Server Transfer and Mirror Website

by Georgi Stankov, March 20, 2015

As you all must have noticed in the meantime, Piotr, our new webmaster from Berlin, has accomplished the server transfer and the creation of the new mirror website in record time. He invested a lot of time and work, first to save all the files of the old website and to clean the data memory from obsolete files as this procedure had not been properly done for a very long time. Then Piotr created the new mirror website with the same domain, but this time as .org:

Then during the last weekend, most probably unnoticed by many of you, he moved the original website to the new server in Poland, away from the claws of the dark Western cabal. This all happened in a very smooth and efficient manner without any interruptions for you as readers.

Now the PAT website is absolutely safe. There are two identical websites, which are simultaneously edited by myself on a daily basis, so that when one website, for whatever reasons (we hope none), is not available, its identical twin website can immediately be used. Never before has this website been founded on such a solid basis and the guarantor for this success is Piotr with his professional expediency as an IT specialist and idealistic personal engagement.

I, myself, and the PAT owe Piotr a lot for his unconditional support of our website. Without him it would have been now in serious jeopardy and might not have existed at all, as the dark cabal wanted to destroy it with all possible illegal means. I will spare you all the efforts we undertook and the peripeteia we encountered before we could re-open this website and then arranged for its proper transfer.  Suffice it to say that we had to deal with really very dark, criminal energies and we could turn around the course of the events only through massive intervention.

Now this all belongs to the past. Currently, Piotr is preparing the final data and codes for the management of the website.

At this place, I would like to use one more time this opportunity to thank you all for your generous donations which you sent on behalf of our new webmaster. Although the work Piotr did to secure the website of the PAT in these turbulent times is invaluable, your donations have helped us enormously to accomplish this task in record time and without any technical complications whatsoever, for which I express one more time my deepest gratitude to all of you, who supported us with your thoughts, invocations and also financially. Your help was indeed divine.

We are now planning some further improvements of the website, but I will inform you in due time when these plans will reach the point of practical realisation.

Now let me make you aware of a beautiful artifact that some of you have probably already noticed. When you print the new articles, you will notice that there is a beautiful coloured background on the first page of every document. The original website has the Blue Flame of the Ascended Masters and the mirror site – the Purple Flame of Resurrection. This is one of the aesthetic improvements, which Piotr has introduced in this short period of time. You can see this coloured background, if you make the website smaller.

Let these two sacred flames protect and carry the mission of the Planetary Ascension Team to the very last day, when our ascension will be the crowning of the most daring experiment ever performed in this multiverse with all of you being the main protagonists in this already legendary saga.


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