Second Major Victory of the Russian People

by Georgi Stankov and Dennis Dingemanse, February 18, 2015

The Ukraine War Simply Explained

Dear Georgi,

This is what I was thinking this morning:

“There is reliable information that several hundred US soldiers and mercenaries of the former private US army Blackwater, together with their NATO tanks and weapons are also encircled in Debalsevo. When they are captured and shown to the rest of the world by the Novorussian patriots in the coming days, it will become evident that the USA is an active party of this war.”

It would be splendid when the mercenaries and NATO militairy servants would be captured and shown in every news outlet they were invading Ukraine.

Dennis, The Netherlands


Dear Dennis,

this is one possible outcome of this battle. But it is also very likely that there are secret negotiations now ongoing between the Russians and the Americans to prevent this. The price will be that the USA will not send any lethal weapons to Kiev and practically withdraw from this conflict as a looser.

The Russians are not keen on spectacular political revelations, contrary to the Americans – they prefer the quiet diplomacy, which is much more effective. What counts at the end is not to expose or vilify the enemy as the West does excessively, even at the expense of blatant lies, but the final outcome.

In this particular case the Russians want to have a full control over Ukraine after this rogue regime in Kiev inevitably collapses in the coming days. They now have the best trumps in their hands to achieve this goal as the insurgent army of now almost 100 000 Novorussian soldiers will be the only law and order power in Ukraine when the current nazi regime in Kiev collapses and the regular Ukrainian army has been practically destroyed and dissolved in this war by the victorious newly created Novorussian army with highly sophisticated Russian weapons. This is already the end of the NATO expansion eastwards. One must understand the magnitude of the current victory of the Russian people over the dark Western cabal.

This was a very important insight I got yesterday from my HS, while writing this article. This also explains why the Russians now achieved another major victory by passing a UN resolution at the security council last night, where the second Minsk agreement is fully supported and accepted as an international law.

If you read this agreement carefully (see below), it allows the insurgents to keep their army and weapons and it does not say anything about saving and restoring the defeated Kiev army. It deliberately does not mention Debalsevo and this was the greatest blunder of Poroshenko during these negotiations, as he stubbornly denied any encirclement of his troops so that no agreement was made on this issue. Hence there will be also no official defeat of the Ukrainian army, but only a factual dissolution.

You get it? The Russians are masters in writing down clever diplomatic agreements with a long-term perspective by omitting the most important facts which play into their hands and solidify all their gains so far.

Now the USA was compelled to ratify this Russian sponsored UN resolution after blocking similar attempts of Russia on more than 30 occasions in the past by using its veto power. With this the USA has practically agreed not to send any weapons to the Nazi Kiev junta, as stated in the Minsk agreement.

This concession of the USA might have been bought – and I am sure that exactly this has happened as my HS tells me – by the readiness of the Russians and the Novorussian insurgents to let these American mercenaries leave Debalsevo unnoticed to avoid a political scandal, but leaving their weapons and tanks there, which is already a humiliation similar to the one when the Vietnamese army entered Saigon and the US embassy personal had to be frantically  evacuated in dramatic scenes by helicopters and many were left behind and became prisoners of the Vietnamese liberation army.

As I told you, at the end counts only the final resolution of this crisis on the Russian border and for the clever Russians this means – Ukraine must remain in their sphere of influence. This has already happened with the UN resolution last night The rest will unfold in a very beautiful manner in the coming days. That is why I showed the photo with Putin laughing in a very relaxed manner as he knew that he has won while Merkel and Hollande were “tristesse pure”.

With love and light



Full Text of the Second Minsk Agreement

Russian draft resolution on Ukraine passed by UN Security Council

Video: The Ukrainian Army Surrenders at Debalsevo on February 17, 2015

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