Energy Report of the PAT – March 15, 2015

In Preparation for the Massive Equinox Portal with Super New Moon and Solar Eclipse

In reference to:

Frantic Preparations for WW3 – The Ascension Day Is Coming Closer”   by Georgi Stankov, Posted on March 15, 2015

“… This all happens in anticipation of the super new moon and solar eclipse at equinox end of next week. The energetic preparation for this massive portal has been spectacular so far. Since the beginning of March, I experience a relentless upwards spiral of source energies with constantly growing intensity and vibrations. Some sources claim that every 24 hours the intensity and the vibrational level of these energies double, and I am inclined to consider this information to be true.

Especially the last 48 hours were characterized by the most intensive period of cleansing human patterns of rejection associated with the massive opening of the collective consciousness to the transcendental truth of human existence as multidimensional beings and creator gods. I was personally fully thrown in this battle as in the worst times in 2012 and 2013 when only a few of us had to do the whole cleansing work on behalf of humanity. Some of the PAT members have also reported similar devastating experiences that were caused by a complete dissolution of all known emotional patterns associated with a deep depression, which always accompanies such massive descents of source energy into the human physical vessel.”


Hello, my dear Georgi,

Just confirming what you’ve written in your latest posts.

–  Since February, and continuing since then into now … bouts of depression within a steady background state of serene joy.
–  A steady sense /sensation of ‘upwardness,’ a sort of lifting pull.
–  A sense of strangeness in the general ambience when I’m out of the house, a ‘shimmering thinness’ in the atmosphere outside.
–  A ‘disconnected’ state of detachment even while in the midst of people, especially when I’m on the bus, and maintaining a ‘delta-state’ although in waking consciousness, wherein I am straddling and shifting between several dimensions concurrently … and where in moments when I alight again upon the lower planes (the 3D and lower 4D) and glance, in awareness, at the other passengers and the environs through the bus windows, I feel totally disconnected and detached, where there is a distinct sense of only a part of me being here, in the moment’s scene.
–  Whereas I had for years watched the dailies and blogs of the alternative Internet — everything from the cosmic to the Earthly true historical into contemporary, from the Dark occult to the transcendental Light, from alternative health to cutting-edge technical , from local events to international developments, from the spiritual to the secular metaphysical — all that, too, consistently since February, is no longer a driving, specific dharma and is now detaching, in a state of dharmic attrition.
–  Periodic bouts of deep, intense chill, where I feel as if I’m ‘freezing’ while in the house, indoors.  It’s a deep internal chill, where even being in bed can’t warm me up.
–  A great need for excessive sleep over recent weeks (which I must confess I usually don’t attend, being among the rampant numbers of “sleep deprived” Americans).

I should also mention that since the 1985 ‘opening’ when My Dear It came in, a constant “bliss” state prevails as my threshold level. Through all these years, I experience a steady, quiet joy, wherein I often zoom up to moments of sheer, bursting ecstasy ‘for no reason.’  Within this background steady-state of serene happiness, there are occasional pockets of depression far-between. They are not my depressive states, but the sad, debilitated, collective state of the world’s being that I carry subconsciously, which sometimes emerges into the cognitional foreground, emotionally. This current period since February is one such phase, a depression-within-joy presence which has been steadily becoming more pronounced, where I have the strong sense, as you say, “that something big is in the making.” When I consider the condition of the world-at-large, and especially the horrendous USA, “the empire of evil,” I always feel like, ‘oh, hurry the collapse.’

No need to respond, Georgi.  Give your attention and time to those who need it more than I do.

Thank you for You

Good energy
Love mucho
Dianna, San Francisco

Dear Dianna,

a beautiful and very expressive presentation of the current state of our constantly expanding (no longer) human awareness, which I will publish with great pleasure. Thank you very much.

With love and light

Beloved George…

Interesting development for UK, USA and Russia. The routing appears to be deliberate and yet I know the media refrains from stating is as a fact.

What I find hard is that “this is not in my reality”, so to “read it in the time lines it exists” needs me to shift over ‘there’. This is what I get from it all.

As the articles states that some of the internet from Texas, what I can hone in on is that part of it is coming from Fort Worth by some war hawks under the thumb of the Bush family. There are many other locations so as to scatter the data, and yet with the intentions that it is ‘discovered’. The Bush family has homes in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. But the Bushs are actually all in South American right now. They have doubles making it look like they are at their Texas residents. Texas is not their real roots anyway; they are really from Ohio, and moving to Texas was for the political stair steps, a political place of ease. Texas is a ‘sacrificial lamb’ in their personal vendetta towards Putin. Yet as we all know, ‘secret hiding places” are never secrets, just a part of the game.

Many times there is a lot of posturing back and forth through the media, like a pretend war of words … but this is the real deal. With this particular Portal from March 11 for about the next 33 days, there is a great physical outplaying of dark agendas. And for the PAT, we can feel it days before it started on the 11th.

Perhaps this Portal is what you have been sensing, George, as there is a grand spiraling of energy charging the atmosphere and creating fluxes in the magnetic fields of everyone and everything. This spiraling chokes out the hidden dark works and makes it for all to see, and battle. If we make it through this phase without some escalating of wars, it would be a miracle. It is a lot like that spin of the centrifuge.

A centrifuge is a device that uses centrifugal force to separate two or more substances of different density or mass from each other. Centrifugal force is the tendency of an object traveling around a central point to fly away from that point in a straight line. A centrifuge is able to separate different substances from each other because  materials with heavier masses move faster and farther away from the central point than materials with lighter masses. The first successful centrifuge was invented in 1883 by Swiss engineer Carl de Laval.”

Great reporting!
~ Love, Carolyn

Dear Georgi and Carla,

I have been experiencing severe nausea on both days today and yesterday, plus chills.  This came out of the blue.  On both days I woke up feeling fine, and then around 12.30-ish I started to feel nausea and chills out of nowhere.  I had a feeling something big has happened.  As well, I feel I’m processing others fear, grief and anger.  My bones ache so sore and I have virtually no energy to do anything.


Dear Laurie,

thank you for this solid confirmation of what is now happening within our energetic structures as a mirror image of the global ascension processes of Gaia.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank you to Jerry for sending this to you and thank you for posting. I read it and all the first thought is that Jerry knows how to kick ass and take names. There is such clarity to his thoughts. This is what it really is.

Love To You and Carla + Jerry
Malechite, Texas


I beg your pardon if I offended you in any way. I know what LBP is, I’ve read your Book about this. The lightbody process for me, also include expanding it to the size of an angelic and archangelic body with God´s Unconditional Love. For me this is an important part of ascension that you do not ever talk about.

I am aware my first emails were not very high in terms of content but am i gaining much knowledge since then, and am just 20 years old. My goal is not to ascend, I don’t feel the urge to complete this because of my age but what i know is that though you have great work, you could make a file which resume all one need to know about ascension, which would take you a couple hours, and post it on your website, if you have so many idiots like me who are so stupid because they are not as wise and old as you that they don’t get it. Then should just give up on this you are right. I feel line you don’t care about your own people, or maybe you feel separated from the 2nd wave candidate.

You must also be tired of all this and i understand. Just ignore messages like this next time, for me and others, as yourresponse brings nothing more than a blank mail.

In God’s love,
Gaspard Deleplanque

Dear Gaspard,

it’s OK, this is how one progresses in great leaps when one establishes contact with me. I have written a lot about becoming angelic or as I called it Logos Gods. Read the big collection of channelings here:

And you must carefully read the basic book on Human Gnosis, that is an introduction to the LBP and ascension:

The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

This website has many crystalline children as readers and some of them have contributed excellent articles which I have published.

With love and light

Hey Georgi,

It’s Kari. I have been laying low since I last wrote you because I’ve been so exhausted off and on. I am very happy the website is back up and that it is on two servers now. I also came to the same conclusion as you and other PAT members, while the site was down, that we have completed our mission and now the collapse begins with us. Yet, then I felt that it’s not for us anymore but for others so I hoped it would remain and it has, thankfully.

March has been extremely potent for me so far. I’ve already had a few days of utter exhaustion where I was in bed maybe 14 hours a day! This surprised me because I expected it to begin about now (a few days before the Uranus/Pluto square) but because I felt the waves EVEN earlier than usual, I feel that this is going to be massive indeed.

The past 2 days have been horrible. More cleansing, feeling nauseous, depressed, crying, anger, despair…just the usual ascension cocktail, straight up! LOL. Today I had the worst headache, all around my head and especially at the base of my skull. It felt like really bad dehydration but it couldn’t have been because I’ve been drinking more water than usual. I was able to alleviate it by asking for help from my HS and also laying down for a nap.

It seems like I am living so many existences in one day. Sometimes I feel absolutely dreadful and like I’m not going to be able to continue another second and then the next minute, I could be feeling euphoric and all the colors appear more vibrant and the calmness is palpable. I suppose that is how it is being a time traveler in these end times…which are really just the beginning, as we well know.

I could relay a couple of stories that demonstrate to me what is happening on a larger scale, but I just can’t seem to find the motivation to describe them in the detail that it would require so I won’t. I did use the Pulsar for the first time 2 days ago and had remarkable results! Although I used my own version of it which is what I’ve always really been doing anyway except my intentions are more focused these days because of the energy we have to work with. I had went to my Pilates class and at the end when we do stretches, I stretched my legs wide and then bent forward and grabbed both my feet with each hand to really give my whole chest a stretch and I felt like I broke my rib cage! It was terrible…I felt like I had pulled a muscle in my left shoulder and, at the same time, pulled the muscles that surround my heart. Like I broke my chest open! I couldn’t even take a deep breath without stabbing pain. I didn’t want to tell anyone in class so I just went out to my car and sat there crying and wondering how I would drive home and how I would take care of my dogs and manage since I live alone. Then suddenly I thought, “what am I talking about”? I’m not having this. I’m going to heal this right now. And I invoked the flames and then used the Pulsar over and over. Not even an hour later, I was fine! I mean a bit of soreness, yes but nothing compared to what it was. I was able to still go out to eat with my boyfriend and I even went back to Pilates the next day. So cool!

I read Aisha North’s latest channeling today and I really resonated. I feel we are about to step into that space beyond our wildest dreams. I am really excited for the Equinox and we, the PAT, need to hastily create the outcome we want on this uppermost mother planet in full confidence. It is imperative for us to start visualizing heavily and BEING there now. I dropped my smart phone yesterday and broke it completely. The insurance company is sending me a new one but it won’t get here until Monday. I think that it happened in order for me to detach more from the outside, this next few days and really go within and do some important creating. I just bought some new dead sea salts for a bath tonight in order to create the sacred space for this to happen. I am very protective over my home right now as it feels like it’s holding a very high vibration. My dogs really help me to stay grounded and in love. I hope you and Carla are well. I am very grateful that you have each other in these challenging times. My consciousness increasingly wants to “float” to that easy place of peace and joy. It’s becoming harder and harder for me to “pull” it back when I get like that. If it weren’t for these still terrible cleansing episodes, I might believe I was already HOME.

Love, Kari, Las Vegas


Dear Kari,

thank you very much for your detailed personal report. I can fully confirm that the last several days were one of the worst I have ever experienced, without going in detail now. Today (March 14th and 15th) Carla has a severe headache the whole day as you. She is now cleansing what I started two days ago and is in a state of fever and also drinks a lot of water for the first time, although I urge her to do this all the time.

It is true that, were it not for all these cleansing episodes that still make us aware of the “stings and arrows of this outrageous 3D fortune”, I would think that we are already home – such is the intensity of the energies and vibrations that flow now through my field.

I am sure that with the equinox portal many things will begin to unfold. They must, as these energies must manifest in this hologram very soon, there is no way that the HR will continue pouring source energy onto this small planet and nothing happens at all.

I am very happy and now much more relaxed, knowing that we have moved to a new server and have a second back-up site in case something happens. Now we are fully protected, but I could not have done it without the help of Piotr, who invested a lot of work in the last two weeks preparing the move in such a smooth and expedient manner.

Let us see what will come next – there is a significant escalation of the war preparations on both sides and this is the best sign that our time to enter the central stage has arrived.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

last few days were indeed slightly different as I perceived that energies have somehow “softened”. It wasn’t very rough or whatsoever. Actually a two people that I know contacted me for an advice like “oh man what’s going on?”, one was asking me about movie “The secret, I feel that people are beginning to wake up slowly.

Well the next thing is that my father constantly complains about his physical pain. So I asked him if I can use the Pulsar on him. He agreed and so I began with healing, then it got even worse. He told me that his head is spinning and he can barely breathe. I’m not going to use it again on him, because pulsar vibrations are obviously too high for him to handle. Also, the vast majority of people haven’t been exposed to some massive cleansing so far so they have a lot of energetic “trash” in them. I use the Pulser on myself and it really is highly effective as I got rid of pain in my back within a few minutes.

Also, in your latest “Energy report”, a certain person shared it’s story about how he almost dismantled the whole government itself. I got kind of inspired by him, because Czech government is rotten to it’s roots and also highly corrupted. It needs to be dismantled so the truth can be revealed. Somehow I finally acknowledged my infinite potential and power to rebuild and transform this world into a paradise. I can also feel the excitement and expectations towards the sun eclipse that is approaching.  Our Ascension is at hand.

With regards, J. Fleischman. Czech Republic

Dear Pepe,

I think that it is a very good idea to begin with the dismantling of the corrupt regime in one own’s country as a Creator God. I am doing this with the Harper’s government, although Canada does not interest me much. But as I am here, I can try this.

I also expect something big to happen after equinox.

With love and light

Short Summary on the Use of the Energy Pulser by Michael Naumann

As it perspired some readers had difficulties with the use of energy Pulser which Michael presented. On the other hand many other PAT members reported the effectiveness of this tool of light (see also above)  For this reason Michael has now prepared a new succinct introduction to the Pulser in German and English which very simply explains the use of this tool one more time.


Lieber Georgi,

der auf deiner Seite und bei mir eingegangenen Bitten um Vereinfachung der Beschreibung, bin ich jetztnachgekommen.

Mit kurzen knappen Sätzen dürfte dies auch einer Google Übersetzung standhalten.

Schaust du mal drüber ob das so geht. Noch ein Hinweis.Wir sind im Moment sehr starken ätherischen (schmerzhaften) Angriffen ausgesetzt, was es erforderlich macht sich mehrfach täglich zu reinigen bzw. Anrufungen durch zu führen. Sodichte Abfolgen von Angriffen gab es noch nie. Hierbei ist der Lichtpulser eine echte schnell wirsame Hilfe. Es ist waslos im Äther wie Carla auch meint und meine GF sagt mir, daß die Herren  hinter der Bühne schön nervös sind. Esscheint als ob der count down läuft.

Also für alle Interessierten, die die Nerven für den Pulser noch nicht verloren haben:

Liebe Grüße,

Kurzfassung des Licht- Pulser – Schwingungsharmonisierers

Der Pulser ist ein Licht Tool aus der Quelle allen Seins. Seine Anwendung ist praktisch unbegrenzt. Es ist ein 6-Strahlen Stern mit Lichtringen um die Strahlen. Die Ringe fangen negative Energie ein und harmonisieren diese(ähnlich negativer Interferenz). Der ordnende Impuls kommt aus der Quelle über die mittige Lichtkugel. Ziel ist immerdie Herstellung der jeweiligen Norm des Schöpfers. Alles ist Energie und folgt der Aufmerksamkeit. Damit sind geistigeKreationen auf allen Ebenen möglich. Die Anwendung reicht von der materiellen Welt bis hin zu Ordnungssystemen inallen Grössen. Wir haben ihn jetzt von der Quelle bekommen um damit zu arbeiten. An unseren Auraschäden durchviele Verletzungen der vielen Inkarnationen. Weiterhin zur Abwendung feinstofflicher Angriffe durch Dunkelwesen. DerAuflösung von schwarzer Magie. Der Erlangung von Gesundheit und Harmonisierung im Lichtkörper Prozess. ZurHarmonisierung der Gesamtsituation auf der Erde und bei speziellen Ereignissen. Die Kreativität hat keine Grenzen wiewir zunehmend erfahren wollen. Für weitere Fragen stehe ich gern zur Verfügung.

Michael Naumann

Summary of the light Pulser – Pulsation Harmonizer

The pulser is a light tool from the source of all Being. Its application is virtually unlimited. It is a 6-ray star with light rings around the axis of radiation. The rings absorb the negative energy and harmonize it through constructive-destructive interference. The primary impulse comes from the source through the central ball of light. The goal is always the preparation of the relevant standard of the Creator. Everything is energy and follows human attention. This enables the mental creation at all levels. Application ranges from the material world to systems of order of all sizes. We have now received this tool from the source to work with. To apply it on damages of our aura caused by many injuries in the many previous incarnations. Furthermore, to avoid subtle attacks by dark entities. The resolution of black magic. The attainment of health and harmonization in the light body process. In order to harmonize the overall situation on the ground and at special events. The creativity to use this tool has no limits as we would like to know more and more about it . For further questions, I am happy to help.

Michael Naumann

Hallo Georgi,

wie schön, dass du so viel Unterstützung und praktische Hilfe hattest beim Erstellen deiner Zwillings-Website MIRROR – passender hätte der Name nicht sein können. In diesen Spiegel, den du uns vorhältst schauen wir nun. Manche erkennen sich, manche nicht. Bestimmt kennst du Till Eulenspiegel. Dieser Narr hat nie aufgegeben, den Menschen die Wahrheit auf die ihm eigene humorvolle Art und Weise zu präsentieren. Vielleicht war er ein Elohim? Vielleicht auch nicht, auf jeden Fall war’s ihm egal, was die Leute von ihm dachten.

Als kleines Mädchen wurde mir diese norddeutsche Sagengestalt des Hofnarren näher gebracht durch meinen Onkel. Wir reisten sogar einmal zusammen nach Mölln/Ratzeburg, um seine Statue zu berühren. Nie hab ich das vergessen. Und ich war sehr fasziniert von ihm (dem Narren), durfte er doch Dinge tun, die mir versagt blieben. Wie gerne hätte ich den Menschen geradeheraus gesagt, was ich von ihnen dachte. Doch ich war ein kleines Mädchen, das nett und brav zu sein hatte. So verlor ich nach und nach den Mut, meine Wahrheit voll zu leben. Inzwischen bin ich 59 und habe so manchen hohen Preis gezahlt für meine Bravheit. Die Knoten in meiner Schilddrüse sprechen ihre eigene Sprache. (Vielleicht Knoten vom Ariadne-Faden?

Doch nun erinnern uns die Elohim in ihrer letzten Botschaft wieder daran, die Wahrheit auszusprechen. Wir sind im letzten Buch der Bibel angekommen, der Offenbarung. Der ganze Stoff ist durch, die Geschichte ist zu Ende. Für wenige, die aufmerksam waren für immer. Aber viele, viele möchten eine Wiederholung.

Dazu passt der bekannte Spruch der Anonymen Alkoholiker:

Gott, gib mir die Gelassenheit, Dinge hinzunehmen, die ich nicht ändern kann, den Mut, Dinge zu ändern, die ich ändern kann, und die Weisheit, das eine vom anderen zu unterscheiden.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

Licht und Liebe sowie Herzensgrüße aus dem Norden Deutschlands für dich und Carla von

Liebe Helga,

ich danke dir für diesen sehr inspirierten Überblick über Mut, die Wahrheit auszusprechen. Till Eulenspiegel wurde auch ins Bulgarische übersetzt und ich las ihn auch sehr gerne als Junge.

Wir sind nun wirklich an der Schwelle zu einer neuen energetischen Welt und ich fühle sie in meinem Feld sehr intensiv, kann sie aber nicht in Worten ausdrucken, da es sich um einmalige Erfahrungen handelt und die Sprache hier versagt.

Wir steuern auf einen sehr heißen Frühling, voller Überraschungen, darüber gibt es keinen Zweifel mehr.

Zur Zeit findet der Transfer der originalen Webseite auf den neuen Server.

Liebe Grüße

Lieber Georg, liebe Carla,

vielen Dank für die offene Diskussion mit Sherina. Auch wenn ich mich jetzt von Jahn distanziere, weil es einfach notwendig ist, wenn ich meinen Weg zum Aufstieg zügig, ohne Umwege, weitergehen will, bin ich doch mit liebenden Herzen bei ihm. Ich schließe ihn täglich in meine Gebete mit ein und schicke ihm Liebe und Mut zur Erkenntnis. Was er dann entscheidet, obliegt ihm und wird von mir auch in Liebe angenommen. Er hat auch viel für mich getan und dafür bin ich ihm unendlich dankbar, aber nun müssen sich die Wege wieder trennen, weil mein Weg ein anderer ist.

Und Du hast vollkommen recht, dass Kritik oder besser die “Wahrheit der Dinge” wie sie sind, benannt werden müssen, weil sonst keine Chance auf Änderung besteht. Wie will man etwas zum” Positiven” verändern, wenn man nicht weiß, was das” Negative” ist? Das Schweigen ist nur da angebracht, wo dass Benennen keine Änderung herbeiführen kann. Ich durfte 20 Jahre intensiv die Erfahrung des Schweigens machen- Schweigen der Harmonie willen- und nichts ist schmerzvoller als das. Denn im Schweigen nimmt man die Dinge an und das Dunkle kann sich wunderbar entfalten,wird mächtig und begräbt alles unter sich.  Ich habe lange gebraucht, den Unterschied zwischen der Liebe und der bedingungslosen Liebe zu verstehen. Wahre Liebe benennt in Wahrheit die Dinge wie sie tatsächlich sind, ist aber gleichzeitig fähig, den Weg jedes einzelnen Menschen anzunehmen, ohne Bewertung oder Verurteilung. Wer dein Buch “Der Evolutionsprozess” wirklich verinnerlicht hat, kann der “Alles ist Liebe-Illusion” nicht mehr verfallen.

Dieses Benennen ist unendlich wichtig, wenn wir diese Welt neu formen wollen, eben weil wir sonst den selben Schitt erneut erschaffen. Wie bekannt, sind die meisten Menschen auf dieser Welt nicht empfänglich für solche Art von Liebe, denn sonst wären wir schon längst wo anders. Und man erntet Unverständnis, Ablehnung und oft auch Hass, aber ich lerne gerade ganz intensiv, mich davon nicht mehr berühren zu lassen, n icht mehr den Mund zu halten, die Wahrheit zu sprechen und das Dunkel aufzuzeigen.- Ich denke, dass ist der “Mut”, den die Elohim in ihrer letzten Botschaft gemeint haben. Zum Licht und zur Liebe zu stehen, es zu zeigen und zu Leben , in einem Umfeld der Dunkelheit bzw. dem Ort, wo wir hingestellt wurden. Das bin ich mir selbst schuldig, wenn ich ein Lichtkrieger sein will und den Aufstieg schaffen will. Es gilt auszusteigen aus dieser Matrix, mit erhobenen Kopf und allen, die diese Erfahrungen weiterleben wollen, mit reinem Mitgefühl im Herzen zu begegnen, aber sie dennoch in vollster Bewusstheit der Dinge wie sie sind, hinter uns zu lassen.

Danke Georg, für Deine Seite der “Wahrheit”!!

In Liebe
Eure Annett

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