To Serve Life


channelled by Jahn J Kassl, published on December 2, 2014

translated by Franz


Georgi Stankov

This message from the prophet Elijah, the first man in recorded human history who has successfully transfigured his body and ascended (it remains to be seen if his transfiguration was the same as we shall experience or a light version of it as I surmise), comes just on time to highlight the ascension scenario as described in my latest article “November was a Full Success“.  

It discusses all the major elements of the current final phase of ascension when the dark cabal are planning a major crime on humanity but will fail in this endeavour. This will trigger a chain of collapses of the current Orion matrix, such as a crash of the dollar as fiat world currency, crash of the equity and commodity markets, beginning with the gold and silver markets, shutdown of the Western banking system and a total infarct of the economy. What will happen after that is anybody’s guess.

All current developments point to an attempt of the dark Western cabal to unleash a new nuclear world war, but this will be prevented by virtue of a major natural catastrophe such as the MPR on this uppermost mother planet. Shortly before that we shall leave this reality because our mission is accomplished with this final event, as Elijah confirms here one more time.

He explains what I have already said, namely, why must we stay to the very last moment on the ground and accompany humanity to their ultimate disaster with a highly pedagogical aim. The ancient prophet certifies one more time that most currently incarnated human beings will fully succumb to the dark ones and will accept the “mark of the beast” which is the mark of their enslavement that they shall carry throughout their long and dreary incarnation cycle on lower timelines.

We must be aware of this fact and do not allow to be depressed by this failure of numerous human beings, some of whom may be members of our families. We can no longer alter their individual destiny, although we may awaken a few fence straddlers in the very last minute and help them ascend to the new 4D words in the Golden galaxy. This is the main reason why we are still here. Also to give testimony as to what has happened in this last, most auspicious phase in the ascension process that is unique in the whole multiverse.

We have to stay here as we are now the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden galaxy and have taken over the full responsibility for its creation and thriving. I hope that this message further clarifies the current situation, which is completely misunderstood by all other channellers and light workers.



To serve Life until it is fulfilled, to pronounce the truth until it is heard everywhere, to be the Light until human beings recognize it. 


Our task in these days is easyas we are anchored, as we see what is, and as we do not complain about what is still not. Our task in these days is honorable beyond all measures, as we remain behind with the remaining ones until the worlds are fully separated from each other.

We have decided to stay as long, so that human Beings grow with us as an example on the vine of Light. We have chosen with our own free will, we have decided voluntarily that our Light shows up; that our Love expands to the end of this world and to the end of time.

Do not be afraid!

The dark ones prepare a final eventwhich means that now they go all outThereupon the world changes its countenance and some human beings awaken, in the last moment before the worlds separate from each other for eternity. 

Never worry about your life because you are eternal and you enter into eternity.  

Far from sluggish vibration fields, you have uplifted yourselves and thereby you rise beyond the events, which are upcoming for the sluggish worlds. The last days in the sluggish worlds are under the “mark of the beast” and this mark will be burnt unto those, who until last do not see, nor do not want to see, neither recognize nor do want to recognize, who are deaf and remain mute.

Whoever already exists on a light-filled vibration level cannot be reached by all of this. Yet many of us will see what happens and we will try to capture it with our alive being, and yet we will turn quizzically away from this world, because a great swarm of human beings will be willing to continue to submit to the dictate of darkness. 

Based on the “mark of the beast” the chaff will be separated from the wheat for the last time. The ones who receive it remain mortal, those, who recognize it and reject it, inherit eternal Life. 

There are many of those, who swallow the bait of the shadow actors, and nonetheless it is worthwhile for those, who are willing to recognize, for those, who still carry a living spark of divine Light in them, those, who provide energy, Light and Love, so that dying is averted and their life is not wasted.

Provision of Light

Human beings stand up and arise! And we are the ones, the light warriors of the first and last hours, who enable and affect this – until last. Due to our work, the provision of Light and life energy, the hidden Light of our siblings will become visible and a life that seemed lost fulfills itself in the last moment of time. 

We, the light warriors of the first and last hours, in these days, like at all times, walk in front of mankind. We walk unerringly ahead, because true Masters remain God’s devoted servants and stay on the path in any kind of inclemency. 

Whoever follows our trace of Light has the opportunity to discover something that has been hidden so far, has the opportunity to look and has the opportunity to wring the deep and truthful sense from the events of time. We are a significant number, we have remained and we remain in this world until the last hour; until the Creator of all Life quenches our longing and offers us the Grace of transmutation. 

Then the world changes, then the planets change their positions and then no stone on earth will remain unturned! Often this has already been announced to you and here it is given to you again, so that you remain vigilant and understand the reason for your stay and why for some human beings the ascension can only be fulfilled at the last moment of space-time.

When the last chord sounds for all of mankind, we shall recognize the call from the Creator and we shall be taken away from the field in the middle of our activities, and shall be carried away into Heaven.

Light Vehicles stand ready 

Our Light vehicle, the heavenly vehicles stand ready and can be claimed at any time. Yet we remain with our decision to experience the “Day of days” on-site, in deep humbleness and loyally devoted in infinite Love. 

We have fulfilled and we remain on-site. This is the truth of this time for all light warriors of the first and last hours. 

Therefore, do no longer get lost in impatience and let go of quarreling. Rather begin so that your joy about this last great service of Love is expressed. We remain until we have done, what pertains to our last decision for this mankind. We remain the Light of Life and we set anchor for those human beings, who are of good will, because it is still dim in this world. And before it uplifts itself, for the ones, and goes under, for the others, the last ones willing to ascend receive sufficient Light, vibration and energy, so that they can uplift themselves with their last inherent strength.

Before the end those, who have strayed from the path, will have the ability for a new beginning, so that they can liberate themselves from their own shackles, caused by light-starved thinking, false speech and loveless action. There is no other reason for your unrelenting Light work for human beings and there is no more sacred reason for your deeds of Love, which are written for eternity into these and the newly emerging worlds, and will be.

We go ahead. Many follow us. A lot more stay behind.

We are the power that moves new worlds and the further completion of this world is entrusted in us: we have decided, we made the choice. Sowing the seed of the new mankind has taken place and the new worlds, which were built by us, the building masters of the new galaxy, will be fitted with new Life. (This statement refers to the birthing of the new human template and the insemination of the new 4D worlds with it on October 12th and since then. Note, George)

How much longer?

How much longer is the waiting and expectation in time? 

1) Until the last of all human beings has turned toward the Light or has turned away from the Light, which we represent in this world.

2) Until the degree of purification has reached the point on this level, when the separation of this world can occur. Because the more dark energy is redeemed, the easier and the more harmonious for all human beings will be the transition to their new home.

What happens to the many human Beings, who serve the dark princes until the end and remain loyal?

The Creator offers many ways and variants. All these beings must be held accountable and will face their mirror image. The reconciliation with reprehensible deeds is the command on this level of All-That-Is. Yet some beings will be ordered back and will be inhaled by the Source, in order to retake the thread of a mortal life in a far away time – under conditions, which have been specifically created for it. Nobody can escape from the energetic trace, which one has left behind in All-That-Is!

It remains visible, what was done, thought and spoken, and it remains visible, what a human being, no matter in which life, has mandated for himself and for the world.

Everything demands equalization and will always be satisfied at all times and far from time. The last sound of the Creator rings at an hour that is close. Our Love carries us on, our Light shines for our brothers and our sisters, and due to the strength of our power as Creator Gods, which was given to us by God, new galaxies develop and only a breath separates us from it.

I am Elija

Before the end of time the new eternal Life is anchored in us and with our hearts we see way beyond this world.

Streams of Longing 

Our still far away home has been created in us and we recognize more and more that there is neither separation nor there is a time before and after the ascension. 

The waiting, for whatever, is alien to the awakened one, because the longing for God consumes everything just as (linear) time also dissolves. 

And all streams of this time flow together in this longing, because truly: 

The longing for God is the strength, which encourages and heartens us to unconditionally devote ourselves to this time and to our assignments and until the last of all days. 

I am amongst you,

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