Trigger to Ascension

Master Kuthumi

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, published on December 23, 2014

translated by Franz

To awaken from the dream into reality and to overcome Life in this reality. To attain rulership over space and time, to recognize whose child one is, and to see what is hidden to the human eye until the day of the Light: God’s Glory.

Beloved Ones,

in these days much knowledge is given to you and your consciousness is being consistently expanded. Thereby an extreme awareness of the world and of Life emerges; you become clearer and more conscious and you must recognize that a great part of mankind does not react to the cosmic Light of Love. God’s fields of grace are hesitantly or not at all entered into (by the people), God’s fields of grace remain unused. This includes the awakening of individual human beings, and it is a substantial number, and does not exclude it.

In this transmission the Light is directed to the fact that the discrepancy between the different levels of awareness of human Beings increases.

Inconsistencies of this Time 

While the ascending ones expand more and more in the divine Light, the remaining ones lull themselves into a false sense of security, given that the ascension seemingly does not occur. With the increase in awareness of a being, the perception of the divide between the unconscious and conscious ones also increases. While you are purified, redeemed and refined due to the influx of the Light from All-That-Is, and you still are, the majority of human children remains in their old doings, in familiar thinking and become entangled in externally determined emotions and sensations.

Linear Change no longer possible!

It is important to understand why today a “linear change”, meaning a step-wise evolution of mankind on this Mother planet of ascension, is no longer possible. This process would devour further eons and this quota of space-time is no longer available to this earth. The time is truly over and therefore those, who awaken now, will step toward their completion on the newly created planets of schooling of the 4th dimension of All-That-Is. 

In order to correctly understand the quality of this time, it is important to understand the inconsistencies of this time.

Immense discharges of dark energy on the one hand and until now unsurpassed light influx for this world. Day after day these realities, whereupon human beings act, drift further apart. And each human being perceives what he has chosen and finds himself in “his” world and in his reality. 

While the ascending ones become lighter and more transparent, the remaining ones become more polluted and less transparent for the high Light energies of Creation, because they failed to grow with the continuously increasing vibration.

The decisions have truly been made and yet the exceptions determine the events of time.

Ascension Energy and triggering Moment! 

Thereby human beings who were least expected turn toward the Light. These human beings enrich the ascension energy together with the light warriors of the first and last hours. The “ascension energy” is the energy, with the help of which the magnetic pole reversal happens, the worlds separate entirely from each other due to a multitude of follow-on events, and the return of the light warriors is fulfilled. 

We stand at the point in space-time, when it only requires the triggering moment and this world will tip over from its present fabric, will be transformed and reborn.

Reborn, just like you, who with longing expect the day of days, you, who have understood the Now, and yet in the space-time are still confronted with the past and the future. This message serves the purpose so that you all understand the further extremes, the “distortions of this time and this society”, and so that you draw the right conclusions, because: 

The further the divide between the awakened and the ignorant ones drifts apart, the closer is the day of truth and the day, when God’s Glory is manifested in this world.

Before this world is transformed, the differences between human beings become increasingly apparent. To recognize Light as Light, and darkness as darkness; whereby the awakened ones can well distinguish and recognize Light and darkness, while the unconscious human beings lack the quality to be able to make the right allocations. The divide between human beings continues to increase, until the discrepancy in the world becomes unbridgeable, whereupon the worlds separate and take their new place in this galaxy. 

Understand the inconsistencies of time and you have understood the course of the world.

I am the way for this understanding,

I am

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