Urgent Energy Update – January 12, 2015

Another Huge Explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone on January 11, 2015

by Georgi Stankov


Yesterday when I wrote my energy report in the morning, I mentioned that  “today the energies feel much calmer and more comfortable, but who knows for how long.” I had already the premonition that something big was in the making.

Then around 15.00 p.m. Pacific time I published my article on the false flag attack in Paris and said my decree to reveal all crimes of the ruling cabal three times with a very loud voice, almost shouting, in the name of the Source. I immediately received goose bumps as a confirmation from my HS that this was a very powerful and timely decree that has triggered a huge alchemical reaction worldwide and has accelerated the process of final revelations.

Then around 16.00 pm I was hit by the most devastating energy wave of total emotional depression. It put a heavy leaden weight on my breast and I could barely breathe. I have had such waves several times in the past and they have always been associated with massive transformation of my body at the quantum level when the whole energetic structure is completely changed and it feels as if dying in your body, while still being alive in your spirit, a kind of full paralysis due to curare poisoning.

I am confident that many of you must have felt this massive wave in some way. It came from the collective and also beared a strong component of total desperation and dread of the ruling cabal, who realized all of a sudden that they have lost everything. Then I experienced a series of severe chills, which are always indicative of MPR on near-by timelines. This was another massive ID shift.

This wave lasted for about an hour and a half. Then shortly after 17.00 pm, there was an incredible sudden energetic blast from the Great Central Sun that flooded my fields and body. I thought that this time I would be burnt for ever or that my physical body will disintegrate in billions of quantum particles and I would finally ascend. I could barely move, so stiff and depleted my body was. Carla experienced at the same time this same wave.

The most remarkable of such Source waves is that when they hit the physical vessel, the body elemental immediately enters a state of high alert as if a mortal danger is menacing you. The survival instinct of the body elemental is so all-encompassing that in such a case I need the full power of rational argumentation of my mind in order to calm down this animalistic angst.

As I was listless, I lay down and slept for an hour or so. Carla was also taken away at the same time. As we discussed it later, we were surrounded during our nap by very loving energies, while we received this huge energy blast from the Central Sun Alcyone, that protected us and gave a great consolation to our body elementals. We knew that something huge was happening last night as we could no longer feel as humans. We knew it was the peak of the portal 1.11, which is a follow-up of the stargate 11.11.11., but what actually happened?

After we recovered somewhat from this energy shock, I received an email from Erick late in the evening with the following link:

Breaking news! Solar flare is in the form of DNA – Alien technology! January 11, 2015

This could be one possible explanation.

Then a couple of minutes later I received a letter from Rick here in Canada who wrote: “A message I received several evenings ago from an ethereal contact was “initiating molecular activation“.. This was a very important message followed by an instantaneous download of what it meant; it meant, mass activation for “sleepers“.  And he sent me the following link, which is a partially correct, albeit not very precise description of the LBP in terms of changes in the DNA:


I think that this kind of communication is never at random, but always has a deeper purpose.

In my yesterday’s energy report I mentioned to you that we received lots of codes of information from the Agarthans when they visited us in our apartment two days ago. We are indeed receiving now huge downloads of new codes and information that transforms our energetic structure at the quantum level and makes it more fluid and malleable and brings it into full compliance with the laws of immediate creation. This is the kind of evolutionary leap we are now undergoing in preparation for our final transfiguration.

All these codes have to flow first through the personal fields of the light warriors of the PAT, the new Logos Gods, before they reach the second wave ascension candidates and some other old and ripe souls and prepare them for their ID shift to the new 4D worlds. But we are also infusing Gaia with these codes in preparation for its final move to the new Golden Galaxy.

The explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone yesterday evening was the peak of this code transmisson, which began with the New Year and has the purpose to transform the whole energetic edifice of this holographic reality. As Carla observed today, and I have repeatedly mentioned it in my energy reports, our bodies are the most reliable and fine-tuned instruments to gauge every energy wave coming from the HR or the Great Central Sun that transforms this reality. On numerous occasions, and without any exception, such experiences with Source waves, which I have reported in advance on this website, have been confirmed by the Elohim who also gave us additional explanation. This website is a seamless chronicle of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity as it flows through our fields and bodies. There is no other information on this planet that describes the ascension process more accurately and precisely. You should not forget that for a minute.

My interpretation of the yesterday’s energy burst from the Great Central Sun is that it was of pivotal character and has thrust Gaia firmly into the new Golden Galaxy. This means that the energetic quantum structure of humanity and the whole holographic model have now been transformed in a profound and radical manner. From now on the collapse of the old matrix must begin to manifest with a rapid speed and I am very confident that we will experience some very dramatic events in the coming days, whereas one should always bear in mind that linear time is an illusion.

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