondering if you or any of the other members of the “PAT” have experienced this constant, wind-chiming, ringing.  It is somewhat bothersome; however, it reminds me of a poem by John Donne (Jan 22, 1572 to  March 31, 1631). “Each man’s death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind. Therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”

Anyway, I wanted to share this, because, it seems, we had, almost, exactly, the same dream. Very significant!!!

With Love & Light

Dear Shirley,

most certainly, all our dreams of flying are associated with our very intensive last preparations for ascension. This night I dreamed that I am infusing energy packages to many humans, so that they can transfigure their body and ascend. The negative aspect of this exercise was that every several minutes a massive bout of source energy was hitting my 3rd chakra, i.e. my stomach, liver and gallbladder, and I woke up with giddiness and was on the verge of omitting. The gastric pain was severe and only after several deep in-breaths could I mitigate the pain a little bit. I also bilocated very rapidly between the timelines and dimensions and this caused additional stress on my 3rd chakra. This repeated many times throughout the night and reflects how intensive our ascension preparations have now become.

There is no doubt that we are now in the final phase for this event and it has never felt so close as these last days.

I can only say that the high-pitched tone in my left ear is now deafening as if a chopper is starting above my head and I can barely hear anything else.

With love and light

Dear George.

I hope you are well.

The last days I get such strong vibes and signs from allover and everywhere that it´s over. Yesterday was stuffed with signs implying – like pointed out by you and Malechite: UP! Birds, planes, tall clouds (cumulonimbus clouds always make me think of Home – a state, not a place), Venus high in the sky calling home the 144 000, bird perspective in every video clip and film, words and numbers blatantly telling me to keep my thoughts heavenward and forget earthly desires. «Let go of the old, it´s over, let go».

And I am doing my very best to let go. The last two weeks I have cleared up piles of old energetic crap again, very personally triggered by family holiday in childhood home. Loads of confirmation that the old is dying to make room for the new. Or rather that the old has already died and the new is rising.

As I won – without even trying very hard – a question game my father has always won before, my brother said: «There´s a disturbance in the force», not knowing how right he was. My father is a wall of granite, with all his traditions and beliefs chiseled and unchangeable. He is being challenged as The Supreme Wisdom. Subconsciously he knows this and therefor opposes everything I say and am.

The holiday ended in some shift on the 7th where I felt the ground wobble, and my parents even (to my surprise) confirmed they felt it too. And in the evening, after journeying home, I had a vision I brutally threw them off the boat so they died and disappeared in the sea.

I am traveling forward in super speed, but yesterday I stumbled in a hurdle again. I always get extremely creative while meditating, and want to make all kinds of stuff, but then when I open my eyes again, the urge fades away. Like two days ago when I sat down in peace and wrote to clear my head, and I created in my mind the most beautiful ID shift. And then yesterday while meditating, I got the idea I would illustrate my text and make it into a picture story. But then when I opened my eyes, the digital clock numbers told me my thoughts had opened a new door for me and I should explore that rather than sticking with my old approach to ideas. My old approach being visualizing the ideas on paper with pencils and colors. And I suppose what´s through the newly opened door is the power of the Mind in creation.

Am I supposed to stop creating stuff physically all together? Just stick to the thought and idea process focusing on 5D, visualizing it? I seem to recall we´ve been told to have fun while we´re here. I think drawing is fun. Do I harm the ascension process by creating physically «here» while also creating in my mind «there»? You know; feeding both the old matrix and the New. Still keeping the old alive by creating in old manners instead of trying something new and create with the mind. If I make visuals of what I recognize as 5D, do I not pull the attention towards the New World, and thereby building to the New World, or am I holding the old alive by using old methods? Or is it just that I don´t spend enough time creating in 5D, and should do it more? And then I can create on paper as well. As in: have fun, but remember your responsibilities.

We must be really close to the big finale. (O! As I wrote that I got a cotton head with a strong beep, left side:)

Here´s what I wrote that day:

“The most important now is to let go of the 3D and 4D.
Let this world go. It´s over. Leave it.
Move upward, towards Me.That´s your main goal now.
You need to see through to the other side now.
Like this. Meet me. Be the sun.
Pretend if you have to at first.
Because your intuition and imagination is the universal language.
What does the horizon look like?
What do you see?
I see a beautiful sunset.
The one I saw from the boat to Redemption. (Easter-trip to childhood home and family)
Glowing in soft pastel colors of violet and golden pink and vanilla.
With a column of light extended upwards.
I Am that sun.
I sit in a pavilion above a Water City of Light.
I see the sunset, and I Am the sunset.
We are connected.
We glow.
I look down on the Water City.
I Am in the temple.
We are suns.
12 suns.
We shine our lights into the water, blessing it, charging it with all Divine virtues.
I see a beach.
Our charged water flows to the ocean.
THe ocean is laughing in joy over the tickly feeling of the blessed, charged water.
The ocean is joyful and charged.
I see other sunsets, columns of Light in a distance.
My friends.
They are me.
We are connected.
We share.
We harmonize.
Like a symphony.
We are voices of columns of Light and Sunsets.
We make beautiful patterns and matrixes of Light.
We are artists putting on a show.
People love it. The people on the beaches, in the towns and in the forests.
It´s a celebration.
It´s fireworks. Flameworks. Motion. Fraction. Expansion.
Lights, sounds, feelings, scents.
Everything is in harmony.
We´re showing them what´s possible.
And it´s so simple.
Yet so amazing.
I think, I focus, I feel, I listen, I breathe.
We are all in tune.
It´s the first time we meet like this.
144 000 Light columns and suns finally united.
Our harmony and focus is in every electron without free will.
Focused thoughts.
Every electron of the world sings in harmony.
Vibrates in harmony. Everything becomes One Thing.
Until One Thing stops.
Every particle is locked in a position of harmony, and the world becomes a flash of white light.

And as a fog that lifts: shapes starts appearing.
The unveiling.
A beautiful breathtaking pristine planet emerges.
Glittering shores. Vast forests, blue oceans and rivers. Frosty mountain peaks and rolling hills, cities of Light, pastel columns of suns. Silent people.
I see stunned people who observe their own bodies sparkle.
They are fewer than they were before.
Some are gone.
They don´t notice.
They smile, they laugh, they are beaming with love and joy.
They are beautiful.
They belong.
They harmonize with us.
They become a soft choir humming in harmony with brilliant Suns and foghorns of Light.
It´s poetry.
It´s a newborn baby full of potential
It´s perfect.”

Love and light, Eldbjørg

Dear Eldbjørg,

a beautiful and very powerful poem. You are now truly opening your creative potential. Now to your question: I think that you should create both in 5D and in this reality. As long as we are in a physical vessel, the only way to anchor our higher visions is to try to transfer them in form, colour and language into this reality. This multidimensional creation does not limit us, but actually enhances our potential as creator gods. “The exercise makes the master” says a German saying., And this is more true now than ever. We are the ones that now bring heaven on earth in any conceivable form and the more we engage in creating, the more we receive from the source and the more successful we are as Creator Gods.

You made this decision some time ago, as also discussed with myself, and now you are reaping the fruits. Continue creating whatever you desire, this is the only way for us now to progress.

Thank you also for your personal energy report that fully coalesces with what I also perceive these last days. We are really on the cusp of ascension as an inner knowing of reaching the necessary energetic threshold within our fields.

With love and light


Dear George,

Somewhere in your writings, I am sure you have discussed Russell’s Paradox.  I am certainly not a scholar; and the only reason I even became aware of “Russell’s Paradox” is the American TV comedy “The Big Bang Theory.”  However, your recent article “Why this website is dedicated to free discussion” inspired me to ask if you have or would publish an article relating “Russell’s Paradox” to The Universal Law.  Thanks.

With love and light,



Dear Robert,

I have discussed the Russell’s paradox in volume I and also in volume II when I introduce the concept of U-sets and prove that there is no such set, that is not a member of itself. In Cantor’s theory of sets which is the foundation of modern mathematics this definition is possible. For instance all rational numbers are defined in this way. Such paradoxes led to the effort to axiomatize mathematics by Hilbert, Zermelo, Husserl and others and ultimately led to the foundation crisis of mathematics when Goedel proved in 1931 that this is impossible. This is the theoretical discussion upon which I establish the new axiomatics of the Universal Law and unify physics. But it does not make any sense to explicitly discuss the Russell’s paradox, as there are several more paradoxes, which became known and were realized to jeopardize the theory of mathematics around 1905-1910.



Lieber Georg,

Deine Diskussion mit Sherina ist wieder genial und sehr lehrreich. Und ich finde es ganz toll, dass, wenn michirgendetwas stark beschäftigt, ich sehr oft in relativ kurzer Zeit eine Antwort auf Deiner Seite finde.

Noch schnell ein paar kurze Worte zu Jahn. Ich habe auch alle Bücher von Jahn gelesen und sie haben mir zu diesemZeitpunkt sehr gute Dienste geleistet. Gerade sein Buch über die “Wahre Geschichte von Jesu” hat in mir bewirkt, dassich über das, was mir beigebrachte wurde, intensiv nachgedacht habe und am Ende bin ich aus der Kirche ausgetretenund habe meine ganz eigene Sichtweise dazu entwickeln können. Also hat es mir geholfen. Und jetzt sind wir weitergelaufen und müssen halt erneut umdenken und neue Erkenntnisse erlangen. Jedes zu seiner Zeit. Wie ich gelernthabe – alles ist Veränderung und alles ist gut so, wie es im Moment ist. Ein extra Danke dem Lehrer!

Die Gefahr ist jedoch immer, wenn man sich an Menschen wie Jahn orientiert und man noch nicht fest im Sattel sitzt,dass man zu sehr aufschaut, dass man vergisst, das er auch immer noch Mensch ist und das man bedingungslosallem folgt. Und für sehr viele Menschen ist das “Dunkle” in Jahns Worten nicht zu erkennen. Und dies trifft nicht nurauf Jahn zu, sondern ist eine allgemeine Feststellung. Und deswegen  ist es wichtig, dass Menschen, die den “Durchblick haben”, dies auch aussprechen. Dann kann jeder entscheiden, ob er es annimmt oder beiseite legt. Aberes ist wichtig, das es AUSGESPROCHEN wird, dass jeder die Chance bekommt, sich zu entscheiden, ob er sich mitdem Neuen auseinandersetzen will oder nicht. Ohne neue Sichtweisen, die in den Raum gestellt werden, kann es nurschwer oder gar nicht zum Umdenken und somit auch nicht zu den lang ersehnten Veränderungen kommen.

Die Worte von Sherina jetzt  sind ganz andere Worte, wie in ihrer letzten Stellungnahme zu Jahn. Dort hat sie vonToleranz und Liebe zu jedem Menschen gesprochen. Ihr letzter Artikel zeigt viel Frust und es sind sehr harte Worte, die den Weg aufs Papier gefunden haben. Die meisten Menschen schlafen noch tief und fest und es ist oft sehr schwerund zermürbend, mit ihnen zusammenzuleben oder zu arbeiten. Dennoch gibt es immer noch ein paar Spätzünder, die nun ganz eifrig versuchen, ganz schnell aufzuholen und die nicht zurückbleiben wollen. Und für diese Menschen, wiemeine Person, ist die Arbeit von Dir, Carla, Anita, Michael,….. unersetzbar, um in kurzer Zeit noch so viel wie möglichaufzuarbeiten. Auch ich bin oft frustriert, weil so gar niemand nur anfangen möchte, nachzudenken und man ist allein.  Aber ich weiß, dassich diese Ebene hinter mir lassen will und dazu brauche ich Hilfe und dazu muss ich gerade sehrintensiv lernen, nur an mich zu denken und den Rest seinen Weg gehen zu lassen und trotzdem dabei hoffentlich niedas Mitgefühl für die Zurückbleibenden zu verlieren, denn dies sagt die Liebe-zu-allem-was ist für mich aus undnatürlich eine große Portion Mut gehört auch dazu und den kann man sich auch auf diesen wunderbaren Seiten holen.

Ich bin sehr dankbar, was ich hier in den letzten 7 Monaten lernen durfte und die Unterstützung die ich bekommenhabe und besonders dankbar bin ich für die offenen Diskussionen, weil sie Wissen vermitteln und vor allem das Gefühl,nicht allein zu sein. Auch wenn ich in keinster Weise nachempfinden kann, was ihr an körperlichen Torturen ertragenmüsst, bin ich sehr dankbar dafür, dass ihr die Bereitschaft habt, dies für alle zu tun (wie Rob es so schön geschriebenhat), denn wenn nicht, dann wäre die Menschheit verloren.

Bleib uns erhalten, lieber Georg!

In Dankbarkeit und Liebe
Eure Annett

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