How the Cabal-Psychopaths Demise Themselves From Power – A Case Study

Georgi Stankov

In my article from January 29th, 2015 “The Destructive Nature of Cabal’s the Psychopathy” I wrote almost prophetically:

We are now witnessing a peak in the destructive tendency of the western ruling cabal as a product of their dark psychopathology. But what is the nature of this pathological behavior of all dark human entities and how will its dynamics affect the coming global political events that will lead to their demise?…

It is important to observe from the very beginning that the psycho-pathological dynamics of the dark ones will be the actual wellspring of all kinds of revelations that will lead to a rapid expansion of human awareness or alternatively to a complete shutdown of the human mind. We are already observing both opposite phenomena in the broad human population….

Both negative and positive visions are now more or less immediately created and bring about their results in this reality. Creation based on hatred, negativity and disregard for life leads to immediate collapse of the reality of those that cherish such negative mental and emotional thought patterns. This is how the dark cabal is now destroying themselves in a most effective manner.”

Did I say anything today about immediate creation proven? Well it took only a month and a half for this article below to appear. It succinctly illustrates with respect to the latest developments in finance how this demise of the dark cabal-banksters is happening concretely in front of our eyes, after I explained theoretically the energetic dialectics that drives the collapse of the old matrix and ousts the dark cabal-psychopaths from power. The key word here is: “unintended consequences


USA Begs Russia to Remain in Swift. The One Orion Bank Fails Again

Sprott Money, March 18, 2015

Does it get any funnier than this? Well, arguably, we’ve already seen an even funnier episode from these financial “Wile E. Coyotes”. But let’s begin with a look at the most recent “botched operation” by the psychopaths of the One Bank.

To any readers with even a moderate comprehension of global events; it has been completely obvious that the Western financial crime syndicate which rules over us (the One Bank) has targeted Russia for (at least) economic destruction – and perhaps political destruction, as well. It has commenced this campaign by unleashing its most-ferocious attack dog on Russia: the United States (aka “the Fourth Reich”).

The political/economic terrorism against Russia began with the coup in Ukraine, which was fully and completely orchestrated by U.S. Neo-Cons (most unelected), who actually “run” the U.S. government. This was immediately followed by a two-pronged strategy, directed squarely against Russia itself.

One-half of the campaign was an enormous, steaming mound of anti-Russia propaganda, continuously defecated by the West’s corporate media monopoly. This absurd, nonsensical propaganda relentlessly attempts to “blame Russia” for anything-and-everything even remotely connected to the West’s cannibalization of the Ukraine, and often simply fabricates “acts of Russian aggression”. This has continued even as these fascists have ordered their Ukraine Thugs to perpetrate ever more-aggressive and barbaric acts, primarily against the large, ethnic Russian population within their own nation.

The other half of this campaign was massive, overt economic terrorism against Russia, in virtually any-and-every form which could be dreamed-up by the One Bank’s army of (financial) psychopaths. They first launched an all-out attack on the Russian ruble. They then deliberately/ruthlessly manipulated oil prices to ½ their previous level, because Russia is the world’s largest energy exporter.

They also had the U.S. pressure the West’s other Lackey Governments to adopt round after round of ever more-punitive “economic sanctions” against Russia, “punishing it” for supposed misdeeds which were nothing more than the fabrications of its own propaganda. Then, as the supposed coup de grace; they had ordered that Russia be expelled from “SWIFT”.

For those readers not familiar with yet another one of the One Bank’s “tools” for financial oppression/control; SWIFT is the Western created/controlled electronic system for managing most large, commercial transactions between nations. Living in the 21st century’s electronic/computerized era; this financial crime syndicate assumed that Russia could not survive (economically) without access to this system.

The psychopaths miscalculated, badly, in almost every respect of this operation. But before summarizing this chain-of-blunders by this pack of Wile E. Coyotes; let’s review what was at least an equally botched “operation”: the economic terrorism and economic blackmail which they perpetrated against the government (and people) of India.

Regular readers are already familiar with this episode, so this summary will be as brief as possible.

a) The One Bank caused a stampede out of the (ultra-fraudulent) paper-called-gold market it operates, after it perpetrated the Cyprus Steal [an unintended consequence].

b)  Because this fraudulent, paper market was (is) literally a hundred times larger than the real gold market; this stampede out of the paper-called-gold market caused a sharp drop in the price of gold.

c)   This sharp drop in the price of gold then precipitated a stampede into real, physical gold – with import levels in China and India skyrocketing to an all-time high [another unintended consequence].

d) Having already squandered most of their gold inventories via their reckless/incompetent/perennial price-suppression; this explosion in demand for real gold terrified the banksters so much that they immediately sought some way to squash this demand. With China insulated from the One Bank’s economic terrorism; the banksters chose India as their target/victim.

e) (As with Russia) they launched a ruthless attack on India’s currency, blackmailing India’s government into imposing a near-total embargo on gold imports before they would cease their economic attack.

f) This gold embargo immediately caused a massive explosion in Indian demand for silver [an unintended consequence], a massive explosion in gold-smuggling into India [another unintended consequence], and the beginning of a separate, black market, real-world price for gold [another unintended consequence].


g)  Having decided that the “cure” for its previous malady was more painful than the “disease”; the One Bank completely reversed itself, and has allowed India’s government to remove all of the previous import restrictions.

This cartoon of failure-and-incompetence provides us with more than an opportunity for a good laugh, at the expense of these Wile E. Coyotes. It illustrates an important psychological concept which has previously been raised in an earlier commentary: the difference (in mentality and behavior) between psychopaths and“chess players”.

What makes the One Bank’s colossal failure with its Indian gold embargo so humorous is not merely the long chain of “unintended consequences” which were provoked by its own extreme-and-malicious behavior (in typical, Wile E. Coyote style). What makes this folly so humorous is that all of these “unintended consequences” were totally obvious.

Deprive the world’s most-ardent “precious metals lovers” of their (legal/official) gold market, and it was obvious they would do several things: buy lots more silver, start smuggling lots of gold, and selling it in a black market. Making this even more obvious; gold-smuggling has been an Indian ‘tradition’ which its government had only recently brought under control.

But it gets still funnier. From where did much (most?) of this “smuggled” gold come? From Switzerland; thehomeland of the banksters themselves. Again, this unintended consequence was also an obvious development, since (as we all know) “there is no honour among Thieves”. And showing the corrupt level to which the West has devolved; while all this Swiss gold entered India illegally and unofficially as “smuggling”, it left Switzerland officially (and legally?) as its “gold exports”.

The point here is that any moderately intelligent child would (using elementary logic) have been able to project this entire chain of events in his/her mind, anticipate the reactions to this crime and thus predict(easily) all of these unintended consequences – assuming that child was a chess-player. This is how chess players program themselves to think.

The chess player doesn’t simply plot some scheme (i.e. “move”) and then devote all his time/energy to admiring his own ‘genius’. Rather, he first tentatively imagines making that move, and then he seeks to envision any-and-all rational responses to that move (i.e. the potential “moves” of his opponent). It is only after the chess player has thoroughly analyzed all potential counter-moves, and still sees the move as bettering his own “position” that he actually follows through on that strategy.

Such thinking is almost entirely beyond the capacity of the psychopath. By their very nature; these predators have a short-term, instant-gratification mentality. Compounding this tunnel-vision; their own extreme arrogance and narcissism means they are prone to simply ignoring their enemies/opponents (i.e. victims). It is thus inevitable that these defective predators will be continually vulnerable to being “surprised” by unintended consequences.

Hopefully readers are not already laughed-out from this first Wile E. Coyote cartoon, as we are about to be treated to a second, courtesy of Simon BlackUS plan to drop Russia from global banking system hilariously backfires. Black himself sets the context for the latest escapades of these Wile E. Coyotes:

Russia is once again Arch-Enemy of the United States. It’s like living through a really bad James Bond movie, complete with cartoonish villains. And for the last several months, the US government has been doing everything it can to torpedo the Russian economy, as well as Vladimir Putin’s standing within his own country.

The economic nuclear option is to kick Russia out of the international banking system. And the US government has been vociferously pushing for this. Specifically, the US government wants to kick Russia out of SWIFT, short for the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Communications.

Well, the Psychopaths did want to get Russia expelled from SWIFT. But that was yesterday, and this is today; and today these Wile E. Coyotes are contemplating an old cliché, which is now staring them in the face: ‘Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.’

Being ultra-arrogant; psychopaths tend to ignore the ‘common wisdom’ of the Little People, which is what most clichés represent. But if they were to commit themselves to learning (and understanding) only one of our numerous clichés; it would be this one – given their own, glaring propensity to be “surprised” by unintended consequences.

Black then explains for our benefit how this cliché, and yet more “unintended consequences” fit into this latest cartoon:

Here’s what’s utterly hilarious[.]

On Monday afternoon, not only did SWIFT NOT kick Russia out…but they announced they were actually giving a BOARD SEAT to Russia. That is basically the opposite of what the US government was pushing for.

Awkward…But the story is even bigger than that. Because at the same time that the US government isn’t getting its way with SWIFT, the Chinese are busy putting together their own version of it called CIPS. CIPS stands for the China International Payment System; it’s intended to be a direct competitor to SWIFT, and a brand new way for global banks to communicate and transact with one another in a way that does NOT depend on the United States[emphasis mine]

Shortening Mr. Black’s characterization somewhat; CIPS is the One Bank’s worst nightmare. Why have these banksters spent (literally) a hundred years trying to get people (primarily Western populations) to stop holding their wealth in precious metals? Because it’s only when we use the banksters’ fraudulent paper instruments (i.e. their worthless/fraudulent fiat currencies) that they can ‘efficiently’ steal from us en masse.

If we don’t “play in their sandbox”; the One Bank can’t steal from us – or least it makes it much more difficult for this crime syndicate to steal. What would it mean, what will it mean, what does it mean, when we not only have (China’s) renminbi as our new ‘reserve currency’, but it also offers the world its own electronic system for handling all their (our) commerce? It means that we won’t be playing in the One Bank’s “sandbox”, any longer.

Once again; the Law of Unintended Consequences has risen up to bite the One Bank in its enormously bloated ass. Once again its servants, a collection of psychopathic, Wile E. Coyotes have treated us to a cartoon which illustrates their own genetic deficiency. They even wrote the punchline for this cartoon themselves. After malevolently scheming to have Russia kicked-out of SWIFT; the One Bank’s henchmen now dangle a ‘carrot’ in front of Russia – as they beg it to stay.

Note: Now use this case study and apply it to the Greek bailout by Germany and ECB to understand why any decision, no matter what, made by the One Bank within the scope of their psychopathic view of the world will lead to “Grexit” and the collapse of the Euro.

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