Energy Update – February 11, 2015

The Arrival of the Sacred Gold-Purple Flame (Sixth Ray) of Resurrection

by Shirley Garmon and Georgi Stankov

Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla:

Not certain if this is significant, but thought that I should share it.

Dream Monday night:

I had two dreams within the last two nights.  Monday night, I dreamt that I and others were floating on a four post bed in the ocean. The water were very smooth, water with big tall wavers, but not threatening or torrential currents, just big easy going currents. Then I woke up.

Dream 2 Tuesday might:

I dreamt that I was in my grandmother’s house walking in to different rooms. As I entered one of the rooms, there was a large platter of crystals.  They were all the colors of the rainbow, white, red, yellow, green dark, smoky colors, white,  but of particular interest to me was

the  deep, dark purple crystal.Amethyst - Amethyst Points - Dark "Extra/A" (Brazil) According to healing,

Amethyst connects the physical plane with higher realm, making it a good choice when working with the Third Eye Chakra. Amethyst opens and activates the Crown Chakra, allowing easier access to the divine. Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness and spiritual wisdom, promoting a higher state of consciousness. Amethyst clears and repairs holes in the aura and draws in Divine energy, as well as aligning and fostering cooperation between the energy bodies.

In regard to how I am feeling at this very moment, I would say the definition of this crystals is doing its job quite well!!!

I know that water has a symbolic meaning: In view of the new moon portal today, I believe this to be very significant in regard to Powerful Source Energies coming thru which I am feeling now. Sorry this is so lengthy!

To see water in your dream symbolizes your unconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment

Shirley A. Garmon


Dear Shirley,

when I read your letter I had to smile as yesterday I intended to ask you if you have had some pivotal dreams recently as you always have great dreams. You are a great and prophetic dreamer indeed. This is a rare faculty. And today you have sent me your latest dreams. I somehow knew it.

Well your first dream with the ocean very well describes the current energetic situation. It has become more smooth since two days after we opened the Feb 11 portal. Now the source waves will become huge, but steady and they are now flowing without any resistance that is typical for a stormy weather. I think that we now have the worst behind us.

The shutdown of my website actually symbolized out last mortal battle with the dark forces at the astral and the physical plane, before this breakthrough could be achieved. This is what Carla received from the Elohim and I from my HS. During this downtime all PAT members focused their intention and actively used the seven sacred flames to unblock the website and the dark ruling cabal were no longer able to keep this energetic blockage of my website from the world wide web, which is technically a very extensive and time-consuming affair for the dark secret services to behold for a long period of time. I know this from an IT expert who explained to me the technical background of such dark ops of the secret services to shut down critical websites.

To this conclusion speaks also the fact that the server-service did not contribute anything to the re-opening of my website, but they only restricted themselves to observing this phenomenon without being able to repair anything. Hence I fully contribute the re-opening of my website to the joint collective effort of the PAT and the power of your invocations of the seven sacred flames as incumbent Logos Gods. This was the most remarkable display of our creative powers so far, As I shall show below, this discussion is closely related to your second dream.

I personally feel that we have now accomplished the most difficult part of the ascension preparation and now all energy waves that will follow will easily and smoothly heave us to higher dimensions without any major cataclysms and resistance at the energetic level. This however does not mean that we will not experience collapses of economy, finances, society and the whole Orion structure, then precisely this is the function of the coming energy waves. But these collapses will not affect us personally anymore as we are now energetically fully detached from this 3D overlay.

Hence these collapses will occur more in a form of implosion as the new crystalline grid no longer supports the current 3D overlay and its old behavior patterns and they will simply vanish from this reality at some point in linear time, before linear time itself is also wrapped up during the ID shift.

Your second dream regarding the purple crystal is very important, even prophetic, as it refers to the peak of the purple energies of resurrection in the last days in preparation for our ascension. When we presented the sixth ray of resurrection, we defined it at that time as a gold flame. In fact, according to Aurelia Jones’ definition of the seven sacred flames in her book, which we recommended,


the sixth ray is defined as “gold and purple” (see p. 159). It begins as gold and gets purple when the intensity and the frequencies of this flame start to increase. Carla presented this flame only as gold as at that time the flame of resurrection manifested predominantly as a gold spectrum with some purple specks. In the l;ast days however its colour became more and more deep purple as the frequencies of this ray steadily increased.

The sixth, gold-purple ray (flame) of resurrection embodies the perfect blueprint of all our bodies the physical, emotional, mental, etheric, spiritual, and the life of the Ascended Masters’ Purity and Love.

The coming of the purple flame in these days indicates the completion of our ascension process and our preparedness for the final transmutation. I am seeing this flame now for almost two weeks and wanted to inform you about its arrival.

As you remember, the Elohim informed us that all seven flames are active on this uppermost mother planet, but that they peak in a perfect harmony with the progression of the ascension process. While until now the flame of resurrection was prevalent as gold flame of Christed light, now the time of the purple flame of ascension has arrived to bring about the final perfection of our Ascended master’s blueprint. All these flames unfold in a beautiful order and, when properly assessed, give us vital information where we stand in the ascension process.

That is why I am very thankful to you for mentioning this dream on the purple amethyst crystal. Dreams are there to make us aware of major events and facts we normally overlook in our daily life. The energies of resurrection, in addition to what has been said about the effects of the purple amethyst crystal, have come to us to give the final polish to our light bodies in preparation for our final transfiguration. Resurrection is integral part of the Christed energies of the Unity field, which the PAT created first in 2012 and reinforced throughout the whole year of 2013.

Of course we know that all seven sacred flames are always active on this earth and are most important for the ascension process in the current End Time, but now the time has arrived for the purple flame of resurrection to unfold its power. Its arrival is associated with the opening of the Feb 11th portal.

Before that we had more than two months when the emerald green flame of healing, science and clarity of mind was dominant and unfolded its effects. This was the period of massive cleansing of mental and emotional patterns and the effects are now seen in the mass media, which are now beginning to turn, more or less willingly, to the naked facts and see the crimes of the ruling cabal and the unvarnished truth with clearer eyes and a more critical mind.

I have closely followed this new developments on my website by presenting numerous facts and proofs for the effects of the emerald green flame. Now we must focus on the gold-purple flame of resurrection and use it in our invocations and immediate creations in preparation for our final transfiguration.

Indeed, your dream is pivotal for what will come in the next days after we opened the Feb 11 portal and this information should be made available to the PAT. Thank you very much for sharing your dreams with us.

With love and light



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