Neocon’s Blatant Speak of the US “Exceptional” Right of Aggression

by Georgi Stankov, March 18, 2015

Stratfor is the social branch of the CIA. Some refer to this organisation as the “Shadow CIA”. Its CEO and co-founder George Friedman is the blatant mouthpiece of the neocons’ doctrine as to how the USA should destroy the rest of the world in order to secure its hegemonic dominance and eventually establish the NWO.

In my comprehensive essay of yesterday “Ascension Through Constant Creation” I dealt in a cursory manner with human history and showed how it was dominated by various empires that tried to achieve a lasting hegemony over the rest of the world, but all failed at some point in time. I also proved in an impeccable manner that all political doctrines of national states, no matter how sophisticated or weird, are invariably derived from the primordial idea of scarcity – primarily scarcity of natural resources – which is the negation of the existence and omnipotence of the soul and the Source, and the exuberant creative abundance of All-That-Is.

It is the utmost form of separation from the Source or Godhead that only creates further forms of destructive interference. This is the original and only source of all evil on this planet. It is a mental concept that builds the foundation of the current holographic model of human incarnation in 3D, based on the experience of extreme separation from the Source with all its most negative consequences for human life. Among them the complimentary notion of scarcity, namely that this world is a hostile place, where the “survival of fittest” – be it an individual or a national state – is the only driving motor of human existence, ranks high.

Then I proceeded to explain why it is very important to analyse all blunders and pitfalls in human thinking that create this current dreadful reality, before we know how to create a new light-filled reality amidst the ruins of the old order. Creation is a constant transition from one existing state of being to the next newly envisioned one in the Now moment of each one fourth quadrillion of a second. But it is not possible to create an entirely new reality within this fleeting period of “no-existence”. Creation always follows the path of least resistance or maximal efficiency and moves from one most probable state of being to the next most probable one. In simple terms, you cannot ascend as a physical entity within the blink of an eye and awaken as a new multi-dimensional being, unless you have forged your LBP for many years, that is to say, have steadily moved step by step to higher frequency levels before you are able to make this final phase transition which we define as “transfiguration“. The LBP is the most outstanding example how constant creation of the light body leads to ascension.

Below, I present an important case study of George Friedman’ speech in front of the Chicago Council of Foreign Affairs. As you all know the Council of Foreign Affairs is the non-elected, de facto government of the USA and all presidents only ratify its decisions. It is the snake nest of all human reptilians and clones that we define as the actual ruling cabal, while politicians like Obama, Merkel and Co. are their docile stooges and executors of the Orion/Reptilian will.

At least this was the usual way of governing this planet by the former PTB. Now we have eliminated most of the archons from the astral plane of the multi-earth. The few of them that still linger around are here to contribute to the final resolution through confrontation between the forces of light and that of the darkness. But they are so weakened that they have lost their grip on humanity. Their human stooges have started for the first time to openly express their opinions by discarding all past political correctness, which was another word for blatant political lies, as I have explained in my last essay with respect to the false promises in the USA and EU constitutions.

For the sake of clarity, I have summarized in a written form the basic statements of the super-neocon George Friedman, who with an astounding sincere cynicism explains much of what we now observe at the political stage. This speech came after another interesting interview, where he admits that the overthrow of Yanukovych was “the most blatant coup in history” and among other things the American “payback” for Russian involvement in Syria. 

But be careful to grasp the absolute lack of compassion and humanitarian understanding of all existence of this cynical neocon from the transcendental point of view, we have adopted on this website, which will be the dominating weltanschauung in the new 4D worlds.

Video: George Friedman (Stratfor): “Europe – Destined for Conflict?” (Feb 3rd, 2015)

Friedman’s Realpolitik outlines the professed American national and geopolitical interests in decades to come from a naked neocon position, as if humanity had all the linear time to see this heinous plans fully realized. In this sense, this man stands paradigmatically for the profound blindness of all agnostic, dark human beings that need to experience their Armageddon in the End Time as to learn their soul lessons. Please, observe that dark entities like Friedman can be very astute and impress other people. This makes them even more dangerous than amoral idiots like Obama. This is the type of cabal that has something to say and dare to say, more like the Cheney-type.

And here are the Friedman’s key points in this speech:

  • The primordial interest of the United States for centuries (WWI, WWII and the Cold War) has been to stop a coalition between Germany and Russia. 
  • US is the only ally Ukraine (the Kiev regime) has.
  • General Ben Hodges, Chief of US army in Europe, not only officially announced that the US would train Ukrainian troops, but also awarded medals to foreign, in this case, Ukrainian soldiers which is against the US army protocol. He’s showing that the Ukrainian Army is “our” army.
  • US is positioning troops, armaments, artillery and other equipment in the Baltic, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.
  • The US will deliver weapons to Ukraine.
  • In all of this the US acted in the context outside NATO because any NATO members state can veto any action.
  • US is preparing a “Cordon Sanitaire” around Russia. Russia knows it and believes the US wants to break the Russian Federation.

  • We are back to the “old game” (Cold War).
  • The United States controls all the oceans of the world and because of that we get to invade people and they don’t get to invade us. Maintaining control of the sea and space is the foundation of American power.
  • The best US policy is divide et impera”, what Reagan did with Iran and Iraq – fund both sides so they will fight each other and not fight us. It is cynical and not moral, but it works.
  • The US cannot occupy Eurasia. We can support various contending powers so they concentrate on themselves with political, economic, and military support.
  • In extreme cases we can do what we have done in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan –“spoiling attacks”. A spoiling attack is not intended to defeat the enemy, it is to throw them off balance like we did with al Qaeda in Afghanistan.
  • The US can not constantly intervene in Eurasia; it must selectively intervene.
  • The US has staged a series of colored revolutions throughout the Russian periphery. It was the US statement of intent to destroy Russia.
  • The purpose of “the invasion of Georgia” was to show how much an American guarantee is worth and it is message to the Ukrainians: Do you want to be American ally? So did the Georgians… Enjoy…
  • The question for the Russians will be whether they’ll be able to retain a buffer zone that is at least neutral in Ukraine or will the West penetrate so far in Ukraine as to be 500 kilometers from Moscow.
  • For Russia the status of the Ukraine is an existential threat.
  • It is not an accident that the US “final solution” is to create an  “Intermarium”  (“Between-seas”) area from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea.
  • Germany is in very peculiar position and they have a very complex relationship with Russians.
  • The Germans themselves don’t know what to do and haven’t made up their mind.
  • For the US, the primordial fear is German capital and technology and Russian natural resources and manpower. This combination for centuries has scared the United States.
  • Whoever can tell me what the Germans will do, will tell me the next 20 years of the history.
  • The main problem of Germany is that it is enormously economically powerful and geopolitically very fragile and doesn’t know how to reconcile two.
  • “The German Question” is coming up again. That’s the next question we need to address, and we don’t know how to address it, we don’t know what they’re going to do.


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