Ascension Through Constant Creation

by Georgi Stankov, March 17, 2015

Yesterday  Carla received a message from the Elohim which I shall publish tomorrow. Before that Carla did a powerful invocation of the seven sacred flames and created a huge vortex to the Source. The Elohim came immediately and flooded our apartment with the white source light. I was in the lower floor translating Anita’s message “You Create Your World“, telling us that ascension is an individual creation and that there is no such thing as collective destiny. Everybody will now experience the reality he is creating in his mind and heart as thoughts and emotions. If the people expect nuclear war and write about it constantly as an unavoidable outcome, they will experience it. In fact many incarnated soul fragments are already experiencing this dreadful reality on lower and parallel timelines, as was the case last week one more time in a massive manner.

We, the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy and 4D worlds, are now building the energetic infrastructure for immediate creation within our fields, which are now algorithmically expanding and encompassing whole new worlds and galaxies. We create this reality by cleansing it first from all dark patterns and then substituting it with a new, better vision of the light. To this I shall say much more below. At the same time we create incessantly the new 4D worlds and merge them with this uppermost mother planet, which is the last crucible of all remnant dark energies that still constitute Gaia. As Anita’s HS reaffirms one more time, we can no longer separate our fields from that of Gaia as they encompass this planet in a most profound manner.

All change and the ascension will come first through our fields and then encompass the portion of humanity that has qualified to continue living in the new 4D worlds, while severing the old dark, dense overlays like a gargantuan cosmic centrifuge that separates the wheat from the chaff. This is what we observe now increasingly and what has been happening for the last several years in an exponential manner. But now this separation has reached the individual level and each incarnated being has begun to create entirely his own destiny. The consensual reality of the old 3D matrix has been irreversibly dissolved. It is up to each one of you to realize this truth and act accordingly as conscious Creator Gods.

And precisely this was the topic of my discussion with Carla, after she had channeled half of the Elohim message and was urged by them to come down and discuss it one more time with me, so that I can write an article on this topic. During our conversation, the Elohim came many times with valuable suggestions which Carla simultaneously channeled as arguments that I should present in a separate publication.

Now let me summarize the basic tenets of this elaboration with the Elohim, and as also inspired by my HS, which is one and the same. Never before has it been so critical that you think, feel, and act in a most deliberate and conscious manner with the greatest possible mental and emotional discipline in terms of what you want to create for yourself and the whole world, as this is what you will immediately experience now.

All attachments to the old crumbling reality, all participation in old dramas – personal, familiar or in the digital world (Internet, TV, Facebook, etc) – are highly deleterious to your optimal creation as they lower its frequencies and impede the actual creationary process. This is an old recommendation and a recurrent motif of the Elohim as illustrated in a personal message to Carla and myself, received on June 18th, 2013:

“For full ascension one must withdraw all attachment to engagements of the third/fourth dimension, in full measure, all attachments at the emotional level.

What does it mean this word “attachment”?  Attachment is the connection we feel we have to an individual, an event or situation or belief. As long as one holds attachment our creativity is lost, our connection to the divine is lost. Attachments bind thoughts and create habits that serve to pull away from divine connection. If one desires a particular outcome of an event then the attachment holds fast and one is emotionally bound, one is not free. As long as any interaction holds no attachment to outcome, then one is free.”

The Elohim however do not advocate full rejection of, or even worse, deliberate blindness towards this reality, as this is first impossible and second not helpful for our focused creation, as I will explain below. In fact, they advocate the active enjoyment of our last acts and deeds as Logos Gods in human vessels in this physical reality, as this is the only way we can dissolve and disperse the rest of the darkness that still lingers in this holographic matrix.

I have written in my five Gnostic books a long time ago and also reiterated it in many articles on this website that we create the holographic world we live in anew each one-fourth quadrillion of a second in the Now moment. This truth is more valid now than ever. In the past, there was a huge time-lag between the occurrence of an idea as the primordial form of any creation and its materialization as a physical form in the old consensual reality, as it had to be accommodated through constructive and destructive interference with all the other ideas that humanity constantly generates. In the very dense old reality, this necessitated a lot of linear time due to the inertia of all events and most such ideas never came into being, simply because there was not enough available space and time in the holographic model to manifest all these ideas.

Hence all such ideas, which the incarnated humanity generated, were realized in infinite probability worlds. As the old holographic model of humanity was separated from these probable worlds, which exist for the most part in the 5D and 6D, their existence was rejected and humanity had no idea of how creative we humans are as immortal Gods, even when we exist in human vessels. Even when this multi-dimensional reality of all Being has been excellently explained in the Seth books channeled by Jane Roberts as early as in the 60’s, this concept has been completely neglected or not understood at all by almost all light workers with a few notable exceptions.

While the Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction are still the same in the current End Time, as they have always been, much has changed with respect to the energetic structure that has been established on this uppermost mother planet in the last years and in particular since the PAT opened the stargates 12.12.12 and  12.21.12. We have managed to dissolve in the meantime all blockages, barriers and energetic veils that have been placed there since eons of time by our souls and more so by the dark archons in order to increase the density of life in this experimental holographic model of utmost contraction and separation from the source, before it can bounce back to the Source and experience the utmost expansion and connection to All-That-Is.

We are now in the last crucial phase of an algorithmic, exponential expansion, where creation begins to occur almost immediately in this rapidly changing and expanding holographic model, simply because it is now in the position to accommodate each individual creation. Please internalize the simple truth that expansion can only occur through constant creation – the more we create in a conscious manner, the quicker the holographic model expands. This is how All-That-Is functions.

Each one of us is now capable of creating myriad of new worlds and also destroying them, and they all have full validity and relevance in the energetic texture of the Whole. Of course we, the new Logos Gods, are the most powerful creator beings now on earth and what we create with our thoughts and emotions manifests immediately on a global scale. That is why we are able to successfully prevent a devastating global nuclear war, which would have happened long time ago on this uppermost mother planet, were we not here to diffuse the dark energies with our all-encompassing high-frequency fields. That is why the light warriors of the first hour decided to also be the light warriors of the last hour and the guarantors for a peaceful transition of this timeline to the new 4D worlds.

And here comes your moral, intellectual and divine obligation as incumbent Logos Gods. You must keep in mind every moment in the now that you are not humble human beings, still subjugated in a hopeless manner to an overpowering, crumbling reality, but creator gods in human gestalt on the verge of profound final transfiguration to ascended masters, who you already are. And you are also the demiurge of this transfiguration as it can only happen individually.

Now let me give you a concrete example as to how you can create in a most effective manner your new reality and that of humanity in the coming days, before this final transfiguration will occur for some of us, because as  I told you, there will not be such a thing as mass ascension now. Everybody will ascend when he is ready for it and linear time does not matter as it is an illusion. This is also the key message in Anita’s latest channeling, which I just published.

Each one of you has a preferred topic at the personal, social or global level. It can be a hobby, other sort of activity, family or intimate relationships, interest in political, cultural and scientific events, etc. You all have a very precise and specific vision of what you want to experience instead of the current debased reality. You know exactly the problems of this particular topic you deal with, as you have analysed it and you have developed spiritual ideas as to how this aspect of life should be in an ideal form. But I assume that you seldom use this knowledge to create in a conscious and deliberate manner.

And here is what I would like to suggest to you. Take your preferred topic, no matter how small or big it may be, analyse it one more time very carefully and localize all the blunders and pitfalls based on past obsolete human thought patterns that have created this dysfunctional 3D creation you now experience with a growing disgust. After that begin to consciously eliminate all these blunders step by step in your imagination and substitute them with new thoughts that all depart from the notion of the primary term of All-That Is as a Whole and connect them in a logical and congruent manner.

In practice, you must eliminate all ideas that are based on the primary human notion of separation from the Source and substitute all these compartmentalized thoughts with logical, axiomatic concepts that everything is interconnected and thus U-sets – sets that contain the nature of the Whole, being energy, as an element. Then you can start building new individual forms of the light.

As an example, let us take the most urgent global problem that ravages humanity in these last days. We experience a unique escalation towards a global nuclear war between the West (USA, EU and NATO) and Russia, and eventually China, as the latter, while it is still hiding behind the broad shoulders of the Siberian bear, cannot avoid being involved in this eventual global war when it breaks loose.

The actual reason for this world conflict between the current political powers (big national states) is the primordial idea that there is a fundamental scarcity on this planet and that survival as an individual and a nation can only be guaranteed if one country takes control of all or most natural resources on this planet.

This is the driving force behind the current reckless hegemonic foreign policy of the USA. It aims at creating conflicts in all parts of the world under the fake slogan of nation building and exporting democracy. In reality though, as we now see beyond any doubt, this policy leads to nation destruction, defaults economies and kills many civilians. The more weakened the rest of the world is, the bigger the chance of the Empire of Evil to gain full supremacy over this planet and mankind and subjugate them under the One World Order of Pax Americana. This should be cogent to all of you, as we have discussed this topic numerous times from various points of view.

The political aspect of this primordial human notion of scarcity is the building of national states, which can better gain control over these natural resources than single individuals or small groups or tribes. The bigger the state, the more likely it is that it will dominate the world. This is the driving force behind all big empires, beginning with the Roman empire until the present day.

Human History can be very precisely understood and interpreted under this premise. For instance, all major wars in Europe were driven by the desire of big states to control the old continent and the rest of the world with all its natural and human resources, e.g. as slaves.

For almost one millennium the Byzantine Empire, which was the legitimate heir of the Roman Empire, was the dominating force and authority in Europe. All other small countries acquired their legitimacy from this empire and its glorious capital on the Bosphorus straits. Most of the European kings were for centuries inaugurated in a special coronation ceremony in the Orthodox cathedral of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, a very dark place, which Carla cleansed in June 2013 when she met with me for the first time in Germany and then flew to Istanbul to establish the third Infinity portal on this planet in the Middle East. I am giving you here this detailed information as to comprehend how intricate all our creation is with respect to human history and already established social patterns of life.

After the Byzantine Empire was conquered by the Turks, who founded the Ottoman empire, Europe experienced the rapid surge of several Western European Empires that fought the Ottoman expansion in the West and prevented the Turks to conquer Vienna in the 17th century, at the height of their expansion in Europe.

First came the Austrian empire, then the British Empire, which eventually ruled the waves and most of the world for a century or so, but also the French Empire, which wanted to unite the whole of Europe when Napoleon came to power. When he badly failed during his Russian campaign, a new powerful state emerged in the East – the Russian Empire. This latter then destroyed the Ottoman empire in the 19th century and the rest is known even to people, who have no knowledge of history.

The First and Second World wars broke out among the old European empires and the newly emerging American Empire to determine who would exert hegemony over the world and the numerous colonies in Africa, South America and Asia. These devastating wars eventually ended up in the Cold War, when only two big powers controlled the world – the USA and Russia.

With the fall of the Iron Curtain, this polarity disintegrated and humanity entered a new epoch of great instability. This is a cursory morphological presentation of the key political developments in modern human history, which are all entirely based on and driven by the faulty idea that humans have to live in scarcity and have to lead mortal battles for the limited natural resources of this planet in order to survive.

The idea of scarcity is the logical conclusion of the inherent, omnipresent energetic separation of most incarnated human beings from their souls and thus from the Source. As we are now on the cusp of overcoming precisely this separation and returning humanity back to the Source through the ascension process, we must also envision how this will affect human society and create a new civilization based on peace and prosperity.

This is the only way how to overcome the separation of humanity in numerous antagonistic and bellicose national states, which are always engaged in wars and military conflicts, precisely because they follow the primary notion of scarcity and the wrong quest for survival at the national level, which they have evolved to elaborate political doctrines, be they the USA, GB, EU, Germany or France. Also Russia makes no exception when it come to defining its national interests.

If all humans would know that they are immortal, multidimensional beings, there would be no need for national states to allegedly protect the economic and material interests of their people and to use this as a pretext to lead perennial wars and limit human rights at home as we observe today in a most excessive manner.

After the Fall of the Iron Curtain, it was believed that humanity has entered a new period, where the old history has no relevance any more. This idiotic idea came originally from the Empire of Evil, only to camouflage its even more expansionist colonial policy towards the rest of the world under the idea of unipolarity – one hegemon, one centre of power for all humanity, as Putin admonished in his famous speech in February 2007 at the Munich Security Conference.

Now we witness exactly the opposite of what was theoretically advocated by the hawks and “wolves in sheepskin coat” in Washington, and this revelation is entirely the achievement of the new source energies that expose the unmasked truth about the insidious nature of the last Empire of Evil.

The ruling cabal and their stooges in the numerous think tanks in Washington and around the USA wanted the elimination of all national states under the NWO and defined it as “the end of human history”, not to end all past wars, but the transformation of these wars into a permanent state of a civil war against the rest of humanity under a new total Orion order of human enslavement. This is the conundrum we must now resolve as Creator Gods.

This cannot be done at the political stage. Even when I support Putin and Russia in their opposition to the USA to establish the NWO, I, not for a moment, support the Russian state as such, but only see its limited function as a bulwark to prevent this most negative scenario on this uppermost mother planet before we ascend.

But I am fully aware that in the new 4D worlds, we now create, all national states must be abolished. This cannot happen with political means, by creating one global state, as the Empire of Evil plans, or preventing it, while still preserving the national states in a new multi-polar world as the BRICS states strive to establish, but by changing the basic human idea that incarnated humanity has to live in a permanent state of scarcity.

Instead, we as incumbent Logos Gods, must convincingly show why this idea is wrong and substitute it with the new truthful idea of unlimited abundance, which is what all true creation within All-That-Is is all about.

Do you understand now?

The real battle takes place, and has always taken place, at the mental, emotional and spiritual level of human consciousness as the generator of all holographic reality, but never as devastating physical wars and other irresponsible actions. There is no true evolution that comes from wars, no matter how just they may be, as is the case with the Novorussian patriots who fight against the Nazi Kiev troops that want to suppress and annihilate the Russian population in Ukraine, or from revolutions, no matter how necessary they were in the past in order to alter unbearable political situations, as the total failure of the Arab Spring revolutions illustrated in the last few years.

The only way to convince humanity in the idea of unlimited abundance and peace is for some of us to appear as ascended masters and unlimited Creator Gods, who will be able to create this abundance in a visible manner to all doubtful Thomases and thus abolish the incredulity and the resistance of the masses against all necessary and inevitable changes that have to come in the End Time.

This is best way to convince the people that all abundance comes from their souls and that as soon as they establish contact and align with their HS, they will never experience poverty and scarcity, and devastating wars. This powerful demonstration of God’s abundance will turn around the course of the events on this planet with one fell swoop. After that we can introduce any other truthful ideas and principles of human behaviour based on transcendental spiritual knowledge.

In order to show you how important it is to present to all the people a viable new perspective of unlimited abundance and peace based on the Unity of All-That-Is as to convince them to change their world view, I will give you the following simple example, which probably few of you have contemplated on, although it should be common knowledge to all of you.

Every nation has been built on some basic foundational ideas. The United States of America evolved around the notion of the founding fathers that each human being is driven by his “quest (pursuit) for happiness”. A just state was supposed to furnish the social and political conditions that guaranteed this personal quest for happiness. This is the bottom line of the American constitution that turned the American dream, which the dark entity Obama excessively instrumentalized for his election, into a veritable nightmare.

Please observe that the US constitution does not specify what personal happiness should be and this omission caused the downfall of this country into an Empire of Evil. The moment the few ruling dark entities usurped the political power in the USA in the early 19th century, they started interpreting their personal, egotistic pursuit of happiness in terms of eliminating most of humanity and using all natural resources of this planet entirely for their benefit. This is how the idea of the NWO in the End Time emerged and infested life on this planet.

The same thing happened when the EU was founded in the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. It persuaded most European countries to enter the EU by promising them “peace and abundance”. Given the fact that most European countries had suffered and had been devastated numerous times by perennial wars that took place on this continent, and have lived for the most time in poverty, this promise – abundance and peace – was very attractive to the European peoples, especially in the East. It is fair to say that the masses truly believed this promise of the dark cabal that were pulling the strings behind this European integration, as these poor nations could look over the border to the more prosperous countries, such as Germany and Benelux, and wish the same prosperous life for themselves.

Of course, this was the most insidious lie, as the ruling dark Bilderberg cabal had no intention to bring prosperity and peace to all the new, mostly Easteuropean members of EU, but to eliminate their sovereignty in the first place, before they can be fully integrated and subjugated under the planned NWO. Were it otherwise, the EU could have easily prevented all the wars that subsequently took place in former Yugoslavia and on the fringes of the former Soviet empire, instigated deliberately by Brussels in cahoots with Washington.

Ultimately, the EU advertised its existence with the same promises as we shall make to the masses when we ascend and lead humanity to true abundance, prosperity and peace in the new 4D worlds. The big principal difference lies in the fact that the EU never intended to bring prosperity to the people, but only to increase the state of scarcity and austerity at the periphery of the new European empire, as they did with Greece, Spain, Ireland and many other Easteuropean countries in the following years.

The key and most abominable characteristic of the dark ruling Orion cabal is to always promise the opposite of what they truly intend to create. Their advantage in the past was that they knew precisely what they want to achieve and how they should lie, while the masses had no idea what they wanted to create for themselves and thus believed all the lies that were forwarded to them by the elite. In this way, a few very dark entities could create their insidious reality to their full advantage and rule over 99% of the human sheeple, who defied the notion that human beings are first and foremost powerful creators and can have access to unlimited abundance and prosperity.

And last, but not least, do not forget that this same insidious idea was used to infest and derail the whole New Age movement by forwarding the bogus concept of NESARA of the dark cabal, which disempowered most light workers in the same manner as the rest of humanity with the bogus promise of abundance, peace and pursuit of happiness.

The same thing will happen very soon when we appear as Ascended Masters, only that we shall bring to humanity the true abundance of the Source and will eliminate all wars as obsolete acts based on the wrong concept of human beings who live in a state of interminable scarcity and in a perennial battle for naked survival as biological species. The key element of this true evolution of humanity is that we shall serve the people in an unconditional, selfless manner as a spiritual hierarchy that has already reached immortality and has overcome all scarcity by becoming sovereign creator gods of unlimited abundance and prosperity. We will be the ones to first introduce the notion that all humans are One and that war is the most obsolete method of solving any human problem, as we now ubiquitously witness around the globe.

I am hopeful that you can discern from this example very clearly how you can create now in a conscious and deliberate manner the new worlds of light. You must first identify a problem, at best one, with which you are personally familiar and interested in, as this is a clear indication that your soul has decided to work on this problem in this last incarnation. Then you analyse all the primary ideas that have created this problem, in the full knowledge that we all create our holographic realities through our ideas – collective and personal.

Then you begin to eliminate all these wrong primary ideas one by one and substitute them with new correct ideas based on the true nature of All-That-Is. By applying these new ideas and thoughts in a methodological manner, you begin to envision a new full-fledged version of this current reality with respect to this past problem or aspect of life, which is always a product of the old matrix.

Thus you eliminate in a very deliberate manner the old matrix piece by piece and substitute it with a new holographic image (model), which you create entirely in your mind and perceive emotionally with your heart. Because abstract thoughts are always amplified in their creative potential by intensive feelings. Creation in the lower dimensions is always a product of a combination of mental and emotional energies.

While creating this new vision in your active imagination, you must use the seven sacred flames and imbue it with these powerful source energies. You can use first the Harmonic Pulser, which Michael presented to you and eliminate with it the old reality, make, so to say, “tabula rasa” first, before you start substituting it with your new higher visions of the light.

And do not forget that you create this reality every one-fourth of a quadrillion of a second completely anew and that you should keep your vision present and active all the time as a kind of standing wave that attracts all other energies and vibrations and thus creates a stable new holographic form in space and time.

This is the quintessence of all Creation and we must start engaging our still human minds in these kinds of focused creationary activities. We are the only ones who now create the new reality by eliminating piece by piece the old Orion matrix. There is nobody else that will come from outside this holographic model to rescue us. The more effective Creator Gods we become, the quicker we shall transform this reality and transfigure ourselves to unlimited multidimensional beings. Creating the new reality leads inevitably to our ascension, as this new reality is already an ascended version of ourselves.


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