Short Energy Update – December 5, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

As you may have already perceived today, we have entered another huge shift to higher dimensions, synchronistically with the full moon portal. It is the only one in this month that will flow into the coming two big portals on 12.12 and 12.21. I somehow feel that the respite at the beginning of December, if there were one, is now coming to an end and we sail again into rough waters.

What nobody can negate anymore, is that the high frequency energies of the source now engulf the whole humanity and this uppermost mother planet and affect everybody and everything at the cellular and quantum level. And the minds and psyche of many people are running amok. You can see it in your families, in your next environment and at the global political level. The provocations of the dark Western cabal against Putin are peaking now – in Chechen, Grozni, in Ukraine, but also in Washington, in the Senate and in Brussel, where the Orion clones and shape-shifters are hatching their heinous plans according to the following famous verse originally dedicated to an ant – “how can they be calm and placid when they are full of formic acid.”. The insidiousness of the dark ones is now turning into their mass grave.

But this is not what I would like to talk about today. As you all know, in these last days the experiences are becoming increasingly individual and subjective. What is true for one, may not exist for the other. The reason for this diversification of individual destinies on the road to unity of humanity – a dialectical paradox in itself – is due to the fact that our creation of new holographic, parallel worlds of Gaia has expanded exponentially in order to accommodate and disperse negative trends from this timeline. In this way each soul fragment finds its final destination and makes the exact personal and very subjective experiences according to his spiritual evolution that helps him to fully awaken or go under.

Communication between the people as spoken language is increasingly becoming meaningless and non-sensical. I can no longer communicate with anybody else except with Carla and she with me, although she is much more involved in social life as she has more obligations and daily chores to deal with regarding her family. But she also complains that she no longer belongs to this reality and any involvement in this dense materialistic world is a torture for her (as well as for all of us).

Since several days Carla has compelling visions and abstract information that she has entered the final stage of preparation for her imminent mission as a Logos God. And it will be huge, from what she gathers so far and will pulverize all petty human perceptions. This preparation encompasses entirely her inner dimension and defies any verbal explanation. For this reason Carla has stopped receiving any channelled messages from the Elohim. who approach us now at the psychic and mental level in an all-pervading manner. They want us – and this recommendation is also valid for all of you – to detach from any preconceived ideas as to what will come next and fully open to all possible miracles and unforeseen developments that will enter our lives very soon.

Carla is also attending a lot of conferences during the day and in the night at the 6D level with numerous humanoid beings, 12 -15 feet tall and emanating glistening white Christed light. The topics she discusses with them must be of great importance for the future of Gaia and humanity and, beyond this, for the whole Golden galaxy and she is now overwhelmed by the scope of her new mission. It seems as if she will transfigure, but leave a hologram of herself in this reality that will keep the normalcy of her current family life and be able to interact with her young sons, so that they will not notice her absence.

By the way the same holds true for me and must also apply for all light warriors of the first and last hour. I myself have now less than one percent of my soul essence here, in this reality, and wander all the time throughout the dimensions. For instance, I visit each minute at least once the city of light Raetia and the world centre of healing in Lofer through mental and emotional bilocation at the level of my daily consciousness and surely in full body bilocation at the level of my multidimensional self, as these travels feels very real, as if I am living on many places at the same time. Now this is what Carla and I perceive in the last few days, and I wanted to share this information with you as it clearly indicates the imminent coming of an interdimensional shift or a similar major energetic change that all of us will experience in a very palpable manner.

Personally, I do not have this feeling or urgent preparation for my new mission as Carla does, but this does not mean much as I am ready for this mission for many years and nothing has changed my firm dedication to this end since then. I also feel the new 4D worlds and the 5D cities of light very close in my fields and accordingly perceive this 3D hologram as an empty facade.

This night I met with Putin again – the second time within one week. It was a very real encounter as I wondered at the beginning how could I meet him in this reality when I do not sleep as I woke up ten minutes ago. Putin was very tired after his annual address to the nation, but also very content to have accomplished his job. He lay down on the bed and I healed him with my hands.

We discussed the political situation in Russia and abroad and the constant attacks and provocations of the dark Western cabal that have no impact on his country. We both knew that Russia has already moved firmly into the new 4D worlds and nothing can harm it anymore. Putin was very modest and he told me that throughout this incarnation he has fully accepted the burden of being a devoted and selfless  servant of his people and his country and has had no other goal in life.

I commended him for his achievement as a head of state in strengthening Russia and repudiating all attempts of the West to disintegrate and destroy Russia, as they did with Yugoslavia. I told him that in my opinion he has achieved more for Russia than Catherine and Peter the Great (who by the way were not very ethical persons), although they have reigned much longer than him and had unlimited imperial powers to achieve their political goals at that time. It felt to me as if this was a final evaluation of his achievement as a politician and a head of the Russian state during this incarnation and that his political mission on this earth has come to an end.

Then his new wife or “life partner” (as the German say) joined us and she started a very enlightened conversation with Carla, who always accompanies me in my dream state, now that we have a common Merkaba and a unified field. The four of us had a very pleasant conversation about “God and the world”, to quote another German saying, and I was surprised to find out how excellent Putin was speaking English, also his female partner (He has divorced from his wife sometime ago). The whole conversation was very enjoyable and relaxed, imbued with a deep sense of completion and satisfaction after a well done job.

From this second encounter with Putin in the higher realms this week, I conclude that we have finished with our mission as ascended masters and Logos Gods in this reality and that everything is ready now for our transfiguration. As linear time is an illusion, I have no idea how long it will take, till all ascension candidates are ready and all energetic variables aligned for our final departure. But it feels very close to me in a very profound energetic manner at the soul level and at the physical, energetic level, as my body is vibrating like the spaceship in the IMAX movie “Interstellar” when it passes through a wormhole. By the way, I strongly recommend you not to watch this stupid film, which confirms one last time what kind of zombies populate this planet and in particular Hollywood and to expose yourself to this cacophony of shrill noises and incomprehensible mumbling, which is considered appropriate American language by most current cloned US actors. Since this movie, I am longing for the future when we shall communicate exclusively through telepathy and will not even need to use out mouths to eat anymore. What a great feeling of liberaton!




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