The Peak of Insanity Heralds Our Ascension

By Kari, The Sunshinegirl, November 27, 2014


Hello, my friend. I am reading your site everyday but I don’t write anymore unless I feel I have something of significance to say because I know you are very busy answering tons of emails and editing the site for us and I am very grateful to you for this.

First, I want to say that I agree with Ariel, when you said,  “However we, the new Logos Gods, are not supposed to experience this dreadful reality as we have already ascended and are now only lovingly accompanying humanity to its dreadful and highly educational end.

I loved that and totally resonated. That’s exactly how I feel and have taken upon my true role as an observer here and have made peace with the fact that I’m doomed to keep repeating myself a million times to humans until one random time, they actually get what I’ve been saying and then fancy it was their idea! Pure comedy!

The reason that I am writing to you is because I truly feel like the MPR and ID split is very near. The reasons I think this are sort of scattered here and there but as usual, my personal experience is giving me insight into the collective one. Please bear with me!

I went to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago for two weeks. As you know, I used to live there and am very connected with the land and have many soul mates I have reunited with there. This time, when I went, it proved to be the resolution to many things. Each friend that I met, provided some sort of a resolution…feeling like a coded farewell. They each brought up something that I was wanting closure about… independently of each other and without me asking. This happened in such a way that I parted with each of them, feeling like if that were the last time, it would be ok. Even now that I am back in Vegas, I feel energetically farther from all of them now, if that makes sense.

Another thing is, I have lost all despair or worry when it comes to money. I have never felt more detached from it. Even though I did not work for 11 days while I was in Hawaii, and had very little funds when I came home, I have been acting as if I have an unlimited supply of everything without worry. It’s the most awesome feeling. And I don’t have anymore than I did but I just feel like it’s a thing of the past and I don’t want to put anymore energy or thought into acquiring it. Since I have done this, I have still attracted what I need and want but I have completely taken an attitude of “whatever happens, happens” to a degree that I have not felt before. It’s the complete absence of fear or worry about tomorrow…or even my next minute, really.

The last thing is, I have witnessed some very fucked up priorities as of late that have made me realize we must depart from this dimension straight away. For example, I live about 4 streets away from my sister, who works in catering and has to work very long days at least 3 times per week. Since she has had this job, she used to be living with me so that I could watch her dog while she was away for so long. Sometimes her shifts are over 12 hours long. However, now she has a place of her own and she has been clinging to her ego and her new state of independence from me (which I care nothing about). I simply wanted her to get her own place because we are on different frequencies and I was completely exhausted by her unprocessed fears and negativity that was pervading my home, daily and causing me to have to visit the lower timelines much more often then I can recover from.

Anyhow, I had told her to please drop her dog off at my house if she is going to be working some insane “slavery” shift because animals are like children and should not be neglected for that long. She agreed and did so for a few days but then today she did not tell me and when I found out, I was enraged that she didn’t drop her dog off at my house or at least give me her key so that i could go and get him to go to the bathroom or a park, at least.

When I expressed my disgust at her choice, she then dismissed me and acted like her dog needed to get used to this because she has to work and you can’t always depend on people to help. I saw right through her ego and told her that the universe has provided her with a sister who lives a few minutes away and happens to love her dog and why would he sit in an apartment alone for hours on end when he could be getting love and attention and playing with my dog? I asked her would that not be better for the whole??

It ended up that I had to drive downtown Vegas to a hotel and walk all the way through a crowded lobby to find her and get her key from her so that I could go and let her dog out! And then she treated me like I was bothering her and said I needed to meet her at her apartment at 1 am to give her the key and her dog back because she would be too tired to come 3 extra minutes to my house!

This is the insanity that these enslaved humans have to go through. They completely brainwash themselves into thinking that whatever they have to neglect to work is totally normal and even noble, because they are just such “go getters” with amazing “work ethics”. It’s sick!

Never mind her inability to empathize with her dog that she’s had for six years and to literally go a few extra miles to ensure his happiness for the day. As an animal lover, I was pretty pissed off by all this. I could have just let it go and not went all the way downtown into those lower energetic conditions to get her key but something in me snapped, and I said, “NO MORE”. If we don’t start going to extremes to bring in the new earth, then who will?

In the past, I may have convinced myself that I was over reacting but actions like this (on the part of my sister), feel very wrong to me and I have no more tolerance for it. I’m past the point of even pretending that their excuses make a damn bit of sense. The fact is, and I told her this, that we all are responsible for each other and especially for children and animals.

Given all these experiences and internal shifts in me in the past few weeks, I can only conclude that we are very near to blast off, if you will. And, of course, the economic/money CRAZY ass world is just as convoluted as ever….as it’s the reason that people make the worst possible choices that they wouldn’t have to make if their God-given rights were restored to them.

I, for one, have stopped basing all choices I possibly can on the basis of paper of money and I urge all PAT members to do the same. We have to get serious here and start calling in the split because this is getting to a ridiculous point where the gap between the ascending ones and the lower vibrating beings is just too far to even exist in the same reality. It’s to a most uncomfortable and awkward point, like the head on a pimple!

The only sensible thing for us to do is to envision our ascension with the utmost urgency…and this is what I am doing this very night. I hope all PAT members will join me to a new degree of earnestness.

Love and Light,


PS: I also found this tonight Georgi… there is something significant about today (26th) as I felt strongly to write you and a strong conviction to start taking strong actions for the Light.

This is an excerpt from the Alexandrian Kosmos Blog that I resonate with. It also mentions an “internal vibration” or call beginning on November 26th, 2014.

Tonight I spent some time calling in the New Earth and seeing everyone there free once and for all from debt and wage slavery. I saw people having so much time just to BE and to enjoy and to love and to partake in activities that bring them joy. It was really beautiful. I find myself living there in my mind for longer periods of time during the day and I have become very careful about who or what I allow to interrupt me. The words “hold the vision” have never felt more real to me than now.

Love, Kari

The stage of readiness for the Energy of December 8, 2014 will begin with a reorganization of Mother Earth involving Man of Light and Lightworker Souls beginning on November 26, 2014 through springtime 2015.  The Internal Vibration of this call will be heard and felt around the world and will begin a cooperative union between Man and Light in preparation for the Great Awakening on December 30, 2014. There will be much to reorganize and restructure as Chaos and Confusion amongst the masses will be the general rule after springtime 2015. The prevailing Chaos and Confusion will not be sent by God as judgment or punishment over Man of Destiny Souls but is the residual effect of man’s world removing what will not be allowed to persist into Mother Earth’s Unlimited Reality!


Dear Kari,

if you can attune to the new worlds this is the best tactics to persevere in this dysfunctional reality in these last days. We also try this, but most of the time the waves are so excruciating that our spirits are crashed and cannot fly.

I read this announcement below and somehow it does not resonate with me as it predicts a slow evolution of this timeline and neglects the coming of the MPR. In the last two days Carla and I experienced so many MPR with some dreadful energies on near-by timelines in a very tangible, physical way. Hence to neglect this reality is blindness based on the ignorance of the channellers with respect to the MPR. Please observe that except for Jahn and our website nobody is talking about the MPR as their angst prohibits them to see this event that is regularly occurring on lower timelines.

With love and light


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