New Twin Website Immediately Available

by Georgi Stankov, March 10, 2015


I am very happy to announce that since today you can access two websites simultaneously – the old one and a new twin website (mirror website) which Piotr has created under the following domain:

The second website contains the same articles as the original one and I must only copy them twice when I publish them. This is a trifle. With this second website we have eliminated any future attempts of the dark secret services to shut down my website as it is on a different server. The new website has a different colour background (purple for resurrection).

I am greatly thankful to Piotr and Sherina for making this possible in such a short period of time and for their invaluable support of our common cause of Ascension. I also thank all of you who helped making this server transfer possible so easily and smoothly with your donations and energetic support. As far as I am informed, the final server-transfer of the original website will take place in the coming days, but the site is already fully protected and secure and you will not notice anything. 

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