Short Energy Update – November 9, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

We are still in Banff, trapped in snow and winter conditions. It very much feels like “Groundhog Day“, the repetition of one ascension test run after the other.

Here is what we got from AA Michael so far when we visited his sanctuary in Lake Louise. We came here to bring the codes of the infinity portals and the codes of Lemuria from the Victoria portal on the Vancouver Island, which we opened this spring. These codes were now firmly anchored in the energetic structure of the angelic ethereal realms that are present over the Banff National Park and Louise Lake.

These angelic realms were until now not part of the new blueprint of Gaia 5 and the ascending humanity to 5D. As we have reported in the past, Carla and I performed a massive unification of all past timelines of this humanity such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Agartha and Shamballa in December 2013 in Lofer when we birthed Gaia 5. Since then we are working on a daily basis on this new blueprint, which was recently enriched by the new human template of Celest.

Lemuria is now an integral part of the new humanity that exists as a blueprint and is currently constantly enriched with new elements by the PAT as the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. It is an ongoing effort and this is what we are now doing in Banff. We anchored the codes of the three Infinity portals in White Rock, Canada, Munich, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey and the codes of Lemuria, which we carry with us from our previous incarnations in this civilisation into the ethereal grid of the angelic realms of AA Michael here in the Rocky mountains. In this way the blueprint of the new humanity will be fully connected to the angelic energies of the Source and will never again experience a similar catastrophe as Lemuria and Atlantis did. This is a most powerful protection mechanism that has now been firmly established in the new blueprint of humanity and will last for ever.

This experience only shows how intricate this whole ascension process is and how many layers it contains – a real “Groundhog Day” experience, until we reach the level of perfection and the new life outside this matrix can begin anew. I would recommend all of you to watch this film as to have a vivid perception of what we daily experience in this redundant 3D reality.

In this context I want to make you aware of the latest missive of the manuscript of survival which confirms for the first time independently the activation of the second wave of ascension candidates as represented by the group around Aisha North by the PAT on October 29th.

This is what I wrote to Sheryl with respect to this channeling when she made me aware of it:

Dear Sheryl,

This presentation does indeed describe what the PAT is doing for months now, moving through all timelines and doing the cleansing and ascension work, about which we have extensively written and discussed in the last several months on our website. 

The group of Aisha belongs definitely to the second wave of ascension candidates and that is why they are now for the first time confronted with the concept of multidimensionality. This was always my objection to the validity of this source and with respect to the inability of Aisha North to grasp this concept. Now her source introduces this idea to her and this group of second wave ascension candidates, of which there are many more as this source confirms, as without it these people will not be able to progress and understand what is going on. 

We have the same parallel situation with the Radiant Rose Academy, where the people now awaken for the first time tothe LBP and its implications. Before that they only flirted with the idea of ascension, but now it has become very serious for them.

Insofar this latest missive is a resounding confirmation what the PAT has done in the last two weeks and has been reported on our website – namely that we have activated this second wave of ascension candidates and now they follow our steps and make the experiences the PAT has had for years, but have been rigorously rejected as figments by many of them or simply neglected. Now they have to make their own experiences with the LBP and the cleansing of Gaia and some of them may re-discover our website.

With love and light


Finally, I would like to make you aware of a long channelled message about ascension that was delivered in January 2013, immediately after the PAT opened the stargate 12.21.12, when we entered the final  most critical phase in the ascension process. It was the time when all PAT members were connected by myself to the Source and resumed their full creationary powers as Logos Gods. Go back to these articles from January and February 2013 and re-read them one more time as to recall what immense work we have done on behalf of Gaia and humanity throughout the last several years.

The message below is another independent verification of our achievements as Planetary Ascension Team  and now as the Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. I was made aware of this message by Michelle, who wrote to me as follows:

Hi George,

 Very interesting, another ascension version, has similarity to yours.  Starts slow, gets better.

Cheers, Michelle”

In order to illustrate how powerful these energies currently are, I must tell you that the skin of my face is burnt and very red as if I have been exposed for hours to a tropical sun. I have had this experience only twice so far and it was always associated with massive ascension test runs that pushed me on the verge of physical annihilation as the one on 12.21.12.

PAT members have confirmed in emails to me the emotional depletion and total depression that these waves now bring to us, so please take it easy in the knowing that this has nothing to do with you, but only with this massive ascension spiral that is now relentlessly heaving us and Gaia to new dimensions and a new galaxy:

Hey Georgi,

How are you feeling? Today (Saturday) has been fuckin’ awful from my viewpoint. I had to do some things in public and I could feel a tangible sadness from people. Then as the day went on, I started feeling that familiar despair and hopelessness that always comes with transmuting more lower energy. It got worse and worse for me. To the point where I was having terrible, hopeless thoughts and really wanting to check myself out of here. I went for a five mile run, as I knew that getting some endorphines to my brain would be the only thing that could save me, and when I got back to my house, I sat down to untie my tennis shoes and I just burst into tears and cried from the depths of my soul. I looked around and felt like my house was dirty so I started sweeping and mopping and clearing as much energy as I could out…

Kari, the Sunshinegirl

And this is all for now from the snowy Rocky mountains.



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