Short Announcement

Georgi Stankov, November 23, 2014

I must apologize in the first place to Sarah Smucker and then to all my readers for not being able to edit properly her beautiful pictures from Lofer when I published her inspiring report from the new world healing centre in the 5D city of light Raetia. I must admit that I am not very versatile in computers and my desire to engage with this dinosaur digital technology is currently very low. But I had a very bad consciousness with respect to this particular publication and to Sarah personally and asked my webmaster Chris to teach me how to deal with this technical issue. It took some time to learn it, but now I am proud to announce that you can see and enjoy Sarah’s pictures from Lofer under this link:

In the future I know how to solve this technical problem and not just copy and paste. Sorry one more time for the inconvenience!

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