TRUE PAT – Warriors of the First and Last Hour

by Jerry R James, January 4, 2015

With greatest joy I announce today that Jerry is back,


Who are they and what distinguishes them? Where are they now? Why have they gone silent?

1. Loss of worldly connection

a) Jobs and financial resources – If they work at all now it is in a very diminished capacity only to barely sustain themselves. Long ago the idea of a rewarding career was thrown on the junk pile of their other shattered dreams to make a “normal” life in this most abnormal matrix.

b) Relationships-partners, animal companions, family, friends, etc. Although this is a normal human experience, the loss they experience is more profound and complete. Many relationships end in “untimely” death. Others through breakups because of changing values. The results are the same. The relationships are rarely replaced with another and the warrior is left alone and lonely and even if the relationships continue they are often become meaningless.

2. Loss of interest

a) Channeled material. They have long ago realized the truth. Channeled material whether from Sananda, the Elohim, Saint Michael all comes from within the matrix. These entities may have served as masters to past dark planet but they are still part of the illusion (I think that the problem of clarity and truthfulness does not lie with the excarnated entities, but entirely with the channelers who are not clean and have not resolved their issues. Hence they are channeling dark sources under such names. There are however still clear channellers, who contribute to a better understanding of the underlying energetic events, but it is also true that the more we ascend, the less we need external sources of information. Note George) The grand deception that we are ascending from efforts they have and are making on our behalf. These entities may be ascending also but it is us, the new logos gods who will be pulling them through the ascension portal not the other way around. Our power is in the belief of ourselves and our ability to commune with our higher selves without the aid of false “gods”. These entities had their chance to pull us from the matrix for untold centuries. They could not do it then and they can’t now.

b) Recreational past times – sports, movies, favorite foods, the list is endless. Try as we might to relate to family gatherings etc It is a painful experience and our need for solitude grows with each day.

3. Light Body Process

a) Anyone who does not experience this process physically is suspect as to belonging to the category we are discussing. Physically it is impossible to live even close to a normal existence. That is why it is I always shake my head with wonder at the light workers who keep busy lecture schedules, write books and tour the world and even have special seminars during days of heightened activities such as full moons, solstices etc.

  1. Vertigo, severe fatigue, ears ringing, headache, head pressure (third eye and crown)
  2. Bowel and digestive disorders
  3. Nasal and bronchial congestion
  4. Stiffness in joints, particularly neck
  5. Heart palpitations.
  6. Feeling of dread and doom ( the other shoe is about to drop)

These experiences have been ongoing for years and can come on anytime but are more prominent during special dates. Of course many people not going through light body process experience these same symptoms as the body can react the same to various stimuli. Usually these symptoms come and go sporadically and are worsened by too much physical activity or too much interaction with others. For instance one may experience bronchial congestion or vertigo at night but by morning it is gone. Even without other symptoms (side effects really) there is a strong underlying fatigue. What causes these side effects is as mysterious and strange as the ascension process itself. A short answer is that it is a side effect of what we are doing and processing in our dream and awake state in other dimensions and realms.

4. Other world experiences and busy, busy dream states

a) Visits with passed loved ones and animal companions

b) Visits with inner earth beings, star beings etc.

c) Dreams of flying, visiting large libraries, attending meetings in the higher realms, giving lectures, teaching etc.

These experiences often occur in the lucid dream state or between sleep and dream but are most satisfying when they occur in the fully awake state.

5) Despite it all, the conviction that we have, and we will ascend and bring the rest of the dying world with us into the light

a) The illusion will be over

b) Life will finally make sense and be worth living

c) The realization even if I physically don’t survive, I have done the work, I have fought the good fight, and the prize is mine.

d) I can’t wait until tomorrow. One step closer. And you?


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