The Elohim: You Have Reached the Crowning Moment of Ascension Expansion

Massive Influx of Walk-Ins at this Point in Time Confirmed

Carla Thompson, February 3, 2015


Georgi Stankov

It is important to observe that Carla began with the reception of this message at the same time when I wrote my energy report on February 1st, 2015 about the massive wave of walk-ins mainly from the new human template which we created last year on this uppermost mother planet. Neither of us knew what the other was writing, respectively channeling. Carla finished with her message after I had already published my report and we both read our texts the next day.

Given this background, it is remarkable that we both received overwhelmingly the same information at the same time. Actually not, as we now communicate mainly through telepathy and clair-cognizance between us and with the HR. When I wrote the energy report, I was highly inspired by my HS, who is also part of the Elohim group that Carla channels. Of course I am assessing mainly the events as they manifest in this reality and are perceived by myself. But their explanation always involves the transcendental dimension within the logic of the current ascension scenario.

When closely analysed, we always deal with a restricted set of factors and elements that build the energetic edifice of the ascending Gaia. It is only a matter of proper logical arrangement of all these elements based on personal experience and theoretical gnostic knowledge in order to construct the broader picture of the unfolding energetic events and render the proper explanation. All these events effortlessly build upon each other in the eternal harmony of divine Creation.

As you may have noticed, important announcements about key energetic events on our part have always followed the same invariant pattern. First Carla and I observe these events in our multidimensional reality and then I make an initial report with the appropriate background explanation.

When the seeding of the new human race happened on October 12th 2014, I was the first one to inform you. In fact in order not to be shocked by this news I announced this event in advance in a preliminary report on October 10th, after we had received the information from the Elohim when the seeding / birthing of the new human template would most likely happen:

The Seeding of the New Human Race Will Take Place This Weekend 

Then Carla received two messages from the Elohim that confirmed this key event in the Ascension scenario and gave us further explanations:

The Creation of the New Human Race, October 14, 2014 


Sacred Geometry of the New Human Race: The Elohim Confirm the Seeding of the New Human Template on October 12, 2014, October 16, 2014

Please observe that we used two different terms for this event:

1) the seeding of the new human template and

2) the seeding of the new human race.

The template is the ideal blueprint of the new humanity in its multidimensional potentiality and it can be replicated infinite times.

Thus the new human template is the seed of the new human race.

Now, please consider carefully – these are not random events which we tell you all along as to keep your interest alive and you do not throw the towel in the ring and desert the ascension process and the PAT. These are the key events that shape the destiny of Gaia and humanity in the eternal Now.

Each event builds upon previous events and achievements, which we have accomplished so far. This has been my leitmotif since I have opened this website and in particular since we opened the stargate 11.11.11. Everything that has happened so far on this planet has been achieved with a lot of effort and pain by the light warriors of the first and the last hour, including Carla and myself as Elohim in human gestalt.

Nothing has been given to us as a present from the HR – hence forget all the naive fairy tales you read in all these channelings from people who cannot even spell “LBP”; and first and foremost do not send me any GaiaPortal 2.0 messages anymore, as by doing so you only expose yourself as somebody who cannot immediately discern  that this new edition is an outrageous fraud. Develop your own intuition and clair-cognizance as the Elohim recommend below and establish your own truthful perception about the Ascension. You do not even need to believe Carla and myself if you have a better story to tell.

Many big things in the Ascension process have been done by all of us, such as the creation of the seven 4D earths end of May 2013 and the creation of Gaia 5, including the unification of all past civilisations in December 2013. Not to speak of the 5D cities of light such as Raetia (there are seven more, one here in the Vancouver area) and the three infinity portals. These events have also been reported on this website and they are all closely linked:

The Energy Work With My Dual Soul Since May 22, 2013, June 11, 2013

The Birth of the New Logos Gods of Gaia and Humanity , May 30, 2014

Read also these chronicles (overviews) of the events during the summer of 2013 when we not only created the first seven 4D earths which later became numerous, but also when Carla was the first human being to transfigure her physical body and ascend: (for German readers) , etc.

This lecture will give you the necessary perspective to properly evaluate the grandeur of the current massive influx of walk-ins on this uppermost mother planet. Most of them belong to the new human template which was birthed on October 12th. Then end of October the first of these human templates came to us as a walk-in – Carla’s new mother’s soul.

This was the most crucial phase of testing how well these new souls will adapt to this still very toxic 4D reality. And it was obvious that the first new human template had to incarnate in the family and house of her creators. After this test period was accomplished with great success and this new template firmly adapted into this reality without succumbing to dark energies, the path for massive incarnation of new walk-ins was opened in 2015.

Of course we were not lazy during this time, but continued cleansing incessantly the negative patterns of this uppermost timeline and raisng its frequencies, so that the new templates could find the most favorable environment to begin with their new incarnation cycle, which will fully unfold on the new 4D worlds.

All these new soul templates carry the full genetic information of myself and Carla as Elohim and Logos Gods and have the potential to become such gods.

This is the actual seeding of the new human race and it happens Now!

What is central to this new human race is that they all carry in their genetic memory the full theory of the Universal Law and will immediately embrace this theory when it will be presented to humanity by myself. This may happen very soon, as I have told you on many occasions in the knowing that all these events we now report were planned to occur in this time frame.

I hope now that you can better perceive the intricate plan of us as Creator Gods how to ascend Gaia and humanity. Everything that has been created so far, Gaia 5 with its numerous timelines most of which have already been destroyed by MPR and have merged with the dense 3D and 4D earths of recalcitrant humanity, even the new Golden Galaxy was done by ourselves. That is why I repeat like a parrot all the time that you are the new Guardians of the new Galaxy as you tend to forget this crucial fact and consider it as a kind of metaphor.

The seeding of the new human race as walk-ins on this uppermost mother planet is the game changer in the current Ascension scenario.

I have already presented you the energetic psychodynamics of humanity that currently shapes all these events. All these pieces of information are not random news just to keep you busy, but are intricately linked by the irrefutable logic of the ascension process, which is the same logical axiomatics of the Universal Law in action. Make no mistake about it.

That is why I must urge you at this place to begin really carefully reading the new theory of the Universal Law as to internalize these axiomatics in your daily thinking. You do not need to understand all mathematical and physical proofs, but only to comprehend the basic logic of the Law. Otherwise you are like lost children and will continue to ask me if you were doing everything correct as to ascend. Here I refer to some new readers and not to the true PAT.

This is not the way to ascension. I can only give you the basic ideas behind this ascension process, but you must make the effort to understand them in their entirety and not as scattered pieces of sensational news. This is also an aspect of this website, but the least important one. Sensations exist in the linear time only as a surprise trigger for zombies with anesthetized senses. In the eternal Now of All-That-Is, where all creation occurs simultaneously, there is no space and time for sensations as everything exists already and constantly evolves. Keep this in mind.


Elohim Message

Beloved Ones, we are the Elohim and we wish to comment that this moment crowns all moments in the ascension expansion, where the great flowering of parallel timelines continues, where realities flicker ‘on’ or are ‘there’ in one moment, then “off” or simply morphed into other expressions in the next.

It is like the House of Mirrors at the local fair! Although the mirrors are here, now, they are not static nor permanently in one place, but rotate their positions and their make-up in every instant!  This is the multi-dimensionality that you are living with and to which your third dimensional perspective has difficulty to comprehend.
The fiery gateways flow open and then close and your existence upon many infinite levels continues in “subconscious” form as your “conscious” form holds onto the makeup of your waking reality.  It is true that there are areas or clumps of reality missing from your awareness [ for instance when I look out at the houses below, they appear like empty shadows, not holding any energy of any kind ], as the energy from these areas is mostly re-located to another expression.  It is the absence of this imprint that you now notice through the gift of your expanded awareness.
Your expanded awareness fuels your affinity for mental telepathy and makes this your preferred mode of communication now. Your ability in telepathy flourishes as you reach a new level of sensitivity in clair-cognizance.  With clair-cognizance there is immediate, intimate and direct knowing about anything you choose to tune in to.  It is your new expanded filter in life.  This gift grows now and is seen for instance in your ability to ascertain instantly the nature of a website, whether sincere or whether regurgitated disinformation; or to ascertain a soul destined for a lower timeline, or one newly arrived here destined for the upper earth.
From this point onward, you will grow into other new abilitites and we already see great leaps of clarity in you and many light warriors now as the “knowing” of something is spontaneous.  This knowing even crosses all timelines where a dream of an event or a vision from the meditative state is an actual knowing of the event, the actual experiencing of the event.  This is the first step in expanding into your true ability to tune in to, and see, the Akashic Records, a signpost of higher dimensional existence.

At the group level, humanity is going through a natural separation into two distinct groups of individuals, where the division removes the souls requiring and choosing more experiences in this third dimension to walk-out, and those new souls wishing to make ascension to the New Earth a part of their experience, to walk-in. The group who is attaining the expansion of awareness which grants them access to the Akashic Records is the group that remains here on this upper-most level of expression. 

These individuals are firstly the warriors of the first and last hour, as well as the many old souls.  The entire group to remain here on the upper-most planet now begin to pull in all of their soul fragments, which is also posing some energetic challenges upon all bodies of these individuals.  The second group, those who cannot carry the necessary light quotient nor make the evolutionary advancements needed for an enlightened being and hence civilization, are dropping away, in a natural way, to the new timeline of their souls choice.

Events are created and opportunities taken to vacate a physical body to move to another timeline.  As one soul vacates a body, another is free to enter.  We describe this as a soul walk-in and this is happening now with great ease and regularity. The majority of new souls coming in enter carrying the new template [ link ].  This creates a common soul family (Monad) as the foundation for the incarnates on this upper timeline and will ultimately lead to a sustained harmony as they are coming in greater and greater numbers now.  The light quotient rises and harmony becomes the order of the day, as those souls who leave take with them their unyielding negativity and recalcitrant stubbornness in their unwillingness to open and effect change in their own behaviour.  

These old habits and traits do not support the New Earth and are now replaced with new souls whose characters represent a balance of centred calmness and personality control, integrity, compassion, forthrightness and humour.

All of these traits necessarily create harmony and harmony is one of the most important foundational elements not only in all matters of this reality but also of the New Earth. Each of you knows someone in your life whose old traits and reactions seem to have been replaced by these new fresh ones.  Look around, as there is no doubt that you will be able to pick them out, for they are there.

This is a new phase in creation as many forces now drive the rapid expansion of the ascension and every moment is a Miracle in Creation!

We are the Elohim and we surround you with all our love!  May peace be with you!


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