How It Is To Live as a Dissident In an Environment of Constant Denial

by Corey Sturmer and Georgi Stankov, March 21, 2015

Hi Georgi,

Your recent spat of publications inspired me to share this with you. One of my recent call ins to the popular Alex Jones show. Skip to two thirds in if you don’t want to hear the lead in…its really true what you say about even the alternative media largely run by zombies.


Dear Corey,

this is an excellent empiric example for the cognitive blindness of most people, including many critical commentators in the alternative media, which is based on profound agnosticism and shows why it is impossible to communicate with these people in a meaningful manner.

I would very much appreciate if you simply write down your thoughts and feelings in response to this experience and I will make some general observations on my part and I will publish them in a separate publication as it reveals in a paradigmatic manner our dilemma with the awakening, but still very ignorant humanity in the current End Times.

I am personally observing this pattern of total intransigence to broader spiritual concepts since the mid 90s when I started presenting the new theory of the Universal Law to scientists and received in response only blank, empty glances.

With love and light

By the grace of god I somehow knew you would agree with me. Give me some time & I will write you an essay!


Hi Georgi,

I know you might be expecting the essay I promised you with this e-mail.  Let me just say that I have tried many times to write this essay but had to abandon it each time.

I always start strong but end up rambling & losing focus on what I originally wanted to communicate. My HS urged me to try again, to produce a further distillation of the facts but there never was enough momentum to round out my conclusions.  So much has happened in the last few years & now so much more is happening on a daily basis than ever before it has become a laborious task to try and sum it up in anything less than a multi thousand page tome – kind of like you have done! And even you realize this is STILL not enough.

Still yet I have writers block and a very hard time transcribing the enormity of my own revelations into a written format that you might be able to relate to.  But needless to say, I was originally inspired to send you my call in to Infowars because I was just so damn fed up with the human intransigence we swim in.  In all of life’s categories – family, work, social there is one constant.  Human intransigence.

Anyone who is more than 50% light bound, knows well the feeling of it whether they are conscious of it or not.  I personally feel it physically as if a barometric pressure on my body. Since I feel imprisoned, in many ways, by life in the human vessel, the dense thought patterns of others are actually a physical inhibition as much as they are a mental one. (Ever talked to someone so stupid that you find yourself exhausted afterwards???… It’s not rocket science!!)

It has only been retrospectively that I realized my role in transmuting these energies but ultimately I am just thankful I ever realized such a role at all!

The intransigence peaked for me tonight Georgi, which is giving me the energetic inertia to finish this e-mail. It all went down when I was visiting with my mother & she was reminiscing with my brother and I on our natures as children, since my older brother is currently pregnant with his wife..  My mom explained how strong willed we were as children & recounted one day picking me up from grade school, only to bear witness to me beating a classmate senseless on the sidewalk – after he had maliciously pushed me off my bicycle without provocation, and how she had to get out of her car just to pull me off the child!

I guess you could call this a foe complex in today’s ether but as a 7-year-old in the 90’s you might call it a proclivity for justice. She often tells the story with pride because most people like when a bully gets some payback, or at least someone who doesn’t cower when bullied.. Mind you, all of this unfolded in front of many other classmates & teachers so it was pretty memorable for my mom.

I jokingly remarked that even in my adulthood she might still someday find herself in a similar situation with me and an IRS agent!

She instantly jolted stiff as if she touched a wet electrical outlet! And proceeded to say that she would NOT discuss this topic with me because my dissident activities worry her. Immediately I could see (with my Third eye) and actually feel the fear programming and what a strong hold it had over her.  Like an entity on her back.

We’ve discussed this many times before, and despite the fact that there is not a single legitimate moral, ethical, historical or even legal argument waged by my own family as to why the IRS is legitimate in a capacity involving me, or even themselves – there is still a weird disagreement with me about how we should react when we get notifications from them.

I replied that she can censor her own reality all she wants by avoiding discussion but doing so will not prevent any negative outcome nor will it ensure a positive one either.  She quipped


Such fear in her eyes!

I laughed because I could give a damn if the IRS came to my door – their doing so actually just raises awareness about the criminality of the IRS & accelerates the awakening of people who know me.

Of course I know that I am not on such a timeline because I help create them without such negative consequences with the help of the PAT, which is why I am so confident that we are untouchable and should proceed as such… but even in these negative hypotheticals I reason through “the worst case probability alternative”…which for most people is some sort of catastrophic death… So I think to myself – Even if I were to die! ok – I will eventually get a new body & the personality structure known as Corey would have had a completely valid & useful purpose in this time space exposing the IRS!

What better way to look at life???  But people selfishly get offended when you take liberty to spend your life the way you want to spend it – as if it is stealing from them…when the reality is they should actually perceive what an enormous GIFT I, or any other whistleblower, truth teller, journalist such as yourself & many others….are giving with such “sacrifices.”

More likely probability alternative: I prevail over them administratively, without ever getting arrested, then likewise I raise awareness to the fact that the IRS is really just a paper tiger and actually don’t even have the funds to pay a Gestapo to visit me at my door anyway.  They only win through the psychological inertia created by mass media & selective SWAT raids to perpetuate the collective fear grid which keeps people paying the usury to the privately owned Federal Reserve – which was a deliberate design of the Orion globalists who began collateralizing American souls in the 1930’s and later created derivatives based on birth certificates and the underlying future projections of their lifetime tax contribution… and traded these securities internationally!

ANYWAYS! what I’m saying is I CAN’T LOSE and my life would be well spent if it helped exposed just this one fragment of dark criminal agency of the Anglo-American empire, although by the time this is over we will have exposed many more than just the petty thieves at the IRS!

So I replied to my mother “You can bet I would tell my children what kind of dimension they live in before demanding they comply [with criminal theft from the IRS in exchange for some fabricated feeling of safety.]”

So as you can imagine Georgi the dinner conversation changed immediately and I felt a huge shift to higher dimensions.  I’ve been keeping up with your site, and as one of the walk-ins who appeared in 2005 & began the official mission to help mitigate the darkness here now, let me just say I fully coalesce with your reflections & especially the remarks on creation & our infinite potential to do it immediately in the now.

Again, it is very difficult for me to put into human written words the fullness of my synchronistic experience but there is no doubt in my mind that the wheat is being duly separated from the chaff in an expeditious and indeed exponential manner.  All I have to do anymore to solve my life problems, is resolved to figure them out in Dream state.  The answers always come later but they always come!

I read Daniël’s account of his criminal politicians resignation and how Daniël played a role in that development.  This was a great example of how we influence things just with our presence but I  want to emphasize we need not even be in the physical proximity of these people to alter the course of events.  We have immediate access to their soul in dream or meditative state & can affect any probability alternative we want, however we want.  We need only focus on it & be conduits for source to arrange things in the optimum manner – and have some patience and faith that they will eventually get there.  But it is algorithmic and one has to consider the opposing energies of the depressive dense collective who are not consciously creating in harmony with us.  Yes we are more powerful per capita but we are a very small percentage of the physical whole which makes this a lot of heavy lifting for a comparative few, and a keystone reason why the plan has been and continues to be so fluid.  That’s why we have the word “dynamics.”

So Georgi, anyways I hope this is what you were looking for with respect to the INFOWARS call in I shared with you, where you can see showcased the inability of even Alternative media to have a fully honest conversation about the transcendental facts.  Or maybe it was just the pecuniary pattern of having to cut to a commercial that prevented David Knight (who used to live near me) from discussing Fluoride’s ability to disconnect us from our higher selves.   Either way I’d love to get YOUR thoughts, if you aren’t too busy to share them.

There is a lot more I could write about this, but as you and others have said – human words hardly do it anymore as we are now very much telepathic and anything I could say here over the 3D/4D internet is only a dumbed down version of what is stored in the astral energetic memory of our “social memory complex”.


Dear Corey,

To be honest, when I made this proposition to you to write about your thoughts and reactions after your call at the Alex Jones’ Infowar show. I immediately connected to my HS and knew how frustrating it is for you to comment on human intransigence, while living in a constant state of denial from your environment. And it is especially frustrating when we have to deal with such critical alternative thinkers from whom one should expect much more openness to transcendental dimensions, knowing that the only way to really perceive the truth is to develop precisely this transcendental, spiritual point of view. In vain.

Hence I knew that it would be very difficult for you to sum up your impressions and thoughts on this interview and in general from a pure psychological point of view. That is why I am glad that you have now presented your views in a slightly different perspective, with which I can fully resonate.

Being myself a dissident since my youth, I know how this behaviour triggers huge fears in the family and in particular in mothers and how the family’s fearful rejections of one’s dissident views may peak into outright confrontation and spoil the whole family life. One wonders as to why the family members should feel obliged to become advocates of a corrupt and defaulting system, much to their own detriment. But this is how humanity operates and it is even more frustrating to observe and write about that than about the denial of some alternative critical thinkers.

I am glad that we have now overcome this very long period of sluggish change when no results ever popped up on the surface of this reality to give us some confidence that we are effective with our tedious and unrewarding light work. At present, our creative powers yield daily new proofs how powerful we are, even though there are only a few of us, and that the only obstacle to our unlimited creative potential can be our skeptical thinking that we might be less than mighty Creator Gods.

With love and light

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