Pull Away Your Attention From This World

channelled by Anita Küttner-Kroll, 4. März 2015

Dear Georgi,

thank you for your “Personal Reflections”. I would like to send you a message that I received for me personally on February 20 from my spiritual guide:

Question: “Is it better for me if I no longer care so much about the “big world events“?

Answer:  “Exactly, dear sister, you are already getting this message for a long time, If that would be your world, then you would live a completely different life on another place. This is not your world and it never was. You do not need to deal any longer with all that trash. In fact, you should now pull away your attention largely or completely from these so-called “world events”. This is not your world and it never was. Do not care any longer about it. Except when this world penetrates into yours, then it may concern you somewhat. Otherwise not.

Let not be dragged down by these so-called “daily news”, whether mainstream or alternative, that does not make that much difference now. In fact, your attention is drawn to the outside, while it should serve you from within. As you pay attention to these news, you are the servants of foreign masters. Do not even notice them, they are not worth it. Pull away your attention from all these events and centered it onto you …

Continued on February 23:

“… Now is the time to create your new world. And you are the Creators! Therefore, pull your attention away from the old, passing world. It is no longer your world. You can turn away from it and just leave it behind you. Simply do not pay any attention to it. Do not bestow it with your energy any more. Give all your attention to the new world that you now create.

My thoughts to that:

The new world is already there. It is up to us to recognize it. While we perceive the new world, we create it and by creating it, we learn to know it. The structures of the old world are now beginning to dissolve.

Greetings from Salzburg

Dear Anita,

I thank you sincerely that you have contacted me and have sent me this wonderful message from your HS (spiritual guide). It confirms, in fact, not only that, what I feel very intensively for some time, but what many PAT members also feel increasingly. Since we are very closely connected with each other telepathically at this moment, we do make synchronously the same inner experiences in preparation for our ascension.

I will publish your message tomorrow.

Best Regards


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