My “Golden Rule” With Gold and Money

Corey Sturmer, November 26, 2014

Thank you for your recent article on the global financial markets & especially your analysis of the situation of global Gold holdings (or lack thereof) by the illegitimate paper custodians of Humanity’s historical wealth.

This is the topic which I credit as being the catalyst for me to open to higher dimensions most noticeably in 2007 when I first discovered the Austrian school of economics & the situation with America’s central banking system.

Certainly the interest in the nature of currency & its unique properties has been a life long one, at least since I achieved sentience in this body. From today’s vantage point it is utterly disgusting to retrospectively observe the role & influence of money, especially the privately owned federal reserve note, on my own life but the important thing is to act differently with respect to new, personal knowledge acquired on those subjects. A lot more could be said about this but not now.

I have studied these topics the most diligently after I graduated from college in 2008 when all of the cumulative financial lies of the past millennia especially in America were exposed in a cosmically tiny window of time, to the entire world, with the crash of the so-called “American Dream” which was nothing more than a bushel of false promises & a lifetime of voluntary enslavement to the western banksters & US Corporate government.

The hardest truth for humanity to comprehend is how their signature operates as implicit consent with respect to the fraudulent financial system & the corresponding civil religion interwoven within corporate government systems (Uniform Commercial Code) world wide.  For example in the USA, birth certificates issued by the corporate government serve as collateral to the national debt which is issued based on current & future taxable income of the citizen taxpayers who are unwittingly consenting to such contracts by the time they even get the chance to become aware of their previously uninformed voluntary consent.  In other words your soul was sold upon birth in today’s society. “Nip it in the bud” as they say, from a Malthusian perspective.

The system further exacerbates itself by perpetuating constructive fraud through the totally voluntary act of participating in government franchises. By the time most are able to actually get a job, they already have a litany of paper fraud which act as sly agreements and consent to be subject to the rule of the political elite; Social Security Number, Driver’s License, Passport.  Each document establishes implicit consent to the State’s transformation of your soul into surety for the national debt & thereby entitles you to be treated like a slave!  So even when people discover that “something is wrong” with their government, they are convinced they are too deep into the matrix to get out and thus, don’t.

For a nation of sheep this subtlety in contract law is far too sophisticated to decode so the only viable option from most people’s perspective is to pay exorbitant amounts of their own private capital to other similarly ignorant people who give them bad advise with respect to how they should voluntarily contract & thus preserve or better utilize what wealth they have, and spend the rest of their time distracting themselves from their own enslavement.

It is a sick world TBTB have built but one truism is that they cannot stop the force of free will.  So we have to take that power back & use it positively instead of leaving it in the toy chest like a forgotten childhood plaything.

In 2011 I created my blog Golden-Rule, which was initially developed for me to just vent my emotional reactions to the current state of insanity in the financial markets, but later acted as a digital portal to higher dimensions by encouraging me to listen to my own personal knowledge, soul, & interpretation of world events as well as actively search for new sources of information.

For a while I fell into the groove of re-posting information there that I thought would help others “connect the dots” & open themselves to higher dimensions, until I discovered Universal Law Press when the rest of the puzzle was provided. I lost interest in posting on that blog since then & have pursued other interests, but I have never lost interest in the economic issue as I think it is so central to the root problem we face. As the old saying goes “Money is the root of all evil.”

As the big revelations for me started to come, mainly 2011-present I faced many dark nights of the soul with respect to information I began to discover. My site became like an input/output device too, because I would “input” a certain article & it would from time to time “output” new entities that reached out & shared their own experience to me which led to some incredible revelations of my own regarding “The Powers that Be” & their planned breakaway civilization – as we have previously discussed.

In any case, it has always been my conviction since I discovered Ascension that the monetary-economic collapse which you correctly predict as imminent is actually a prerequisite to any mass ascension scenario, due to the fact that until the confidence (basic psychological paradigms or energy) in the USD collapse, the only thing besides OPEC & military propping it up, the general public will not find the sufficient motivation or time to dedicate any mental energy to discovering or understand the source of their own thought patterns.

Money to a human is like light to a moth; in Money’s presence humans, like the moth, can not focus on anything else but flutter desperately grasping for something that was just an illusion of comfort to begin with… The moth doesn’t really realize the futility of their attraction to the light until they kill themselves on the bulb, the same way humans scurry about for their lifetime making decisions they would never naturally make if it were not for the introduction of a synthetic illusion like Money that distorts & controls their thought & behavior patterns.

Therefore, what was originally a frightening proposition that threatened my own sense of well being & security (lack of money) is now seen as a beautiful creative event which will birth a new consciousness in the people, effectively serving as the platform upon which a new order for voluntary transactions will grow, that will ascend past the limitations of material reality. This makes your predictions all the more exciting since in my view they preclude any of the foretold, big events.

Thanks again for your accurate & timely analysis which I concur with completely.

Addendum & supplement to Robert’s recent note to you:

And it’s gone!”


Dear Corey,

thank you very much for this excellent and insightful survey on the omnipresent role of money in shaping human behaviour of enslavement, also with your personal note and experiences. I will publish it today as a separate article.

I received and read your email yesterday immediately after I published the third article on the FED and adding Robert’s letter in the foreword. This is another synchronicity how we all act together as a divine mind and assess the same major topics at the same time. This is also the most valid proof that with our critical assessments and conclusions we are actually shaping this reality in a most profound manner. If we decide that there will be a financial crash first as this is the best pedagogical means to awaken humanity on a global scale, then it will be so. And if we determine that this should happen this year, then it will be so. Our powers as Logos Gods are now so great that it exceeds any human imagination, and because of that we should not limit the scope of our endeavors to create with any petty rational considerations. As I use to say – Think Big and Create Big.

With love and light


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